Drunk airline passenger stole other passengers' food and demanded crew put some 'f****** music on' as she swigged from her own bottle of gin

  • Woman ranted at staff to play music and started bouncing around in her chair
  • Passengers subjected to seven hour flight of misery as woman stole their food
  • Passenger, 39, blamed her abusive behaviour on a 'fear of flying'

A drunken airline passenger who stole other flyers' food and demanded the plane 'play music' is facing a possible jail sentence.

Bela Chopra, 39, swigged from her own bottle of gin and demanded that music be played over the jet's loudspeakers, Uxbridge Magistrates heard.

The abusive woman, who admitted being drunk on an aircraft, blamed her appalling behaviour and ranting on her fear of flying and a lack of sleep.

Problems began as soon as Chopra, from Mickleover, Derby, took her seat on the Emirates plane on the flight from Dubai, Uxbridge Magistrates heard.

Stole food: Bela Chopra says she hadn't slept which prompted her to behave so badly

When the in-flight meal was served she stole food from other passenger's plates and then opened a packet of cigarettes as if she was about to light up.

A passenger who was sitting with his wife and two children behind Chopra saw she was behaving in a threatening and abusive manner, said prosecutor Nikki Onuma-Elliott.

'As the aircraft was taxiing she got out of her seat and said very loudly that she needed to go to the ladies.'

Chopra was told to sit down and it was explained to her that she was not allowed to leave her seat during take-off.

But she started a drunken rant and refused to follow instructions.

'She remained abusive, saying she just wanted music. She said: “I just want the f****** music on",' Ms Onuma-Elliott added.

Chopra's eyes were bloodshot, that she smelled of alcohol and while arguing with the crew was seen to remove something from her bag.

'She took a bottle from her handbag, and poured some gin into a plastic cup, which she consumed quickly,'said Ms Onuma-Elliott.

'She started taking food from other people's plates and also opening a packet of cigarettes.

Nightmare flight: Passengers endured Chopra shrieking at staff to play music

'When she was approached by other people and members of staff, she used the f-word.'

Passengers sitting near to Chopra were so concerned that they got up and moved seats.

Chopra was told that she could not drink any more alcohol and was given a formal warning by flight staff on the captain's orders.

But when crew members tried to calm her down she told them to 'f** off' and leave her alone, the court heard.

As the plane approached Heathrow, Chopra jumped up and down in her seat shouting: 'What the hell, what the f*** is going on here?'.

She was arrested by police when the flight landed at Heathrow on June 18.

Chopra was interviewed when she had sobered up and apologised.

She explained she had not slept the night before and was terrified of flying.

Chopra said she had been sipping neat gin to calm her nerves which was why she was so drunk.

Chair of the bench Jeremy Lister committed her to be sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court on a date to be set.

Mr Lister said: 'Your behaviour on the aircraft was is very distressing to passengers and the crew and it needlessly tied up the resources of the crew.'

Air hostess Stephanie Partington was also discovered to be drunk on a different Emirates flight and appeared at court last week to face charges

This is not the first time Emirates passengers have had to cope with drunken behaviour on board.

A drunken air hostess was so loud as she served passengers at the back of the 300-seat Boeing 777 that the purser had to ask her to 'quieten down'.

Suspicions were raised further when routine paperwork she filled out at the end of the seven-hour Emirates flight from Dubai to Birmingham was illegible.

Stephanie Partington, 24, who appeared in court this week, was arrested when she failed a  breath test after appearing drunk on the flight.

Further procedures revealed she had 164mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood – twice the drink-drive limit of 80mg and eight times the legal limit of 20mg for flight attendants under aviation law.

Charged under the Civil Aviation Act, Partington admitted allowing her capacity to act to be impaired through drink and was fined £110, with £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge this week.

She was sacked by Emirates.

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