Leckhampton Swimming Pool Rules


The design and location of the swimming pool at Leckhampton means that users must be particularly vigilant and take specific precautions when using the pool. The pool has a depth of some 2 metres in the centre and the floor slopes inwards which has a tendency to pull the user towards the deeper area.

The pool is not supervised and users are therefore responsible for both their own and their guests’ safety. This is especially important if children or weak swimmers are present.

Children MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult when entering the pool enclosure.

Entrance to the pool enclosure can be gained by using an A20 key on the padlock that secures the gates (the key will be released once the lock has been secured). It is the responsibility of the last person leaving the enclosure to secure the gates.

In view of the potential danger posed by irresponsible use, the following rules MUST be observed by pool users at all times. Persons failing to follow these rules will be barred from using the facility:

  •   Lone swimming is strictly forbidden. If it comes to the College’s attention that this rule is not being strictly observed, the pool will be closed.
  •   Before use, check that the rescue pole is available.
  •   Use of the pool is limited to the opening hours which are between 7.30 a.m. and dusk.
  •   Use of the pool is forbidden during filling/emptying or chemical treatment operations.
  • No glassware or similar material may be taken into the pool area.
  •   Diving is strictly forbidden.
  •   Users must not run or involve themselves in horseplay around the pool.
  •   Do not use the pool if you have recently eaten or consumed alcohol.
  •   Signs indicating that the pool is closed must be strictly observed.

Users should note that a First Aid kit is located within the swimming pool fenced area to the right of the entrance gate.

Users of the pool and their guests do so entirely at their own risk. In using the pool, users accept this condition.

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