Settling In

A new home, new ideas

Corpus has an excellent social life and deserves its ‘small and friendly’ reputation. At the beginning of the year new students, known as ‘Freshers’, are welcomed into the College with a series of social events to make you feel at home. During the time between the confirmation of offers and the beginning of your first term you will be put in touch with two current undergraduates (one in your own or a closely related subject, the other the same sex as yourself). These are your College Parents and they will be happy to answer your questions, to meet you on arrival in Cambridge, and to show you around until you find your feet.

Everyone else may seem to know what they are doing and where everything is, but they were once Freshers too, so don’t be afraid to ask established students for information or advice.

Going along to the Freshers’ Fair, where various clubs and societies are desperate to sign you up for anything from sky-diving to tiddlywinks, is also a great way to get involved in University life, and make new friends.


‘Why Corpus? Its size has got to be one of its strengths. At around 240 undergraduates, you can guarantee that you’ll never be able to walk anywhere without meeting someone you know. History as a subject requires an enormous amount of individual study. In a small College like Corpus, there’s no danger of being lost in a sea of obscurity. Right from the start you’re part of the College; right form the start you’ll realise you know more people than you think. And that’s a huge help when you’re first settling in.’ - Susie, History



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