This page lists names found in Parker Library printed books catalogued on Newton, the University of Cambridge online union catalogue.

Names may be present in books for a variety of reasons. Inscriptions suggest it was the custom for Fellows of the College to present books to the Library on relinquishing their fellowships. In these cases, the books were unlikely ever to have been in the personal library of the donor, who may have given money for their purchase rather than the books themselves. The presence of more famous names may record presentations by authors of one of their works, either to the library itself or to a previous owner. A number of these names represent former owners of the books, which later made their way by bequest, donation or purchase to the library at Corpus Christi. Finally, there are a small number of names of binders, second-hand booksellers and authors of letters found inside books.

Forms of name are taken where possible from the Library of Congress Name Authority File, supplemented by Venn’s Alumni Cantabrigienses (Cambridge, 1922-54), the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and other reference sources. The identification of some of the names with known historical figures should be regarded as conjectural at present.

Donors of significant collections to the Library appear in bold in this list.


Former owners and donors


A. P.
Adam, William Patrick, 1823-1881.
Adams, Cecilia, fl. 1781.
Adams, Thomas William, fl. 1785.
Alcobaça (Monastery)
Aldhouse, Francis, fl. 1740.
Alexander, Mrs., fl. 1819.
All Saints Church (Mattishall, England)
All Souls College (University of Oxford)
Allen, Lake, fl. 1819
Ancajani, Francesco.
Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626.
Andrews, Roger, d. 1635.
Antheaume, François Marie, fl. 1790.
Arconatus, Hieronymus, 1553-1599.
Ardy, Ann, 18th cent?
Arnold, John, 17th cent?
Ashby, John, b. 1670 or 71.
Askew, Anthony, 1722-1774.
Aspinall, J., 18th cent?
Asquith, H. H. (Herbert Henry), 1852-1928,
Atherold, William, d. 1547.
Atkinsby, Thomas, 16th cent.
Atkinson, H., 19th cent.
Atkinson, Philip, 17th or 18th cent.
Aubery, Edward, fl. 1808.
Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex, 1773-1843.
Aylmer, Francis, 1700-1758.
Azario, Paulo de, 15th/16th cent? B. B. B. C.

B. G.
Babington, Dr., fl. 1886.
Bagley, A., fl. 1725.
Bailey, James S., fl. 1859.
Baines, Samuel, fl. 1799.
Bains, John, 18th cent.
Bains, Sarah, fl. 1784.
Bains, William, b. 1755 or 56.
Baker, C., fl. 1747.
Baker, Thomas, 1656-1740.
Bakeless, John Edwin, 1894-
Baker, Samuel, fl. 1660 (C.C.C.C.) (P.)
Baker, Thomas, 1656-1740.
Baldocius, Oliverius, of Savona, fl. 1568.
Baldwin, William, d. 1663. (C.C.C.C.)
Bale, John, 18th cent.
Balfour, Arthur James Balfour, Earl of, 1848-1930.
Balliol College (University of Oxford) (B.)
Barber, Gabriel, fl. 1668-1678. (C.C.C.C.)
Barker, Edward, d. 1759. (C.C.C.C.)
Barkham, John, 1572?-1642.
Barlow, Matthew, b. 1620 or 21.
Barnard, Francis Pierrepont, 1854-1931 (B.)
Barne (B.)
Barnes, F., fl. 1781.
Barnes, H. Rushton.(B.)
Barnes, J., 18th cent.
Barnes, William, 19th cent. (B.)
Barrow, C., 19th cent?
Barrow, Isaac, 1630-1677.
Barrow, W., Dr., 18th cent.
Barry, Nathaniel, 17th cent.
Barry, Robert, of Bury Hill.(B.)
Barworth, Stephen, d. ca. 1511.
Baskerville, George Knyfton, b. 1867 (C.C.C.C.)
Bateman, Christopher, fl. 1698-1730.
Batman, Stephen, d. 1684.
Baxter, William, fl. 1734.
Bays, Edwin.
Beavan, John.(C.C.C.C.)
Becdelièvre-Hamal, Antoine Gabriel, comte de, 1800-1863.
Bell, Christopher, 19th cent. (B.:Ex libris Abbots-Haugh)
Bedingfield, Philip, fl. 1667.
Bee, Cornelius.
Beecroft, Christopher, fl. 1591-1629.
Beesly, Henry, fl. 1751.
Belcher, Joan, 17th or 18th cent.
Bell, B., 19th cent.
Bell, James, fl. 1843.
Bellamy, James.(B.
Benediktinerstift Lambach.
Bentley, Mary, fl. 1781-1810.
Berault, Peter.
Beresford Hope, A.J.B. (Alexander James Beresford), 1820-1887.
Bergendalinus, Janus.
Berkel, Gerardus ?, fl. 1700.
Berkeley, W., 17th/18th cent?
Berney, Richard, fl. 1654-1671 (C.C.C.C.) (P.)
Berriman, John, 1691-1768
Berton, William, fl. 1488.
Bertus, Theodorus, fl. 1568.
Bessent, John, fl. 1811.
Bettus, Aug., 16th cent?
Bever, Thomas, 1725-1791.
Beverley, R. M. [(Robert Mackenzie), 1797 or 8-1868?] (B.)
Bibliotheca Montis Oliveti de Neapoli.
Bicknell, Charles Dion.
Bilney, Thomas, ca. 1495-1531.
Bird, John, d. 1745. (C.C.C.C.) Bitfed, Johannes, fl. 1530.
Blok, P. J. (Petrus Johannes), 1855-1929.
Blomefield, Francis, 1705-1752.
Bongars, Jacques, 1554-1612.
Booth, E., Revd.
Booth, John, d. 1643. (C.C.C.C.)
Boothouse, Richard, d. 1741.
Borage, Timothy, fl. 1685.
Bosworth, Joseph, 1789-1876
Boughton, Thomas, 17th cent?
Boutflower, Charles, 1846-1936.(C.C.C.C.)
Boutflower, Henry Crewe, 1796-1863.
Boutflower, John, 1736-1818.
Boutflower, Samuel Peach, 1815-1882.
Boutier, Jean, 17th cent.
Bowden, C. E. (B.)
Bowsey, Thomas, fl. 1546.
Bowyer, William, 1699-1777.
Boxall, John, d. 1571.
Boyce, J. R., fl. 1857.
Boyce, M. J., fl. 1857.
Boys, Richard, 18th cent.
Boys, Robert, fl. 1631-1664. (C.C.C.C.)
Boyse, Edward, d. 1668. (C.C.C.C.)
Bracco, William Duff, Baron, 1697-1767 see: Fife, William Duff, Earl, 1697-1767.
Bradford, Samuel,1652-1731. (C.C.C.C.)
Bradley, John, fl. 1663.
Brasenose College (University of Oxford)(B.)
Brass, E. M.
Brass, Henry, d. 1904.(C.C.C.C.)
Bredulanus, Raphael.
Brett, Thomas, 1667-1744. (C.C.C.C.)
Brewer, E., 18th cent?
Brewer, James, 18th cent?
Bridgeman, Orlando, Sir, 1678 or 79-1737 or 38.(B.)
Briggs, Henry 1686 or 87-1748.(C.C.C.C.)
Briggs, William,1642-1704. (C.C.C.C.)
British Museum. Brockelsby, Thomas, of North Willingham.
Bromley, William, 1664-1732.
Bromwich, J. I’Anson.
Brooke, Margaret Sarah, fl. 1842.
Brooke, Nevile John. (C.C.C.C.)
Brooke, Peter, fl. 1830.
Brooke, Richard Sinclair, 1802-1882.
Brookes, Francis A.
Brown, Christopher Musgrave, 1852-1913.(C.C.C.C.)
Brown, Francis, b. 1688 or 89.
Brownlow, Brownlow Cust, Baron, 1744-1807 (C.C.C.C.)
Brunfels, Otto, 1488-1534.
Bucer, Martin, 1491-1551.
Bufkin, Radulph, fl. 1597. (C.C.C.C.) (P.)
Bulgarini, Belisario, 1538 or 9-ca. 1621.
Bull, Michael, 1674 or 5-1763.(C.C.C.C.)
Burdett, Ethelbert, 17th cent?
Burghley, William Cecil, Baron, 1520-1598
Bull, Michael, 1674 or 5-1763.
Bullemur, Timothy, b. 1693 or 2.
Bulwer, George, fl. 1585-1593 (C.C.C.C.)
Bunnell, Peter, fl. 1873.
Burges, W., fl. 1859.
Burkinshaw, John Hugh.(C.C.C.C.)
Burnie, R. W., fl. 1878.
Burns, John, 1858-1943.
Burroughes, Thomas, 1798 or 99-1883.(C.C.C.C.)
Burton, John, fl. 1712.
Burton, R., 18th cent.
Burton, Richard, 16th cent.
Bury, J. P. T. (John Patrick Tuer), 1908-[1987](C.C.C.C.)
Butler, Charles, 1821-1910.
Butler, Emily, 19th cent.
Butler, Evan. (B.)
Butler, Geoffrey G. (Geoffrey Gilbert), Sir, 1887-1929. (C.C.C.C.) (B.)
Butler, Leonard. Butler, Ralph, b. 1883. (C.C.C.C.) (B.)
Butler, Spencer Perceval, 1828-1915.
Butts, Henry, d. 1632.
Butts, Robert, 18th cent? (B.)
Buxton family.
Buxton, Richard, fl. 1508.
Bye, Thomas, 16th cent.
Byng, Robert, 17th cent.

