Vacation Arrangements

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All students will receive a termly e-mail detailing the instructions for submitting their leaving and return dates, and for applying for vacation residence if required.

Please read the following information carefully.

Lease Dates

The lease dates can be found here.

Vacation Residence

Students on term-only leases applying to stay up should be aware that they may be required to move rooms over the vacation period. Rooms must be cleared in accordance with the clearing rooms notice that is issued each term.

General Notes

When giving the date that you will be going down for the Vac, please endeavour to be accurate. If you have to change your dates, please let Jan in the Tutorial Office know immediately. Failure to do so may result in a fine. We must have accurate information so that conference guests can be accommodated, and appropriate cleaning and maintenance arranged.

You must leave your room by 10am on the final day of your lease period.

The undergraduate room rents for the Vacation Period are as follows:

Academic rate: £122.85 (inc KFC) for up to 7 nights; £17.55 per night thereafter. (It is considered that the minimum amount of extra time in residence necessary to make a tangible difference to your academic work is a week. Thus, if you wish to stay up for fewer than 7 nights at the academic rate you will still have to pay for a week).

Non-academic rate: £29.88 (inc KFC) per night.

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