Postgraduate College Regulations


Corpus should not only be a pleasant place in which to live but should also provide a stimulating environment for study and research, and it is the custom for postgraduate life to run with the minimum of restrictions.  The principal rule governing the conduct of postgraduate members of the College is the common sense need to respect the living and working conditions of others.  This applies mainly to sensible restriction of noise, and care in the use of kitchens and other communal facilities.  The maintenance of pleasant conditions depends on you.  Visitors are also expected to comply with these requirements.

The document “Postgraduate Domestic Arrangements” (available on the Corpus website and from the Graduate Office) includes a number of common sense strictures relating to the use of facilities in Leckhampton.  Although postgraduates are not normally resident within the main College buildings in Trumpington Street, when graduates are within the confines of this part of College they are expected to cooperate fully with requests or instructions made by the Porters or other members of the College staff.  The Undergraduate College Rules are not applicable in every regard to postgraduates but many of the regulations apply equally to undergraduate and postgraduates.  The principle regulations that apply to postgraduates, and that may not be fully covered in Postgraduate Domestic Arrangements, include:


A member of the Domestic Staff will visit postgraduate student rooms on a regular basis to carry out routine cleaning procedures.  Persistent failure by a student to give reasonable access will be reported to the Tutor for Advanced Students for appropriate action.


Postgraduates must not walk on the lawns of Old and New Courts.  Permission may be given by the Dean of College for some limited use of the Old Court Lawn during the Easter Term, and this privilege may continue during the summer.


Basic cooking facilities are provided in the kitchens of all graduate accommodation. The use of rice cookers is not allowed. Other electrical cooking equipment may be used in the kitchens but only after it has been PAT tested.

Cooking in rooms is not allowed. For safety reasons this includes the use of microwave ovens in rooms.


Infringements of the College Rules, or other behaviour which interferes with the rights of members and staff of the College and compromises the functioning of the College as a place of study, will, if not dealt summarily by the Dean of College (or the Head Porter acting with the Dean’s authority)  be referred to a Disciplinary Tribunal with the power to impose punishments which are likely to be severe, for instance heavy fines or sending down. The Tribunal consists of three Fellows.  Cases will mostly be referred to the Tribunal  by the Dean of College or the Tutor for Advanced Students.  A copy of the College Disciplinary Procedure is available on request from the Graduate Office.


Postgraduates should not disturb other residents of the College at any time, whether by amplifiers, by musical instruments or by any other form of noise, and should always consider their neighbours who may wish to work or sleep.  They should regard any noise audible outside their own rooms as a potential disturbance.  In particular, any noise after midnight will be treated as an infringement of this rule.


In Hall at formal dinner, and in Chapel, postgraduates are expected to wear respectable clothing, and gowns.  Gowns must not be worn over sports kit.  It is also expected that day-to-day attire in College public places e.g. Hall and Library, should be of a reasonable standard.


The College views the use of illegal drugs very seriously, and will consider a range of punitive actions including sending down.  The loss of emotional stability, academic focus and concentration associated with drug-abuse can seriously harm or even terminate a promising academic career.  Students are urged to view such activities with the same seriousness as the College does.


Fire exit routes, staircases, landings and passageways must be kept free of any obstruction and loose materials (e.g. suitcases and boxes).  Any abuse of fire equipment is taken very seriously, and individual cases will be referred to the Dean of College for disciplinary action.  An automatic fine of at least £75 is levied, in addition to the cost of replacement or repair of any equipment damaged.


The Main Gate of the College is closed at 11.00pm daily.  Those wishing to enter or exit College when the gate is closed should use a Late Key.  The security of the College depends on the responsible use of your Late Key.  Graduates in residence will be issued a late key with their room keys.  Graduates who live out may sign-out a Late Key/Leckhampton access key set from the Head Porter.  A charge of £20 per key will be levied if keys are lost or if they are not returned to the Head Porter on completion of a course.

It is forbidden, except with permission, to surrender any College keys to anyone but the Leckhampton Site Manager or the Porters; or to have duplicates made.

Under no circumstances must keys be surrendered to friends, or others, in order for them to occupy, “look after” or “check” your room or flat while you are away.  The Dean of College will impose a substantial fine on any student who so surrenders their key.


The Leckhampton Bar may be used by members and staff of the College and their bona-fide guests only.  Postgraduates are also very welcome at the Pelican Bar on the main site, and to invite guests into the Bachelors’ Parlour.  Please note that such guests must be accompanied by a postgraduate at all times, and that you are responsible for the behaviour of your guests.  Incidents involving bad, threatening or excessively noisy behaviour will be treated as a serious breach of College discipline.  The Duty Porter and the Senior Bar Staff are empowered to close the Bar and Bachelors’ Parlour whenever they judge that circumstances warrant such action.


Undergraduates, graduates and their guests use the fenced, open-air swimming pool in Leckhampton Gardens entirely at their own risk.  The College does not provide a Life Guard.   See the Rules of Use.


Phone calls may not be made or received in Hall, at either lunch or dinner. In Formal Hall, the use of mobile phones for purposes other than making or receiving telephone calls is permissible only after the second grace.


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