C. W. R. (B.)
Caldwell, Robert Townley.(B.)(C.C.C.C.)
Calistus, frater. Cambridge University Library (B.)
Cangiser, Theophilus.
Carey, P., 19th cent? (B.)
Carier, Benjamin, 1566-1614. (C.C.C.C.)
Carrighan, A., fl. 1817
Carte, Thomas, 1686-1754 (B.)
Carter, Fr., 18th/19th cent?
Carter, G. C., Rev. Carter, G. S. (George Stuart)(C.C.C.C.)
Castell, Edmund, 1606-1685.
Caulfield, Richard, 1823-1887.
Cave, Daniel, 19th cent? (B.)
Cecil, William, fl. 1689 [Cecil family seal]
Chalmers, Alexander, 1759-1834.
Châlons-sur-Marne (France)
Charlesworth, John, 1782-1864.
Charlton, Herbert John Underhill, 1855-1937 (C.C.C.C.)
Charlton, Samuel, 1819-1882.
Charlton, Thomas, fl. 1740.
Charost, Charles, 17th cent?
Charrington, John, 1856-1939.(B.)
Chastel de Boinville, Aubrey, b. 1868.(C.C.C.C.)
Cheap, Mrs.
Cheney, C. R. (Christopher Robert), 1906-[1987]
Chichester, Edward, 1690?-1730.
Childe, William Lacon.
Christ Church (University of Oxford) (B.)
Christie, George Richards, 1857 or 58-1942.
Christie, Robert Gilner.(C.C.C.C.)
Christian, Edward, d. 1823.
Church, S. T., fl. 1872.
Clarabut, Ernest Blaxland, b. 1859 (C.C.C.C.)
Clarke, A., 18th cent.
Clarke, Charles, d. 1750. (C.C.C.C.)
Clasen, Daniel, 1623-1678.
Clerk, James Carrington.
Clerke, T., 18th cent. [of St. John’s College]
Clifford, Henry, 1538 or 39-1616.(B.) (C.C.C.C.)
Cobus, 16th cent.
Cockerell, Sydney Carlyle, Sir, 1867-1962.
Colborne, W., 19th cent.(B.)
Cole, Thomas, 16th cent.
Cole, William, 1714-1782. (B.)
Colfer, Francis, d. 1671? (C.C.C.C.)
Collège de la Marche (Paris, France)
College of Stoke by Clare.
Collegium Sancti Mauritii.
Colvile, Charles Robert, 1815-1886.(B.)
Comes, Magister, fl. 1532.
Comin, John, 16th cent.
Concusant, Thomas, 16th cent.
Connell, J. F., d. ca. 1879?
Convento di S. Francesco di Bergamo (Bergamo, Italy)
Convento di S. Lucia de Esche.
Conway, Edward, Viscount, 17th cent.
Conyers. (B.)
Coobe, Thomas, 16th cent?
Cooper, Mr., merchant of Deptford?
Cooper, Joseph, 17th cent.
Cooper, Thomas, fl. 1654.
Copcot, John, d. 1590. (C.C.C.C.)
Copinger, Walter Arthur, 1847-1910.
Copping, William, 1638 or 9-1666 (C.C.C.C.)
Corie, William, fl. 1684.
Cork and Orrery, Earl of.(B.)
Corrie, George Elwes, 1793-1885.
Cosyn, Thomas, d. 1515. (C.C.C.C.)
Couve de Murville, M. N. L. (Maurice N. L.), 1929-
Couvent de Chalon-sur-Saône.
Cowell, Edward B. (Edward Byles), 1826-1903 (C.C.C.C.)
Cowper, John, 1737-1770 (C.C.C.C.) (B.)
Cox, James, d. 1712?
Cranbrook, John David Gathorne-Hardy, Earl of, 1900-1978
Cranmer, Richard, 19th cent? (B.)
Crawford, Alexander Crawford Lindsay, Earl of, 1812-1880 (B.)
Croke, Charles, d. 1657.
Croke, John, 1553-1620.
Crooks, Richard, 17th cent. (C.C.C.C.)
Croughton, Robert Fleetwood, 1798?-1866.
Cuff, Henry, 1563-1601.
Culverwell, Benjamin, fl. 1824-1825.
Culverwell, George, 1750-1824.
Cunyngham, Robert, 18th cent.(B.)

