Cambridge isn’t nearly as expensive a place as most people think. In fact, although it may be hard to believe, it’s actually one of cheapest places to study at in the country.

Corpus offers a range of access awards, hardship funds, study grants and travel grants to students with financial difficulties, so don’t be backward in coming forward if you need help.

Being offered a place at Cambridge will have absolutely nothing to do with your background, or your financial situation. No matter how hard-up a student is, if your interviewers recognise in you someone who will benefit the most exciting and intensive learning in the country, then Corpus will make sure that money is not a barrier to your taking up a place.

The fact that Corpus is so central, and Cambridge is so small, means that transport costs are minimal because you can walk to most of the places you need to go. Many people choose to bring their bike, or invest in a cheap one when they get here.

Another wonderful thing about studying in Cambridge that makes it easier on the wallet, are the libraries. There are more than enough books to go round all students.

And then, there are all the other cheap events and opportunities available to students, from College film showings at a couple of pounds, to student discounts at the local swimming pool. Whatever you’re into, there’s a cheap way of doing it!

Practical financial support

We recognise that finding fees and maintenance costs can be a burden on students and their families. The University and the College have consequently made provision for those most in need through Bursaries and Hardship funds. The College, in partnership with the University, will make a substantial grant to UK and EU students who need it through the Cambridge Bursary Scheme, and Corpus has additional funds to help with unforeseen hardship and crisis. Some subjects, such as Law, have earmarked bursaries to help students in need.

Awards and Prizes

The College awards scholarships and book grants to students in all years of study who do well in their examinations. All those who achieve a First Class will receive an award.

Grants are given towards travel in the Long Vacation related to your studies and an accommodation subsidy is occasionally awarded towards the cost of remaining in Cambridge over the summer to participate in laboratory projects.

“I was able to improve my Italian a lot when I went on a two-week language course in Florence, specially run for Cambridge first-year students. The College gave me a travel grant of £500 towards the trip, which was a big help, and I had a fantastic time. Unfortunately when I got back I was so fluent in Italian that I couldn’t speak Spanish for at least a week!”- David, MML

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