Corpus Christi02

Enjoying your independence

Your lifestyle at University may be very different from anything you have experienced before. What you do and when you do it is very much up to you as an individual. But, as in all communities, you will get the best out of life at College if you act with consideration for others as well. In order to maintain a pleasant environment in which to live and work, there are some general common sense rules about expected behaviour at Corpus that we ask all members to observe.


Corpus Christi is one of the oldest colleges in the University and sits at the heart of Medieval Cambridge where it has occupied the same buildings since the 1380s.

As one of the smallest colleges, admitting around 85 undergraduates each year, and with a high ratio of Fellows to students, the College has a strong sense of community which makes for a friendly and supportive environment. This encourages interaction between Master, Fellows and junior members.

It really is a lively and dynamic place where your personal contribution will be noticed and appreciated and you’ll find plenty of friends along the way.

How the College works

Like all colleges, Corpus is an independent, self-governing institution. The ultimate responsibility for the administration of the College lies with the Master and Fellows, who collectively form the Governing Body. The Master is the head of the College and, as well as having executive responsibilities, chairs the Governing Body and most of the College’s committees.

The daily running of the College falls into two main divisions, bursarial and tutorial. The Bursar is responsible for the financial affairs of the College, for its staff, and for the fabric. The Senior Tutor is concerned with the academic progress and general welfare of undergraduates and is assisted by other Fellows. The College has Fellows in most subjects who will act as Tutors and Directors of Studies. The Admissions Tutor is responsible to the Senior Tutor for undergraduate admissions.



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