Looking to the future: Planning a legacy

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Corpus Christi College was founded and endowed in 1352 by members of the Gilds of Corpus Christi College and the Blessed Virgin Mary and given its charter to further education, religion, learning and research. For over six and a half centuries benefactors have added to the endowment and allowed Corpus to continue to fulfil its mission.

Members of Corpus Christi College have long been the beneficiaries of the generosity of previous generations. Old Members of the College will remember the Commemoration of Benefactors service, which recognises those who have made a substantial financial contribution to the life of the College.

Why make a Will?

One of the main reasons for making a will is to save unnecessary problems for your family and to ensure that your estate is allocated as you would intend, it is best to prepare a Will that can be executed in accordance with your wishes. In cases where a person dies intestate, the law dictates how the estate is divided. This could result in more inheritance tax being paid than would otherwise be the case. Intestancy can also mean that distant and unknown relations or even the State may benefit, rather than those to whom you are close (but not related), or charitable causes which are important to you.

Drawing up a will not only avoids this but also allows you to take charge and set out how you wish your estate be distributed.

You should always seek professional advice when preparing a will.

As a registered charity, Corpus does not pay tax on legacy gifts. A bequest to the College may also benefit your estate by reducing the inheritance tax liability.

The making of a will is an extremely personal matter and the College makes no assumption that those who choose to leave a gift in this way will not necessarily choose to inform the College of their intention during their lifetime. It is equally understood that circumstances can change and a Will can be revised many times. The College is however, particularly grateful when its Members and friends choose to inform us for a number of reasons:

The College can have an idea of the legacies which it can expect in the future and make allowances to its long term financial planning.

If you have a specific wish as to how you would like your gift to be used, we can discuss your ideas and ensure that the College is able to put them in to effect as intended. We would also like to have the opportunity to express our gratitude and acknowledge you and your gift during your lifetime.

The 1352 Foundation Society was created in order to recognise the generosity and commitment of those who have pledged legacies to the College. Members will be offered opportunities to participate in aspects of College life, and will be invited to attend a special annual event.

If you are considering naming Corpus in your Will or would like to receive further information get in touch with Lucy Sparke on 01223 339731 or download the forms here and send them to the Development Office.

All correspondence is treated in the strictest confidence.

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