Computing Policies

All users of the College network are prohibited from installing webcams or network hubs/routers (inc wireless) in any College property. Each user is responsible for the ethernet connection in their College room. If any message or data is sent or downloaded from/to a users device either in their absence or presence the user will be held accountable.

The College views any breach of these rules seriously. In addition to any penalty imposed by the University or an outside body, the College will treat any breach of these rules as a disciplinary matter. At the very least, and in addition to any other penalty, the user concerned may expect to have their access to College’s IT facilities severely restricted or withdrawn.

All users of the College’s IT facilities must comply with the University IT Syndicate’s Rules. When joining the University you agreed to abide by these rules. These rules also apply to non-University members making use of University IT facilities and data networks. The associated guidelines on interpretation and relevant legislation are: –

and Web Guidelines –
and with the Authorization for Use of the CUDN –
These in turn require compliance with JANET Acceptable Use rules –

Some of the main points which these cover are that the material must not be pornographic, nor defamatory; contravene the Data Protection Act; breach any copyright or trademark registration, comply with all UK and International laws and regulations regarding computer and data use, in addition to the University Rules; nor bring the University or Colleges into disrepute. College IT facilities are provided for bona fide University activities. The use of these systems must be legal, honest and decent. It is expected that resources are used responsibly: irresponsible use includes collection, creation, display and circulation of material that others may find offensive.

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