Library Information

Working space in Taylor Library

Who can use the library?

  • The library is open to all members of the College.
  • New students should have their accounts set up for them by the librarians before they arrive in Cambridge, and therefore do not need to come and register as users. However, if you encounter any problems with borrowing books, come and see a member of library staff.

When is the library open?

  • The library is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is accessed with your university card. It is open throughout the vacations, with the exception of a period of closure at Christmas.
  • Librarians are on site during office hours during the week (usually 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.) if you need any help.

What are my borrowing rights/how do I borrow?

  • All members may borrow up to 10 items (books and DVDs) at a time, for up to 2 weeks.
  • Books can be taken out and returned using the self-issue machine on the library ground floor. All you need is your university card.
  • Books can be renewed twice: they can be renewed online by logging into your library account, by email, in person, or via the My Library Account function.
  • Books can be taken out for the duration of the vacation; information about vacation borrowing is sent out towards the end of each term.

How do I find the book I want?

  • Books can be searched using the online university catalogues Newton and LibrarySearch. Searches can be restricted to return results within Corpus.
  • Books can be searched using keywords such as the title and/or author surname.
  • Once you have found the record of a book, make a note of the classmark (e.g. B.5.SHA), so that you can go and find the book in the library.
  • Go to the library layout page to find out where the classmark is located in the library.
  • Go to find a book for more information on searching for books.

What do I do if the book is not there?

  • If the book is not where you expect it to be, check that you have the right classmark and that you are looking in the right place.
  • If you are sure that you are looking in the right place but the book is still not on the shelf, the item may have been borrowed by another reader. In this case you can recall the book (or ask a member of library staff to do so on your behalf). Alternatively, it may have been mis-shelved, in which case you should ask one of the librarians for help.
  • If the book is not in stock (i.e. it has never been purchased or has gone missing) then students can fill in our online recommend a book form.

Aside from books, what else is there for me?

    • Anatomical model of the brainThe Taylor Library has a collection of DVDs for use by students of all subjects, for enjoyment as well as work. They can be watched in the Media Room or taken out. They are shelved in a case in the Media Room; come and ask a member of staff for the key.
    • We have brains in our library, or one anatomical model, at least, that lives on the shelves among the medical textbooks. We also have a full-size skeleton who lives in the basement and can be used by medics and natural scientists. Please ask a member of library staff if you would like to consult it.
    • The Library subscribes to a limited number of print journals and periodicals. Latest editions are kept in box files on the ground floor. Please ask a member of library staff if you are unsure where these are. A full list of titles is given on the journals page.
  • We ask users not to leave their belongings on desks when they leave the library. There are reserve shelves on each floor of the library, where users may leave their possessions if they are going out (e.g. to lunch, or to a supervision). These shelves are cleared at the end of each term, so please take your belongings away before you leave for the vacation; and please don’t ever leave valuable possessions lying around!

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