Calgary is stunned by SNOWFALL in the middle of summer

  • Forecast had been for rain all of yesterday in the Canadian town
  • However a sudden drop in temperature cause that to turn into snow
  • Despite the unexpected flurry barely anyone batted an eyelid
  • In one video a woman can be heard saying 'Only in Alberta, eh?'

For most people, seeing snow falling in the middle of summer might come as a bit of a surprise.

But not for the residents of Calgary, who happily watched the white stuff falling all of yesterday and barely batted an eyelid.

In one video uploded to Twitter, snow can be seen falling in a supermarket car park while a woman in the background says: 'Only in Alberta, eh?'

Snow settled on the ground in Calgary yesterday as temperatures tumbled causing rain to turn to ice, despite it being the middle of summer

However, nobody in the city seemed to be that bothered by the bizarre evens, and even took to Twitter to mock their situation (pictured, snow covers a road near Calgary)

Another Twitter user seemed to sum up resident's lack of surprise, writing: 'Calgary, my beautiful hometown, where I've now officially seen snow in every single month of the year'

Another image shows two men in their boxer shorts holding a Canadian flag in the woods in Banff where at least a couple of inches of snow has built up.

One person managed to capture an image of frosty flakes covering a summer flower, while others took pictures of their uncovered patio furniture disappearing under a blanket of white.

Meanwhile Twitter user Alison Wong wrote: 'Calgary, my beautiful hometown, where I've now officially seen snow in every single month of the year.'

Forecasters had predicted rain all day on Friday with a high temperature of 46F (8C), but as the temperature took a tumble, the rain turned to snow. 

Twitter users spent the day posting images of the snow covering their back gardens after a sudden flurry

It was due to rain all of yesterday in Clagary, but a sudden tip in temperatures caused it to snow instead

Snow sports enthusiasts joked that they would be able to take to the slopes in the Rockies early this year

While the heaviest flurries took place across the Rockies, particularly in Banff, but by early afternoon it had begun snowing across lower ground, including in Calgary.

By the following day, however, things returned to normal with a full day of sunshine, though temperatures were still a little low at 60F (15C).

The forecast for the rest of the week shows the area staying sunny, with temperatures pushing up to a slightly more summery 80F (26C).

In some places just outside of Calgary pictures show that several inches of snow had settled on the ground


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