Dacres, Edward, 17th cent?
Damer, Anne Seymour, 1748 or 9-1828.
Danby, William, 1752-1833 (B.)
Dance, Mary, 17th or 18th cent.
Daniell, R., 18th cent.
Danny, Robert, d. 1729 (C.C.C.C.)
Davies, G., of Brecon, 19th cent.
Davies, Robert, 18th cent?
Davy, David Elisha, 1769-1851. (B.)
Dawson, Abraham, 18th cent.
Day, Samuel, b. 1651 or 2
Dayson, 18th cent.
De’ Mazzinghi, Thomas John, 1810-1893.
Deacon, John, fl. 1585-1616.
Deacon, Thomas, fl. 1742.
Debenham, Ernest Ridley.(B.)
Dechair, Edward, d. 1749.
Dee, John, 1527-1608.
Deedes, William, 18th cent.
Delafosse, Daniel Charles, 1784-1859.
Deleon, Didacus, O.C.
Delisle, M.
Denman, Francis Lemoine, 1856-1939.(C.C.C.C.) (B.)
Denne, John, 1693-1767.(C.C.C.C.)
Denne, Samuel, 1730-1799.(C.C.C.C.)
Dibdin, Lewis T. (Lewis Tonna), Sir, 1852-1938.
Dickins, Bruce, b. 1889. (C.C.C.C.)
Diggs, Dudley, 1613-1643.
Dingley, Roger, fl. 1506-1526.
Disney, John, 1677-1730.
Disney, John, fl. 1699. [same as above?]
Disney, Samuel, 1705-1741.
(C.C.C.C.) Dixon, John, 17th cent?
Dixwell, Basil, 1640-1668. (C.C.C.C.) (P.)
Dixwell, Herdson, 17th cent. (C.C.C.C.) (P.)
Dobson, Isaac, d. 1678. (C.C.C.C.) (P.)
Doddridge, John, Sir, 1555-1628
Dodge, M. M. Hoadley, fl. 1884.
Domelaw, John, 1693?-1640 (C.C.C.C.)
Donaldson, David, 17th cent.
Dothdreff, Edward, of Chichester, 16th cent.
Douglas, Andrew, 18th cent?
Douglas, Philip Henry, 1786-1867.(C.C.C.C.)
Dowdale, John, fl. 1691.
Dowse, Robert, b. 1760 or 1761.
Drake, William, 1709 or 10-1757. (B.)
Drewe, Elizabeth, 18th cent.
Drewe, Mary, 18th cent.
Dring, Elizabeth, 16th cent.
Drury, William, 17th cent.
Ducarel, Andrew Coltee, 1713-1785.(B.)
Dukes, Richard, 1658-1711.
Duncombe, John, 1729-1786. (C.C.C.C.)
Dumergue, Thomas Ragland, 1847 or 8-1871. (C.C.C.C.)
Dumergue, Walter Scott, 1819 or 20-1885. (C.C.C.C.)
Dunch, Thomas, fl. 1703-1719 (C.C.C.C.)
Duncombe, William, 1690-1769.
Dunlop, Alexander, d. 1722.
Dunn, George, 1864-1912
Dyer, George, 1755-1841.
Dyer, Louis, 1851-1908.(B.)

E. H.
E. V.
Eason, J., fl. 1647.
Eason, John, fl. 1598 (C.C.C.C.)
Eckington, Peter, of Eton College.
Eeton, Mathew, fl. 1581.
Egleton, Charles, 18th cent? (B.)
Ellys, Nicholas, 16th cent.
Eman, John Philip, 17th cent. [fl. 1677-1687]?
Emeris, John, 1736-1819. (C.C.C.C.)
England, John, d. 1688. (C.C.C.C.)
Eppelein, Elizabeth, fl. 1860.
Erfurter Petruskloster (Erfurt, Germany)
Eston, John, 16th cent. [same as or ancestor of below?]
Eston, John, b. 1597 or 8. (C.C.C.C.)
Evans, Frances, 17th or 18th cent.
Eversden, Joshua, fl. 1706
Eyton, William, 17th cent?

F. R. S.
Faber, N., fl. 1599.
Fagan, Henry Stuart, b. 1826 or 7.
Fagius, Paul, 1504-1549.
Fairfax, Blackerby. (C.C.C.C.)
Fairfax, John, 1623-1700. (C.C.C.C.)
Farmer, Richard, 1735-1797.
Fell, John, 1625-1686.
Field, John, fl. 1871.
Fife, William Duff, Earl, 1697-1767. (B.)
Fincham, H. W.
Finney, James, fl. 1879.
Firmin-Didot, Ambroise, 1790-1876.
FitzGerald, Edward, 1809-1883.
FitzGerald, Richard, fl. 1724.
Fitzwilliam, William Charles de Meuron, Earl, 1872-1943
Flitcroft, Henry, 1742-1826. (C.C.C.C.)
Foley, Thomas, of Great Witley Court (B.)
Folliott, William Harwood. (B.)
Forrest, David, fl. 1816.
Forster, Edw. S.
Forster, John, 1809-1868.(C.C.C.C.)
Fortescue, John, 1531-1607.
Foulkes, Peter, 1676-1747.(B.)
Foulkes, Thomas, 17th cent?
Fox, Francis, fl. 1530.
Fox, John, fl. 1528.
Fraser, James, 1842-1913. (C.C.C.C.)
Freeman, Henry, fl. 1673.(C.C.C.C.)
Freeston, Robert, 16th cent?
Freman, Richard, 17th cent.
Frere, John, fl. 1721.
Frere, Tobias, Esq.
Froschauer, Christoph, d. 1564.
Fulcher, J., of Brisingham.
Fuscanus, Epiphanius.

