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When and how do I enrol for my exams?

Exam enrolment is carried out on-line through CamSIS during the early part of the Michaelmas Term. Firstly, discuss your paper choices with your Director of Studies and ensure that what you propose to take has his or her approval. Then you can register for the exams through your personal account on CamSIS (the Tutorial Administrator will send out an e-mail containing detailed instructions early in the term). Your DoS will then go on-line and authorise your entry.

How will I know that my entry has been processed?

In the Lent Term you will be asked to check your entry in CamSIS and confirm it is correct.

What if I change my mind about my paper options?

Please consult with your DoS immediately; if it is feasible in teaching terms and he or she agrees to the change, then tell the Tutorial Administrator and she will institute the change for you. You can do this until you have confirmed your entry in the Lent Term; thereafter, no changes are possible.

1496554_10151953140097663_1944258180_oAre there any extra arrangements for candidates with special needs?

Yes, if you have an up-to-date Educational Psychologist’s report that recommends that you have additional time and/or use a computer, (for instance for dyslexia, dyspraxia or dysgraphia) this will be arranged. You should talk to your Tutor and to the Tutorial Administrator about this before Christmas.

If you have reduced mobility or a musculo-skeletal condition that makes sitting for long periods difficult, please consult your Tutor. It is possible to request extra time or rest breaks as appropriate.

Candidates with other conditions are encouraged to talk to their Tutor for advice if they think that they need to sit their exams in college instead of in the normal exam location.

When will I know the timetable?

Timetables are generally available in March both in paper form and through your CamSIS account.

What happens if I am taken ill shortly before or during my exam?

If you are ill on the day of the exam, you should ring the Tutorial Office (or the Duty Tutor if it is a Saturday or Bank Holiday – the Porters will have the phone number) and seek advice. If you are feeling a bit unwell but are not incapacitated, then you should go to your exam and do your best. Afterwards, please tell your Tutor who can seek any allowances that are appropriate. If you have to leave the exam hall during the paper, the supervisor at the venue will arrange for someone from college to collect both you and the exam materials. If it is possible, you will then be allowed time to recover before completing the paper in College. During this time someone will remain with you so that you are kept ‘incommunicado’ from the other candidates.

Can I take food and snacks to the exams?

You can take a small bottle of water but nothing else unless you have a medical need. If the latter applies to you, you’ll need to give the Tutorial Administrator a letter from your doctor confirming this well in advance so she can get the necessary permission for you.

774219_10151967906172663_1979682916_oHow do I get my results?

There are two ways of finding out your results. The Tutorial Administrator will be able to tell you the date on which your results are due to be published. The traditional way to learn your fate is to go to the Senate House and look at the list which will be posted on the boards outside it. Alternatively, you can see your results on CamSIS.

Can I get a more detailed breakdown of my marks?

Your complete breakdown will be available on CamSIS by about mid-August and you will receive further feedback from your DoS. After you graduate, you will receive a complete official transcript of your entire three or four years’ exams.

I did very well – will I get a prize?

All those who get firsts will be eligible for a scholarship. Directors of Studies also nominate some of those with high 2:I’s for awards and there are many additional honours. The prizes are decided by Governing Body during July; letters and cheques are sent out during the summer vac.


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