Social Life & Societies


When its time to put the books away, you will find there are plenty of interesting and entertaining pursuits to follow, including a wide variety of sports, musical or artistic pursuits etc. In fact if your particular speciality has just a few devotees here, there will, almost certainly be a University society dedicated to it.

All the College clubs are funded by the JCR. Perhaps the most consistently prominent of them and the ones with the widest appeal are those for drama, music, and sport.

Other leisure facilities

Newspapers and magazines are available each morning; there is a television, video and one of the finest bars in Cambridge offering excellent beer, a wide variety of food and a genuinely pleasant atmosphere.

“There’s loads to do in Cambridge. Whatever you’re interested in you can find some way of doing it. I play cricket, soccer and tennis in College and even did Salsa dancing for a while with the Cambridge dancing society. I was a member of the Assassins and the Monty Python Appreciation Society!”- Jared

“There’s enough going on in college and Cambridge as a whole to keep you busy 24/7 without doing any work (although I’m not saying your Director of Studies would be very happy with that arrangement!!). With drama, college and University sports, orchestras, choirs, swing bands, dancing, debating at the Union -the list is endless. And if you’re interested in something and you can’t find a society, you can probably apply for funding and found your own!!” - Laura

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