G. G. M.
Gabrielle, Francesco, 18th/19th cent?
Ganning, Nicholas, d. 1687. (C.C.C.C.)
Gardiner, John, d. 1681. (C.C.C.C.)
Gardiner, Samuel, 1619 or 20-1686. (C.C.C.C.)
Garnishe, Thomas, d. 1542?
Gaselee, S. (Stephen), 1882-1943.
Gaster, Hugh Frederick, b. 1872.(C.C.C.C.)
Gemmell, William.(B.)
George I, King of Great Britain, 1660-1727.
Ghosh, Dr.
Gibbon, William, 1698 or 99-1758.
Gillingham, M. J.
Gilmour, John Scott Lennox, 1906-[1986]
Gilpin, Bernard, 1517-1583.
Godenzo, Signor, fl. 1664.
Godfrey, Mrs.
Gollerton, Magister, 15th cent?
Gooch, Henry, 17th cent?
Goodall, Charles, fl. 1699.
Goodall, William, fl. 1719
Goor, Cornelis à, 17th cent.
Gosnold, Lionel, fl. 1657-1692 (C.C.C.C.)
Gosse, Henry, fl. 1813.
Gostling, Henry, 1646 or 7-1675. (C.C.C.C.)
Gough, Richard, 1735-1809 (C.C.C.C.)
Gouldeston, Germanus.
Gracer, Georg, fl. 1599.
Grant, Gabriel, d. 1638.
Grant, John, d. 1653.
Gray, Samuel, 17th cent.
Green, George, 17th/18th cent?
Green, J., 18th cent? [same as below?]
Green, John, 1705 or 6-1779. (C.C.C.C.)
Greene, fl. 1770.
Gregorie, Clement, 17th cent. (B.)
Gregory, John, 16th cent.
Grimoaldus, N., 16th cent.
Grinfield, J. G., fl. 1832.
Grundy, John, 17th cent?
Guilford, Francis North, Baron, d. 1729? (B.)
Gulston, Joseph, 1745-1786 (B.)
Gurney, Anna, 1795-1857.
Guy, Thomas, fl. 1738.
Guybon, Edmund, fl. 1692 (C.C.C.C.) (P.)
Gylle, Richard, mercer of London.

H. W.
Habywell, John, 16th cent.
Haddridge, James, b. 1634 or 5.
Haggitt, Frederick, 1818 or 19-1867.
Haistwell, Edward, fl. 1757.
Haiward, John, 18th cent?
Haiward family.
Hales, Charles, 16th cent?
Hales, Stephen, 1677-1761. Hall, Edward, 17th cent?
Hamilton, Sidney Gerrish (C.C.C.C.)
Hammond, Samuel, 17th cent?
Hamond, Robert, fl. 1664.(C.C.C.C.)
Harcourt, James, 1680-1739.
Hare, Julius Charles, 1795-1855.
Harley-Mason, John, 1920-2003.(C.C.C.C.)
Harmer, J. R. (John Reginald), b. 1857. [d. 1944](C.C.C.C.)
Harris, Henry Lester, 19th cent?
Harris, John, 1667?-1719 (B.)
Harris, T., fl. 1805.
Harris, William, fl. 1702.
Harrison, M. H.
Hartree, William, of Lewisham. (B.)
Harvey, John, Esquire, fl. 1654.
Harvey, Stanhope. (B.)
Haslewood, Thomas, d. 1713.(C.C.C.C.)
Hatton, Thomas, 17th cent.
Hawkesworth, 17th cent.
Hawkins, Edward, 17th cent.
Hayes, 18th cent?
Hearne, Thomas, 1678-1735.
Heath, Robert, 1620-ca. 1685(C.C.C.C.)
Heatly, P., 19th cent.
Heber, Reginald, fl. 1763.
Heber, Richard, 1773-1833.
Heffer, Reuben George.(C.C.C.C.)
Heislund, Major.
Helt, Antonius.
Henderson, E. (Ebenezer), 1784-1858. Henderson, John, fl. 1768.
Hendry, William, fl. 1768-1820.(C.C.C.C.)
Henryson, J., 19th cent?
Henricus, Petrus, of Amsterdam, 16th cent?
Herbert, Charles, fl. 1685.
Herbert, John, of Llanarth.
Herne, Thomas, d. 1722.(C.C.C.C.)
Herring, Thomas, 1693-1757.
Herring, William, 1718-1774.
Hervey, John, 16th cent.
Hervey, William, 1653-1736.
Hewult, Arnoldus ab.
Hewult, Jacobus ab.
Heylyn, Mr., 17th cent.
Heytesbury, William Henry Ashe, Baron, d. 1891. (B.)
Hickman, Anthony, d. 1597. (C.C.C.C.) Hicks, 19th cent.(B.)
Higgins, Charles Longuet, 1806-1885.
Higgins-Davies, W. T.
(B.) Higman, Samuel, 18th cent.
Hitch, Thomas, 17th cent.
Hoadly, John, 1711-1776. (C.C.C.C.) (P.)
Hodges, Hugh, 17th cent. Holbeck, 16th cent.
Holt Wilson, Mrs.
Holwell (B.)
Horbury, William. (C.C.C.C.)
Horman, William, d. 1535.
Horsley, Thomas, d. 1539.
Hoskier, H. C. (Herman Charles), 1864-1938.
Hoskyns, Edwyn Clement, Sir, 1884-1937. (C.C.C.C.)
Howard, Richard, Esq. (B.)
Howard, William, Lord, 1563-1640.
Howard, William, of Hartley House, Devon.(B.)
Howe, John, 16th cent.
Howley, William, 1766-1848.
Humphrey, Edmund, 16th cent?
Hunt, B., 19th cent?
Hunt, Brian, fl. 1722 (C.C.C.C.)
Hunt, Robert, 16th cent.
Hunt, Thomas, 16th cent.
Huntington, J. B.
Huntington, Thomas, 17th/18th cent.
Hunziker, Emanuel, fl. 1724.
Huse, William, fl. 1559.
Hutcheson, Archibald, ca. 1659-1740.
Hychcocke, John, fl. 1466-1490.
Hyde, John, 19th cent? (B.)
Hyett, Nicholas, 1708 or 9-1777.
Hyrne, John, 17th or 18th cent.

I. C. [initials stamped on binding; 16th cent?] I. H. [ditto; early 17th cent.]
I. K.
I. P. (Iohn Parker?)
Inglesant, Joseph, fl. 1778.
Ivin, George, fl. 1796.

