Postgraduate Domestic Arrangements

Before your arrival in Cambridge, please read through the Postgraduate Domestic Arrangements 2016/17. This document includes important information about arrival and key collection, as well as other practical arrangements regarding postgraduate accommodation at or in the vicinity of Leckhampton.

Corpus should not only be a pleasant place in which to live but should also provide a stimulating environment for study and research, and it is the custom for postgraduate life to run with the minimum of restrictions.  The principal rule governing the conduct of postgraduate members of the College is the common sense need to respect the living and working conditions of others.  This applies mainly to sensible restriction of noise, and to the care of kitchens and other communal facilities. In particular after 10pm you should ensure that you do not disturb those who are trying to sleep. The maintenance of pleasant conditions depends on you.  Visitors are also expected to comply with these requirements, and the College will hold you responsible for their behaviour.

Please do not hesitate to make suggestions or observations aimed at improving the amenities. Aldona Maliszewska, Leckhampton Site Manager, should be your first point of contact.  In addition to the Graduate Tutors, the Warden of Leckhampton and any member of the MCR committee will be happy to discuss any ideas or simply to answer questions.

Dr Christopher Brookes

Tutor for Advanced Students

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