The Community

The graduate community embraces all branches of scholarship – arts, natural sciences, technology and social studies. It is both multi-disciplinary and multi-racial and usually includes students from many European and Commonwealth countries, from the Americas, Asia and Africa.

The Warden of Leckhampton and the Fellows of the College are actively concerned with the intellectual and social life of Leckhampton. They represent many branches of learning and research and many dine regularly at Leckhampton with graduate students.

Postgraduate Profiles

Catherine – MPhil, Screen Media and Cultures

meI was originally drawn to Corpus by the beautiful grounds of the postgraduate accommodation and its own separate facilities, such as a gym, bar and even a swimming pool. After settling in, I soon realised that there were many more aspects of Leckhampton that made it the ideal place to live for my MPhil year.

Because of the relatively small number of graduate members at Corpus Christi, Leckhampton has a friendly and intimate environment, with many ways to get involved in the community. As a Social Secretary on the MCR committee, I can testify to the large number of events at Leckhampton that contribute to its sociable atmosphere. The Leckhampton bar is also one of the cheapest in Cambridge!

The communal space in Leckhampton house makes up for the lack in some of the individual accommodation buildings, with dinner served in the bar every weekday night and a separate TV room equipped with games consoles, soft drinks and snacks. Of course, we also have access to all facilities in the main college (from dinner in hall to the 24-hour library).

Apart from making the most of the beautiful grounds (and swimming pool!) I really appreciated the sociable and supportive atmosphere of Leckhampton during my time at Cambridge.

Tim – PhD Candidate, Plant Sciences

AI am a final year PhD student in the department of Plant Sciences. A geneticist by training, I research the circadian clock in the small plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Specifically I am interested in how this biological clock is controlled by and controls the plants metabolism. As a biologist who usually only deals with plants at the cellular level, the beauty of the gardens at Leckhampton provide a stimulating environment to live and work.

Coming as a graduate from a Redbrick university I chose Corpus as a college due to personal recommendation, and could not recommend it enough myself. The house and grounds are beautiful and to live in a community of like-minded scholars is to me what Cambridge is about. However, time spent interacting with undergraduates is important at any college, and one of my most fulfilling experiences at Corpus has been supervising the first year Cell biologists.

A large part of my college life has been away from Leckhampton in the Old House. I have been lucky enough to act as postgraduate chapel officer, and have found the spiritual heart of the college to be central to my time at Corpus. The chapel is open to all, and the tradition of prayer and choral music that has existed at Corpus for centuries is important to the many postgrads who are involved in chapel life. The social side of the Chapel is also another excellent opportunity to interact with undergraduates, and bring the two halves of the college together. There are a lot of ways to get involved, and always opportunities for people of different talents, musical and otherwise.

Jérôme – MPhil, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

303554_10151073767533791_861399025_nAt the time of my application, I clearly underestimated the impact of the College choice in a student’s life. I picked, more or less randomly, one of the central ones. Now, I can say safely that I have been pretty lucky! From what I have seen, Corpus’s facilities for Graduate students are amongst the best (if not the best): unlike other Colleges, where students are spread around the town, Corpus’s postgrads can all live on the same site. This results in a stronger and more active community, which has been a key advantage in my Cambridge experience.

In short, a peaceful garden, numerous sport facilities, the cheapest bar in Cambridge and an active social life make Leckhampton the perfect place to live!

Jerome – Master of Advanced Study, Physics

unnamedAfter doing an undergraduate course in Glasgow and in Paris, I was looking for a new challenge. I applied for a MASt in Physics at Cambridge because I was curious about how I would cope with the level of the course, having a different academic background than Cambridge students. Choosing the right college definitely helped me make this a very enjoyable experience.

I was looking for a smaller college with a balanced number of postgrads and undergrads, close to the Department of Physics and the city centre. It did not take me a long time to realise that Corpus would be the ideal place for me. Due to its smaller size, the College creates a cosy atmosphere that allows students to get to know each other and to settle down very quickly. Its residential site for graduate students, Leckhampton, is located next to the College’s Sports Centre in Grange Road and therefore, it only takes you 5 minutes to cycle to the city centre or to the West Cambridge Site. Leckhampton offers all the facilities you need, from a student library and a gym to an IT or TV room. The main place to meet up and socialise is the student bar in Leckhampton house. The bar serves delicious meals in the evening, to the big relief of people like me who are not so talented at cooking.

After long hours of studying, your day should end with a relaxing evening. My advice: Meet up with friends in the TV room, enjoy the great food at the student bar, then have a walk through the beautiful garden behind Leckhampton house. In summer, you should have a swim in the garden’s outdoor pool; I promise it will help you cool down! I am sure that all of you will enjoy your time at Corpus as much as I did. I enjoyed it so much that I have decided to stay for a PhD.


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