Student Computing

Particular guidance relating to student computer use is given below:

Computer Rooms:

Corpus has two main student computer rooms and one remote computer room. More details of the facilities available:

College computer rooms

All college rooms have at least one wired network point. Wireless is available in all College properties, including areas such as the Pelican Bar, JCR, MCR and the Taylor Library.  Signal should be present in all bedrooms, if you find an area not covered please let the IS and T office know.

IP Applications:

Every student staying in College-provided accommodation is eligible for a connection to the College’s network. A connection to our network will enable you to access the Internet as well as a range of university resources, directly from your room.  Students connecting to the Corpus network with a new computer, or trying for the first time, should configure their network cards to obtain an IP address automatically (DHCP), then open their web browser (typically Internet Explorer). They will be redirected to an on-line form to complete & submit to obtain a network connection. Please see the getting connected page for more information.

Getting Connected

Students should also ensure that they have fully read the College’s computing policies.  If there are any parts of the policy that students are not sure on they should make their concerns known to IS&T prior to registering their device.

Computing Policies

Information for New Students:

You will be able to find out your email address shortly before you arrive. See the University Computing Service – information for new Cambridge students for more information.

This website also gives other information of interest to new students about the University’s computing services.

Please note that you will be able to forward mail to your Cambridge account once it is open, but you will not be able to log on and read mail until you arrive in Cambridge and collect your password. Passwords are not sent out by email. Further instructions will be given to you when you arrive.

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