This page lists bookplates found inside books in the Parker Library, with Franks numbers where found. It is hoped to add more illustrations at a future date.

Corpus Christi College

1. Franks *619. Dated 1701. Engraved by W. Jackson. In use 1701—ca. 1715.

2. Franks 33276. Dated 17—. A re-impression, with the date partially erased. In use ca. 1716—ca. 1804.

3. Franks 33277. Engraved 1825 by Maitlow. Generally found in books from the Flitcroft bequest.

4. Franks 33278. Engraved 1855; in use 1855—ca. 1903.

5. Not in Franks. In use ca. 1914.

6. Not in Franks. In use 1950s.

7. Not in Franks. Photographic reduction of 6? In use 1950s.

Gift plates

Clifford, Henry, 1538 or 39-1616. [printed]
Green, John, 1705 or 6-1779 [printed]
Jenken, William, 1583 or 4-1616 [printed]
Lewis, Samuel Savage, 1836-1891

Roberts, Thomas, d. 1596? [printed]
Spencer, John, 1630-1693. [printed]

Strode, Thomas, b. 1618 [printed]

Taylor, John, d. 1662. [printed]

Personal plates

Ancajani, Francesco.
Atkinson, H., 19th cent.
Barnard, Francis Pierrepont, 1854-1931
Barnes, H. Rushton.

Barnes, William, 19th cent.
Bell, Christopher, 19th cent.
Bellamy, James. (2155?)
Berio, Giovanni Domenico (d. 1791) and Francesco Maria (d. 1829). (935 in Ex Libris Italiani, Gelli. Thanks to Tony Pincott for identification)

Beverley, R. M. (2457)
Bridgeman, Orlando, Sir, 1678 or 79-1737 or 38 (3710 or *392).
Brooke, Richard Sinclair, 1802-1882. (3835)

Borlase, Samuel, Esq., 18th cent. (Not in Franks. Thanks to Tony Pincott for identification)

Bowden, C. E.
Butler, Geoffrey G. (Geoffrey Gilbert), Sir, 1887-1929.
Butler, Ralph, b. 1883.

Butts, Robert, 18th cent? (4698)
C. W. R.
Caldwell, Robert Townley.
Carey, P.. 19th cent?
Carte, Thomas, 1686-1754. (5258)
Caulfield, Richard, 1823-1887. (5401)
Cave, Daniel, 19th cent?
Colborne, W., 19th cent.
Colvile, Charles Robert, 1815-1886. (6528)
Cole, William, 1714-1782. (6366, 67 or 68)
Cork and Orrery, Earl of. (3381? and another)
Cowper, John, 1737-1770 (7123)
Cranmer, Richard, 19th cent. (7241)
Crawford, Alexander Crawford Lindsay, Earl of, 1812-1880: (18331)
Cunyngham, Robert, 18th cent. (7608 or 9)
Damer, Anne Seymour, 1748 or 9-1828 (7906 or 7)

Danby, William, 1752-1833.
Davy, David Elisha, 1769-1851.

Debenham, Ernest Ridley.
Denman, Francis Lemoine, fl. 1883. (8458)

Dudley & Ward, (William or John), Viscount. (30830) (Thanks to Tony Pincott for identification)

Dyer, Louis, 1851-1908.
Egleton, Charles, 18th cent? (9670 or 71)
Fife, William Duff, Earl, 1697-1763: (9199)
Fitzwilliam, Earl. (“Milton, Peterborough”)
Fitzwilliam, William Charles de Meuron, Earl, 1872-1943.
Flitcroft, Henry, 1742-1826: (10797)

Folliott, William Harwood.
Foulkes, Peter, 1676-1747.
Fraser, James, 1842-1913 (2 plates)
Gemmell, William.
Gulston, Joseph, 1745-1786 (13061)
Guilford, Francis North, Baron, d. 1729?: (22012)
Harcourt, James, 1680-1739. (13668)
Hare, Julius Charles, 1795-1855. (13747)
Harris, John, 1667?-1719: (13855 or 56)
Harvey, Stanhope. (14018)

