Corpus Ents (short for entertainments or events) are special because of the atmosphere they create.

When you come to a Corpus Ent you’re playing the greatest part because it’s the people that make them special. Personalities and talents – it’s you who make the atmosphere and that’s what makes the event.

Events range from ‘Slacks’ – the College disco nights – to Karaoke, quizzes, games afternoons and evenings, barbeques, College outings, and so much more.

Everyone can get involved in creating an extra special event. The great thing is that it’s run by the students for the students, so if you have an idea – you can do it.

Every term the College Ents committee will organise extra special nights, or what have come to be known as ‘slacks’ – a night to turn up the tunes loud, and a chance to get to know the wild side of your neighbours, through observation of their dance moves.


From a Corpus slack, about 22:45:

“As we rip through a whirlwind of classic melody the crowd parts. For a moment they are left wondering. Silence sees 50 glowsticks raised, poised, ready to strike as the next tune breaks in. The moment dawns. As the first echoes of the music come in to hearing a small whisper goes round – “now!”. A circle forms in the middle of the dance floor and the lights swing in to pinpoint three characters in the centre. “Ra Ra Rasputin, Russia’s greatest love machine…” The cheer goes up – a chant starts as three leavers begin their mock-Russian dance. And at that moment Corpus becomes one in celebration. We love our own. And why not? They’re the best we’ve ever seen.Oh dear – that’s very cheesy, isn’t it. Oh well…”

Derek, Ents co-ordinator


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