Former Teacher Fellows

Alaric Thompson

Ogden Trust Physics Teacher Fellow

January – February 2012

The decision to apply for an Ogden Trust/Corpus Christi Physics Teacher Fellowship was not a difficult one to make. The potential benefits described were obvious and there seemed to be no disadvantages. After consulting with my extremely supportive wife and my forward thinking Headteacher (in that order), I made a carefully considered application and was delighted to be invited for an interview at Corpus Christi. Spending a night in the splendid surroundings of the College and having the opportunity to further explore my research proposal with the Master and Fellows of Corpus was an inspiring experience in itself. To be subsequently offered a five week Fellowship was surely the high point of my career so far. To read more …

Alaric Thompson,Teacher Fellow,and Dr Mike Sutherland, Director of Studies for Physics

Teacher Fellows 2009-2010

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