J. B.
J. B. (J. Boys?), fl. 1701.
J. H.
J. T.
Jackson, James, 19th cent.
Jackson, N., 17th cent.
Jackson, Richard, of Little Barningham.
Jackson, Samuel, b. 1820 or 21
Jacomb, George, fl. 1704. [1683 or 4-1759]?
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes), 1862-1936.
Jansenius, Cornelius, 1510-1576.
Jennings, Harnett Ellison, 1848-1939.(B.)(C.C.C.C.)
Jennings, Humphrey, 1907-1950.
Jeremie, Frederick John, 1812 or 13-1895.
Johannes, of Harrow Hill, 15th/16th cent.
Johannes Baptista, de Bergamo.
Johnston, J., fl. 1872.
Johnston, J. G., of Bath, fl. 1877.
Jonas, Albertus, junior.
Jones, J., Revd.(B.)
Jones, James, 18th cent?
Jones, John, Franklyn.
Jones, Thomas, fl. 1623-1629 (C.C.C.C.) (P.)
Jones, Thomas, of Clocaenog, fl. 1683.
Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.
Jordan, Robert, 15th/16th cent.
Jortin, J., 18th cent.
Jotcham, Paul Anthony.
(C.C.C.C.) Joyce, J. W., fl. 1870.
Joyce, W. H., fl. 1870.
Joye, James, b. 1681 or 2.
Julius Echter, von Mespelbrunn, Prince-Bishop of Wuerzburg, 1545-1617.
Justemond, H., 17th cent?

Kallerus, Theodorus, fl. 1627.
Keate, William, b. 1712 or 13.
Kenrick, J. S. Eppelein.
Kenrick, Jarvis, 1804 or 5-ca. 1879.
King, E., 19th cent.
King, John, fl. 1742-1752 (C.C.C.C.)
Kirby, Francis, 18th cent?
Kirby, William, 17th or 18th cent.
Klenfelt, Nicolaus, 16th cent.
Knivett, John, d. 1673. (C.C.C.C.) (P.)
Kyng, Wyllyam, 16th cent.

L. L. L. (B.)
La Porte-Payne, Archibald Aldridge.(C.C.C.C.)
Lamb, John, 1789-1850.(C.C.C.C.)
Lambarde, William, 1536-1601.
Lamplugh, Josiah, d. 1675. (C.C.C.C.)
Lane, B., 18th cent.
Langdon, Edmund, 16th cent.
Langdon-Brown, W. (Walter), 1870-1946.
Langdon-Brown, Winifred Marion, d. 1951.
Langford, Emanuel, b. 1657 or 58 (C.C.C.C.)
Langhorne, Daniel, d. 1681.(C.C.C.C.)
Langhorne, S., 17th cent?
Laurentius, Jacobus, 17th cent?
Laverty, P., fl. 1874.
Law, A. J.
Lawe, William, 16th cent.
Lazard family.
Legge, John, Capt.(B.)
Lenton, Richard, 16th cent?
Lescaillet, John, fl. 1653-1663.(C.C.C.C.)
Letmatius, Jacobus, fl. 1566.
Letmatius, Michael, 16th cent.
Leventhorpe, John, 1629-1649. (C.C.C.C.)
Levett, W., fl. 1799.
Lewis, George, 1763-1822.
Lewis, John, 1675-1747 (C.C.C.C.)
Lewis, M. H., fl. 1860.
Lewis, Samuel Savage, 1836-1891. (C.C.C.C.)
Ley, Thomas, 1654-1721.
Library of the Dominican Fathers (B.)
Lister, Thomas, 17th cent?
Loder, Joannes, 16th cent?
London, Thomas, 17th cent?
Longuet-Higgins, H. C. (H. Christopher)
Longuet-Higgins, H. H. Longuet.
Lott, Samuel Jordan, 1811-1845.
Lougher, John, d. 1686 (C.C.C.C.)
Loveden, Edward Loveden.(B.)
Lozzi, C., 19th cent? Luard, P. J., 18th cent?
Lumsden, Charles, fl. 1695.
Lussan, Henry, fl. 1738.
Lydiat, Thomas, d. 1761.
Lyell, James P. R. (James Patrick Ronaldson), b. 1871. (B.)
Lyon, Thomas Henry, 1869-1953. (C.C.C.C.)

M. C.
M. G. H.
M. H.
M. M.
McClure, Edmund. (B.)
Mackie, of Dreghorn. (B.)
McLeod, Hugh, of the Inner Temple.
Macnamara, G. H., fl. 1884.
Madden, John, 1649-1704.
Madox, Thomas, 1666-1727.
Maitland, Thomas, 19th cent?
Mall, John, fl. 1735.
Mallett, Jessie H.
Manchon. (B.)
Manlove, R., 17th cent.
Mansell-Pleydell, J. C.(B.)
Mapletoft, John, 1631-1721.
Margetts, Charles Berkeley, 19th cent.(B.)
Margetts, Francis Burroughes Hocker.
Marriott, Robert, fl. 1823.
Marsden, William, 1754-1836.
Marshall, J., fl. 1846.
Marshall, William, 16th cent.
Maskell, William, 1814?-1890.
Masters, Frederick George, 1871-1939.(C.C.C.C.)
Masters, Robert, 1713-1798.
(C.C.C.C.) (B.)
Masters, William, 18th cent?
Mattershed, John, 18th cent.
Mawson, Matthias, 168
Mayer, Eugenius.
Mayre, L., fl. 1567.
Mayor, John E. B. (John Eyton Bickersteth), 1825-1910.
Mérode, Marguerite de, d. 1580.
Mercer, William John.(B.)
Metgethen (Germany).
Methven, James Norman.
Meyler & Son (Bath, England) (B.)
Michell, Theobald, 1689?-1737.
Mickleburgh, John, 1691 or 2-1756.
Mills, E. (Eric), 1892-(C.C.C.C.)
Mills, Richard, 19th cent.(B.)
Mills, William, d. 1699. (C.C.C.C.)
Mitford, Robert, 1781-1870 (bkpl.)
Mitterand, Jacques.
Morris, G. G. (Geoffrey Grant), 1888-1938.
(C.C.C.C.) Morten, J. O.
Mottenden Priory.
Mölle, Heinrich, 17th cent?
Molyneux, William, 1656-1698.
Montague, Edward, fl. 1662-1664. (C.C.C.C.)
Montague, Henry, d. 1681. (C.C.C.C.)
Montague family.
Moore, John, 1646-1714
Mores, Edward Rowe, 1730-1778 (B.)
Morris, Jane, 1839-1914.
Mors, Philip, d. 1639. (C.C.C.C.) (P.)
Morstin, Michel, 18th cent?
Mostyn family.
Mottershed, Thomas, 17th cent.
Moule, A. C. (Arthur Christopher), 1873-1957.
Moule, C. F. D. (Charles Francis Digby), 1908-
Moule, C. W. (Charles Walter)(C.C.C.C.)
Moule, H. C. G. (Handley Carr Glyn), 1841-1920.
Moule, Henry William, b. 1871. (C.C.C.C.)
Mountfort, Samuel, b. 1648 or 49.
Musgrave, Samuel, 1732-1788.

