Parker Library

The Parker Library is the rare books and manuscripts library of Corpus Christi. It is a treasure house of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts and early printed books. It is named after its greatest benefactor, Archbishop Matthew Parker (1504-1575) who donated over 400 manuscripts to the college in 1574, including the sixth-century Gospels of St Augustine and the oldest manuscript of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

The library welcomes scholars from all over the world to consult its collections. See Information for Readers for details. Appointments must be made in advance by contacting the Assistant Librarian. Almost all the manuscripts in the collection have been fully digitised and are available to view online via Parker on the Web.

Exhibitions are regularly held in the library and can be viewed by booking on a public tour, held on Monday and Thursday afternoons. Members of the college may visit the exhibition at other times and bring guests but should arrange a suitable time with the Assistant Librarian.

The Assistant Librarian, Elizabeth Dumas, can be contacted via email or phone (01223 338025).


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