Term Dates 2016 – 2017

Term Full Term Full Term Term
 Michaelmas 1st October 4th October 2nd December 19th December
 Lent 5th January 17th January 17th March 25th March
 Easter 17th April 25th April 16th June 25th June

Keeping Term by Residence

In order to fulfil University requirements for graduation, undergraduates must be in residence for three-quarters of each term. You are expected to reside during the whole of Full Term, since regular teaching and lecturing take place then. If you come into residence later than the beginning of Full Term, or are absent from Cambridge for a few nights during the term, you must remain in residence for an equal number of nights after the end of Full Term in order that the term may be counted.

Room Lease Dates 2016-2017

Michaelmas Sun 25th Sept – Sun 4th Dec  2nd, 3rd, 4th years  70 nights
Sun 2nd October – Sun 4th Dec  Freshers  63 nights
Lent Sat 14th Jan – Sun 26th March  All years  71 nights
Easter Sun 16th April – Sun 25th June 1st and 2nd years  70 nights
Sun 16th April – Sat 1st July 3rd and 4th years  76 nights

Except for Freshers in Michaelmas Term leases begin at 4pm and end at 10am.

Year round leases run from the start date of the Michaelmas termly lease period to the end date of the Easter termly lease period, according to the appropriate year of study of the student concerned.

Other Dates:

 Freshers’ Day  Sunday 2nd October 2016
 Graduation Day  Thursday 29th June 2017

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