N. N. B.
N. D.

Nairne, James, 19th cent. (
Napier, C., 18th or 19th cent.
Nasmith, James, 1740-1808.(
Nelme, S. S., 18th cent? (
Newell, Robert, d. 1642.
Newcome, John, 1683 or 4-1765.
Newland, George, 18th cent.
Newton, Alfred, 1829-1907.
Newton, E., 19th cent.
Nichols, John, d. 1646. (
Nichols, Spencer Van Bokkelen. (
Nicholson, John, fl. 1895.
Nickols, Elizabeth, b. 1717. Nickols family. Nobys, Peter, b. ca. 1480.(
Norman, George Warde, 1793-1882.
North, Francis, Baron Guilford, d. 1729 see:
Guilford, Francis North, Baron, d. 1729?
North, George, 1707-1772. (
Norton, Samuel, 16th cent.
Notary, John, 15th/16th cent.
Nott, G. F. (George Frederick), 1767-1841. (print. cat.)
Noyes, Edward Manyngford.(

Ockley, Anthony, b. 1702?
Odell, R. W.

Okes, T., M.D. (
Oliver, Samuel, d. 1688. (
Ombler, John, 17th cent. [possibly
C.C.C.C., fl. 1660-1680]
Oosterdijk, Hermann, 18th cent? P. S.

Page, R. I. (Raymond Ian)
Paget, Edward, d. 1849
Panne, Petrus, fl. 1636.
Panton, Thomas, Sir, 16th cent.
Paris, Henry, fl. 1669.
Park, Thomas, 17th cent.
Parker, Catherine, fl. 1825.
Parker, John, 1548-1614. See also: I. P. (Iohn Parker?)
Parker, Matthew, 1504-1575.
Parker, Thomas, 17th cent?
Parkynson, Thomas, 16th cent.
Parr, Robert, 17th cent.

Parr, Samuel, 1747-1825.
Patmore, Coventry Kersey Dighton, 1823-1896.
Pattison, Mark, 1813-1884.
Pattison, William Frederick, 19th cent.(
Paulus, de Bergamo.
Pay, J., 17th cent.
Payne, W., fl. 1836.
Payne-Cook, Gerald George. (
Peacham, George, 16th cent.
Pearse, Henry, 1806 or 7-1889 (
Pemberton, Anne Mary, fl. 1852.
Pemberton, John, d. 1716.(
Pennandus, Joannes, 15th/16th cent? [perhaps John Pennant, prebendary of St. Paul’s, d. 1529]
Penrose, William, b. 1709.
Perceval, Spencer George, 1838-1922.
Perowne, A. W. T. (Arthur William Thomson), 1886-1948.
Perowne, Christopher T.
Perowne, Edw
ard Henry, 1826-1906 (C.C.C.C.)
Perowne, J. J. Stewart (John James Stewart), 1823-1904.(C.C.C.C.)
Perowne, John Thomas Woolrych, b. 1863. (C.C.C.C.)
Perowne, John Victor Thomas Woolrych Tait. (C.C.C.C.)
Perowne, Stewart, 1901-(C.C.C.C.)
Perowne, Thomas John, 1868-1954 (C.C.C.C.)
Perowne, Thomas Thomason, 1824-1913 (C.C.C.C.)
Perry, James de Wolf. (C.C.C.C.; B.)
Pettey, Thomas, 17th cent?
Peyton, 18th cent.
Phillips, Alfred, 1802-1880.
Phillips, George Esmond, 1845 or 46-1896.(C.C.C.C.)
Phillips, H., Junior, fl. 1882.
Pickthorn, Kenneth, 1892-1975. (C.C.C.C.)
Pitfield, Alexander, 1658-1728.
Pitiscus, Samuel, 1637-1727.
Plumptre, P., 18th cent.
Pollock, Charles Archibald Edmund, 1858-1944. (C.C.C.C.)
Ponet, John, 1516?-1556.
Pontanus, Matthaeus, 15th/16th cent?
Porter, Joseph, 1757-1813.(C.C.C.C.)
Pory, John, 1502 or 3-1570.(C.C.C.C.)
Powell, Francis, fl. 1770.
Powett, William, 17th cent?
Prentice, Thomas, d. 1676.
Prescott, J. E.(C.C.C.C.)
Prince, C. L. (Charles Leeson), 1821-1899.
Pritchard, Arthur, of Croydon, fl. 1886.
Purefoy, William, 16th cent?
Pyckeryng, Peter, fl. 1698-1715.
Pyne, Henry, 1809-1885.
Pyttenden, Andrew, fl. 1556

Queen’s College (Uni
versity of Oxford). Library.(B.)
Queenborough, Almeric Hugh Paget, Baron, 1861-1949

R. A.
R. H. [i
nitials stamped on binding: 16th/17th cent?]
R. S.
Radcliff, R., 18th cent.
Radley, Robert, 16th cent.
Ragland, Thomas Gajetan, 1815-1858 (
Railton, Thomas, of Bramerton.
Raine, James, 1791-1858.
Ramsey, Elizabeth, 17th cent.
Rashleigh, Jonathan, d. 1702
Raven, Thomas, d. 1868. (
Rawley, William, d. 1666 (
C.C.C.C.) [list in B.10.12]
Rawlinson, Thomas, 1681-1725.
Reade, Henry, b. 1716.
Reade, John, b. 1622.
Reade, Unton, 1688 or 9-1750.
Reading, William, 1674-1744.
Renialme, Ascanius de, d. 1600.
Reuvens, Caspar Jacob Christiaan, 1793-1835.
Reynardson, Samuel.
Reynolds, Joseph A., 17th cent?
Ribbans, F. Bolingbroke (Frederick Bolingbroke).
Richardson, John, 1727-1795.
Richman, Ambrose, d. 1642.
Richman, Stephen, fl. 1647.
Richter, Johann, of Laubach, fl. 1812.
Ricketts, Joseph, 17th or 18th cent.
Rigden, Alec William.(
Rix, Joseph, d. 1879?(
Rixe, John, fl. 1501-1510. (
Robarts, John, d. 1665.(
Roberts, John Barthrop, d. 1879? (
Roberts, Thomas, d. 1596?
Robinson, Charles R., 19th cent. (
Robinson, John, of Queen’s College Cambridge. (
Robinson, Nicholas, ca. 1530-1585.
Robinson, Robarte, 16th cent.
Robinson, Thomas, 18th cent.
Robinson, William Woolhouse, 1801?-1881.
Robotham, Charles, 1625 or 6-1700.(
Rogers, Joannes, 16th cent?
Rogers, Richard, LL.B.(
Rogers, William, fl. 1720.
Rooke, George Henry, 1702-1754.
Ross, James Alfred.(
Rostron, Simpson.(
Ross, D. J. A. (David John Athole).(
Ross, K. Rothwell, George James, 1860-1937? (
Roumieu, Mrs., of Ingham.
Rowsell, Catherine H.
Rowsell, Walter F.
Roucy, Karolus Emmanuel de, 17th cent?
Royal Institution of Great Britain.
Royal Museum and Library (Salford, England) (
Ruding, Rogers, 1751-1820.(
Ruddiman, Thomas, 1674-1757.
Rush, Anthony, 1537-1577.
Rutland, Roger Manners, Earl of, 1564-1612. (
Ryan, W. M.

