Taylor Library

Approach to Taylor Library

The Taylor Library aims to provide core materials for all undergraduate courses taught at Corpus, but is also open to all members of the College, including postgraduates.

The Taylor Library was completed in February 2008. Open, modern, and spacious, it provides a private working area over three floors. It is set in the secluded Kwee Court, away from the rest of the college, and has around a hundred study places. The Library complex includes the Girdlers’ Room, available for seminars and group work, and a state-of-the-art media room. A computer suite is also attached, which includes facilities for printing, scanning and photocopying.

Lower ground floor

Modern entry control and self-borrowing systems allow for 24-hour access to the library on any day of the week, while a flatscreen digital display system keeps users up-to-date with relevant news and information. The Library’s book stock will eventually increase from 30,000 to 45,000 books, with sufficient room for any further expansion.

The stock is classified according to subject, and the open shelf collection extends over three floors.  A shelving guide is given on the library layout page. All records for holdings in the Taylor Library can be searched via the university online catalogues, and further information for library users (including borrowing rights) is given on the library information page. Students at the College also have access to online resources in the University, including ejournals and ebooks. In addition to monographs, the library stocks a small number of print journals covering a range of subjects in science and the humanities. A DVD collection is also available for borrowing.

View from Law LibraryStudents in the College are able to make recommendations to improve stock, which can be made using the online form, and recent acquisitions are displayed on the new books page. Further information about the construction of the Taylor Library, along with the famous Corpus Clock, can be found on the library history page.

The library has three display cases, currently featuring College silver, antiquities from the Lewis collection, and a selection of contemporary art pieces kindly on loan from Primavera.

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