Hawke, Edward, Baron

Heytesbury, William Henry Ashe, Baron, d. 1891. (90)
Hicks, 19th cent.
Higgins-Davies, W. T.
Holwell. (Franks 15187)
Howard, Richard, Esq. (15536)
Howard, William, of Hartley House, Devon. (15538)
Hyde, John, 19th cent? (15894)
Jennings, Harnett Ellison, 1848-1939.
Jones, J., Revd., 18th/19th cent? (16674)

Joy, H.L. (16755)

Legge, John, Capt.
Lisle, M. de.
Loveden, Edward Loveden. (18755)
Lyell, James P. R. (James Patrick Ronaldson), b. 1871.
McClure, Edmund.
Mackie, of Dreghorn.
Masters, Robert, 1713-1798. (19962 or 63)
Mercer, William John.
Methven, James Norman.
Mills, Richard, 19th cent.
Mitford, Robert, 1781-1870. (20764)
Mores, Edward Rowe, 1730-1778. (21049)
Nairn, James, 19th cent. (21532)
Nelme, S. S., 18th cent?
Nichols, Spencer Van Bokkelen.
Okes, T., M.D. (22255 or 22255A)
Paget, Edward, d. 1849. (22574)
Perowne, Christopher T.

Perowne, Edward Henry, 1826-1906.
Perry, James de Wolf.
Queen’s College (University of Oxford). Library.
Queenborough, Almeric Hugh Paget, Baron, 1861-1949.
Robinson, Charles R.
Robinson, John, of Queen’s College Cambridge (25282)
Ross, James Alfred.
Rostron, Simpson.
Ruding, Rogers, 1751-1820. (25622)
Society of the Holy Child Jesus.
St. Davids, John Wynford Philipps, Viscount, 1860-1938.
St. John, Richard Fleming St. Andrew, 1839-1919.
Swain, Edmund Gill, 1861-1938.
Sydenham, Philip, Sir, d. 1739.
Taylor, Hugh, 19th cent.
Thomas-Stanford, Charles, 1858-1932.
Thorold, John Hayford, Sir, 1773-1831. (“Syston Park” and another)
Towneley, John, 1740?-1813. (29652)
Towneley, Richard, b. 1628 or 29. (29653)
Trotter family. (29880 or 81?)
Urquhart, Francis Fortescue, 1868-1934.
Vansittart, Augustus Arthur, 1824-1882. (30235)
Vernon. (W. V. or V. W.)
Varchawski, W.
Vyse, Jack Walter Miller.
Walker, James, 19th cent.
Walsh, James, F.S.A. (30774?)
Watson, Charles, of Saughton. (31052)
Whewell, William, 1794-1866. (31465)
Wilbraham, George, fl. 1814. (31733)
Wilds, W., Revd. see Jones, J., Revd.
Wilson, Walter, 1781-1847. (32147 or 48)
Wiltshire, John, 19th cent.
Wiseman, James, 19th cent.
Wolff, Jacob, Baron.
Wollascott, William, Esq. (32332)
Woodward, Thomas, 18th cent.
Young, Thomas Patrick, 1723 or 4-1778. (32933)

Institutional plates

All Souls College (University of Oxford)
Balliol College (University of Oxford): 33400 or 1
Brasenose College (University of Oxford)
Cambridge University Library [George I donation]
Christ Church (University of Oxford): 33414-7
City of Edinburgh

Royal Museum and Library (Salford, England)

Meyler and Son (Bath, England)

Awaiting identification



B.7.35 (James Fraser?)

G.12.17 (Glasgow)
AA.1.11 (Fortescue family?)

Possibly Franks 11036, lacking inscription. (Thanks to Tony Pincott for identification)


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