ckette, John, d. 1753. (C.C.C.C.)
Sanders, T. R. B.(
Sant’Anastasia (Convent : Verona, Italy)
St. Christopher School (Letchworth, England)
St. Davids, John Wynford Phillips, Viscount, 1860-1938. (
St. George’s Chapel (Windsor Castle)
St. John, Richard Fleming St. Andrew, 1839-1919.(
St. John the Baptist (Church : Wilberfoss, England)
St. Ninian’s Cathedral (Perth, Scotland). Chapter Library.
Salison, John, of Horncastle.
Salter, Samuel, d. 1756.(
Sandars, Samuel, 1837-1894.
Sands, D., 16th cent.
Savage, H. E. (Henry Edwin), 1854-1939. (
Savile, Henry, Sir, 1549-1622.
Sayer, Robert, fl. 1623-1634. (
Scarburgh, Charles, Sir, 1616-1694.
Schenckel, Lambertus Thomas, b. 1547.
Schola Delfensis.
Scholefield, James, 1789-1853.
Sconin D’Arginvilliers, Louis Antoine, fl. 1708.
Scott, Thomas, 16th cent?
Scottow, Richard.
Scottowe, Charles, d. 1767. (
Scottowe, Thomas, 17th cent. [perhaps scholar of Caius, b. 1581 or 82, or father of Charles (above?)]
Schmidt, M.
Seabright, Thomas, Sir.(
Sedgwick, William, d. 1760.
Seignior, Geo., 17th cent.
Senior, Nathaniel, 17th cent.
Sennock, John, fl. 1520-1548.
Shadwell, J., 18th cent.
Sharp, Granville, 1735-1813.
Sharpe, William, 19th cent.
Shepherd, John, of St. Peter in the East, Oxford, fl. 1731.
Shickle, W.(William), d. 1927 (
Shipley, William, 18th cent?
Shirebrook, Cuthbert, 16th cent?
Shirley, Evelyn Philip, 1812-1882.
Shirley, James, 18th cent?
Shopley, Edward, 17th cent?
Short, William, 17th cent?
Shrubsall, Leonard James
Sike, H., 18th cent.
Silva, Ercole, 1756-1840.
Simpson, Joseph, 19th cent.
Sleigh, Gervase Petty, fl. 1863.
Smalpage, S., fl. 1786.
Smeaton, William, fl. 1713.
Smerden, Andrew, 15th cent?
Smith, of Gonville and Caius College, fl. 1747.
Smith, John, 1766?-1826.(
Smith, William, d. 1661 or 63. (
Smyth, Charles, 1903-1987.
C.C.C.C.) Smyth, Charles, Rev., fl. 1834.
Smyth, Edward, of Sedgley.
Smyth, Nicholas, 16th cent.
Smyth, Richard, Notary Public, 16th cent.
Smyth, William, 16th cent.
Sneyd, John, 18th cent? [d. 1711]?
Society of the Holy Child Jesus.(
Southey, Robert, 1774-1843.
Sowode, William, d. 1544. (
Sparrow, William, fl. 1666.
Spelman, Henry, Sir, 1564?-1641.
Spencer, John, 1630-1693. (
Spens, Will, Sir, 188
Spooner, Charles, Esq. (
Spurrell, William, 1813-1889.
Stadtbibliothek Lübeck.
Stanley, William, 1647-1731. (
Steains, M. A., 19th cent.
Steel, Annie, fl. 1881.
Stone, J., 16th cent.
Stone, William, ca. 1545-1617?(
Strockel, J., 17th or 18th cent.
Strode, Thomas, b. 1618. (
C.C.C.C.) (P.)
Strype, John, 1643-1737.
Stukeley, William, 1687-1765.(
Sunderland, Charles Spencer, Earl of, 1674-1722.
Sutet, Mr.
Swain, Edmund Gill, 1861-1938 (
Swalwell, Thomas, d. 1539.
Swansborough, Robert, 1823-1909. (
Swedenborg, Emanuel, 1688-1772.
Sydenham, Philip, Sir, d. 1739(
Sylvano, Alessandro, 16th cent?
Symes, John Langford, fl. 1860-1864 (
Symonds, J., 18th cent?
Symonds, Robert Pindar. (

T. D.
T. T.
Taitt, William, 18th cent?
Taylor, Hugh, 19th cent.(
Taylor, John, d. 1662. (
Taylor, Robert, 17th cent?
Taylor, Thomas, fl. 1758.
Tenison, Edward, 1673-1735. (
Tenison, Thomas, 1636-1715. (
Thistlethwayte, L., fl. 1682?
Tho. Wi., 17th cent.
Thomas-Stanford, Charles, 1858-1932.(
Thomson, Abraham, 19th cent?
Thomson, Richard, 17th cent?
Thornton, Richard, 17th/18th cent?
Thornton, Thomas, 16th cent?
Thorold, John Hayford, Sir, 1773-1831.(
Thou, Jacques-Auguste de, 1553-1617.
Thyrleby, 16th cent?
Tickell, Martha, 19th cent.
Tilman, Abraham, d. 1589 (
Tindal, Charles John, d. 1853.
Tooke, Thomas, 1666 or 7-1721. (
Towneley, Charles, d. 1644.
Towneley, John, 1740?-1813. (
Towneley, Richard, b. 1628 or 29.(
Towneshende, Roger, 16th cent?
Trat, Henry, 17th cent.
Trelawny, J., 18th cent?
Trotter family.(
Tucker, John, fl. 1521-1538.
Turner, David, 18th cent?
Turner, Dawson W. (Dawson William), 1815-1885.
Turner, J., 18th cent?
Turton, Thomas, 1780-1864.
Twiner, Isabella, 19th cent.
Tyndall, John, d. 1674.
Tyrrell, James, 1642-1718.
Tyson, Michael, 1740-17

Urquhart, Francis Fortescue, 1868-1934.(
Urswick, Christopher, 1448?-1522.

