You may find the transition to University life takes some getting used to, especially if you have never lived away from home before. While exciting, it can also be a daunting time. It’s important to remember that every new student is going through the same process and you are not alone. There are plenty of people in College to turn to for help if you just want to talk things through, or you have a specific problem to sort out. We’re here to help so don’t suffer in silence.

Emotional and financial problems can arise unexpectedly; we know this and for those times when all is not running smoothly, the College provides a support network for all undergraduates.

Each undergraduate is allocated a personal Tutor to whom he or she may turn for advice on any problem – personal, emotional and financial, as well as educational. Directors of Studies will also offer help. There is also support from the Dean of Chapel, the Tutorial Administrator and elected Student Welfare Officers. We also retain the services of a fully-qualified Counsellor, who can be consulted free of charge and in complete confidence.

Healthcare and Well-being
There is a doctors’ surgery within the College precincts, and the University offers a Counselling Service and a Dental Service for students.

My Director of Studies helped me through a difficult time when I first arrived and wasn’t sure if I was following the right path. She always had time for my tears and ramblings but made me look at things rationally, and enabled me to regain the relaxed sense of perspective that’s so important in Cambridge.” - A 1st Year English student

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