Corpus Christi32

The College has two computer rooms, which offer excellent IT facilities and Internet access to undergraduates. Both are open 24 hours a day during term, invaluable during exam time, and provide a wide range of PC workstations, scanners and printers. The computers have the standard software most people are likely to need and provide connections to the University Network for e-mailing and Internet usage.

All College rooms are connected to the College Network, and if you have your own computer you can connect it up, giving you unlimited access to the Internet – great for both academic work, and for organising your social life.

Most areas of College, including bedrooms, have wifi connections to the College network.

If you get stuck or something isn’t working, IT support is always available from the Information Services and Technology department via email or telephoning IS&T on 01223 338027 (ext 38027 from College or University phones).

In addition, over the road is the New Museums Site, containing two further computer rooms provided by the University Computing Service. These are also free to use and offer a wider range of software, as well as printing and design programs. There are similar facilities at most of the faculty sites around Cambridge.

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