Vansittart. [possibly same as below]
Vansittart, Augustus Arthur, 1824-1882.
Varchawski, W.(
Vaughan, A.
Vermigli, Pietro Martire, 1499-1562.
Vernon, 19th cent.(
Villaccicentio, Laurentius de, 16th cent.
Vyse, Jack Walter Miller. (
Visme, Stephanus de, 17th cent?
Vowel, Richard, 16th cent.

W. S.
W. W.
Walcott, Bernard, fl. 1660-1662. (
Walker, James, 19th cent.(
Walker, Richard, 1791-1870.
Walker, Ronald Anthony. (
Walker, Thomas Francis William, b. 1814 or 15.
Walmesley, Dorothy Mary, fl. 1802.
Walmesley, W. H., fl. 1881.
Walmesley, William Gerard, fl. 1802.
Walsall, Samuel, 1575-1626.(
Walsh, James, F.S.A.(
Wansey, Henry, 1751-1827.
Wapshott family. Ward, E., dyer, fl. 1736.
Warner, William, 17th cent?
Warren, W., 18th cent.
Waterton, Edmund, 1830-1887
Watson, Charles, of Saughton (
Watson, William, fl. 1513-1556
Webster, W., 18th cent.
West, Francis George, 1801 or 2-1871.
West, Thomas, Rev., fl. 1834.
Whalley, Lawson.
Wharton, George, fl. 1626. (
Wheelocke, Abraham, 1593-1653.
Whewell, William, 1794-1866.
Whitaker, Charles, 17th or 18th cent.
Whitaker, Thomas Dunham, 1759-1821.
White, T. Holt, 18th cent.
Whitelock, Dorothy.
Whiting, William, fl. 1643.
Whitwell, John, d. 1561.
Waters, W., of Wick.
Wells, William C.
Wickes, S., fl. 1779.
Wickham, John, fl. 1715.
Wiggins-Davies, W. T.
Wilbraham, George, fl. 1814. (
Wilds, W., Revd.(
Williamson, Theodore Augustus Eden, 1848-1929. (
Willis, Thomas, 17th cent?
Willmot, Nathaniel, fl. 1647.
Wilmot, Joseph Pratt, 1799 or 1800-1861?
Wilson, Jaques, 17th cent.
Wilson, John, 16th cent?
Wilson, Lea, fl. 1841-1845.(
Wilson, Walter, 1781-1847 (
Wilson, William, fl. 1672-1680 (
Wiltshire, John, 18th cent.
Winfield, Thomas, 1783 or 4-1812
Wingate family.
Winstanley, D. A. (Denys Arthur), 1877-1947.
Winstanley, John, fl. 1765.
Wise, Francis, 1695-1767.
Wiseman, James, 19th cent. (
Woodsole, Thomas, 16th cent.
Wodhull, Michael, 1740-1816.
Wolff, Jacob, Baron.
Wolfsen, C.
Wolfgangus, sacerdos.
Wollascott, William, Esq. (bkpl.)
Woodward, Thomas, 18th cent.(
Wrangham, John, fl. 1815.
Wren, Stephen.
Wright, Arthur G., fl. 1886.
Wright, Clement Henry Lakin, b. 1856. (
Wright, Nathan, of Englefield, 17th cent?
Wright, William Aldis, 1831-1914.
Wrigley, E. A. (Edward Anthony), 1931-(

Yaldwin, R., 17th cent.
Yale, Thomas, 1525 or 6-1577.
Yate, A. C. (Arthur Campbell), b. 1853.
Young, E. J., fl. 1840.
Young, Thomas Patrick, 1723 or 4-1778. (



Bedford, Thomas, d. 1507?
Binder E.
Cavey, Christopher, d. ca. 1578.
Caxton Binder.
Dature, Martin, 16th cent.
Demon Binder.
Dragon Binder.
Egmont, Frederick, d. 1511.
Godfrey, Garrett, d. 1539.
H. C.
Huntsman Binder.
I. P.
Lattice Binder.
Lily Binder.
Mackenzie, J. (John), 19th cent.
Middleton, Thomas, ca. 1549-1604.
Monster Binder.
N. E.
Octagonal Rose Binder.
P. A.
Pilgrim, Garret, d. 1536 or 37.
Quinton, bookbinder.
R. B.
R. P.
Reynes, John, #d. 1544.
Scales Binder.
Siberch, John, 1475 or 6-1554?
Spierinck, Nicholas, d. 1545 or 6.
Tollworthy & Wootton.
Unicorn Binder.
W. G.
Watkins, binder.
Watson, R. S. B.
Way, Robert, b. ca. 1578.


C.J. Stewart (Firm)
Camotius, Antonius Maria, fl. 1587.
Douglass, T., 19th cent.
J. Groenewegen and A. vander Hoeck (Strand, London, England)
Hayday, James, 1804-1876.
John S. Leslie (Firm)
Olridge, Mr.
Osborne, Thomas, d. 1767.
Parry, Edward, of Chester.
Robson, James, 1733-1806.
Quaritch, Bernard, 1819-1899.


Baker, Thomas, 1656-1740
Beloe, William, 1756-1817.
Blades, William, 1824-1890.
Bradshaw, Henry, 1831-1886.
Corrie, George Elwes, 1793-1885.
Dowding, William, b. 1815 or 16.
Geddes, W. D., Sir (William Duguid), 1828-1900.
Laughton, John Knox, 1830-1915.
Lunn, John Robert, 1831-1899.
Masefield, John, 1878-1967.
Moore, T. Sturge (Thomas Sturge), 1870-1944.
Nurse, Euston J. (Euston John), 1864-1945.
Pearse, Henry, 1806 or 7-1889
Pearsual, Thomas.
Pogo, Alexander, b. 1893
Ragland, H., fl. 1857.
Rich, Charles, fl. 1886.
Tomlinson, J. T. (John Tomlinson)
Worrall, Joshua, fl. 1725.

B. = Owner ofbookplate.
C.C.C.C. = Member of Corpus Christi
P. = Donor of plate.

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