Zaman and Can Dündar..Spies and the third bridge..!

Journalism has very expansive elbowroom, but that does not include and cannot include spying. No journalist has or can have such immunity or privilege. No journalist can carry out an operation against their country, people or state. No journalist can hide behind values such as freedom of expression and basic rights and take part in mafia-like, intelligence projects. Such people are not and can never be journalists.

The Can Dündar incident is not a journalism matter. It is a form of organization, intelligence, a form of covert operation. Hence, it is not only the state or government that needs to take action here. It is the people themselves. Everybody who loves their country, their people and holds Turkey's common good as the highest value should take an open stance against such covert operations.

Gülen's plan: Eliminate everything national

It is now as bright as day what the December 17 and December 25 coup plans are. Turkey has clearly faced an operation; a multinational coup was planned and implemented. This is outside intervention. A structure organized under the name “cemaat” (religious congregation), a structure that has infiltrated the most private sections of the political and economic power sphere, was used against Turkey.

Turkey was subjected to an operation never before witnessed in the history of the Republic through Fethullah Gülen and his team in hopes of redesigning the country. The plan in this redesign was to eliminate whatever is national, hence a very long list of detention lists was formed.

All circles, individuals, religious movements, capital groups, opinion leaders and members of the press with which Israel and the US's ultra-right would be uncomfortable were added to the elimination list. The country's prime minister would be arrested, his team imprisoned, capital restructured and all circles wanting a new and national Turkey would be crushed.

Turkey was going to be retaliated against

The coup and elimination plan carried out through Gülen had a sole purpose: To drag Turkey, which had come to the end of the century-old tutelage, back into the bracket because this would be the first time Turkey gained independence since World War I and dispersed the control mechanisms over it, buried the multinational tutelage in the past.

If you notice, the common characteristic of all individuals and circles targeted was their determination to reshape the country as much more powerful. Thus, the plan carried out through Gülen was like no other coup plan we witnessed before.

Its goal was full submission and slavery. It was the top name of an intelligence organization, and it was keeping this empire standing through innocent masses and receiving the tenders from those who have been investing in it for 50 years.

Had this coup been successful, we would not have a Turkish state, but a Jordan-like garrison state, the country would be divided into pieces and shrink. It would be the first time a Muslim community is divided using religious arguments, and Turkey, which found the opportunity to stand up again for the first time after a century and is trying to re-establish itself in this direction, would be retaliated against.

Poor children of Anatolia

The poor children of Anatolia had been pushed to the front against Anatolia. They would be made to fight their own selves and values through values and freedom discourse. Turkey, which rebelled against tutelage, would be beaten, eliminated and crushed by its own children.

We turned back from the brink of a great danger. Everybody who struggled, stood strong and saw the danger during this period, will go into history as architects of the re-establishment of Turkey. Perhaps their history-maker roles will become a lot clearer in future years. They have changed the flow of Turkish history.

Those who have set Turkey to continue to exist by growing have won an amazing victory against those who want to shrink the country and take it under control. The political mind, leadership and insight in that period might be the founders of the Seljuk Empire of the future, the Ottoman Empire of the future, or the Turkey of the future whose power and influence exceeds our borders.

This was done on instruction, through tenders

The December 17 and December 25 coup attempts were projecting great elimination and collapse in politics, capital, civil and military bureaucracy, media, culture and religious movements. When it failed, the secret structures in these circles were activated. The incident of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) trucks is the clearest example of this.

Those who previously entered “Cosmic Rooms” and collected information, wiretapped even the Prime Minister's office, were deciphering an intelligence organization and trying to have Turkey announced as “a country that supports terror.” This tender was given to them.

This job was done on instruction. It was a parallel organization, but it was owned by others. They were the ones who waged an open war against Turkey. Those who carried out the operation were their hitmen.

Covert operation through Dündar

Can Dündar came up on the agenda with the second attempt of those who planned this dirty operation. Those who carried out the operation on MIT trucks were carrying out another operation, and they were doing this through the media. Of course Dündar's ties to the parallel organization would be questioned.

But it should be their ties to those giving the orders to the parallel organization that are questioned. Regardless of the Constitutional Court's decision, this was a covert operation, it was spying and had nothing to do with journalism.

So nobody should talk about freedom of expression, media ethics and journalism privileges. Nobody should make up danger scenarios such as “Turkey is becoming so and so,” through this incident. Turkey no longer cares about these verification fusses.

This is all old and does not overlap with the new Turkey's truths. It casts a shadow over the reputations of those trying to sell freedoms through spy operations.

What Can Dündar did was not journalism – he acted like an operation man. That parallel structure, that intelligence organization managed from the outside, carried out the same operation through its own media outlets.

Zaman newspaper was a 'headquarters'

If journalists have their limits, newspapers, media organs also have their limits and values. The fortresses of freedom of expression can never be centers of a spy operation or a coup plan. Gülenist media outlets were working as operation centers and had become the bases where coup plans against Turkey were being carried out.

In this sense, the Zaman daily was a “headquarters.” They attempted a big war through that headquarters and lost the war. Gülen's attempts against media organs need to be questioned in this aspect. Those who were trying to stir the people in relation to freedom of expression were just recently trying to attack through newspapers and setting up gallows for the prime minister.

Had they succeeded, Turkey would be turned into Egypt, Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi's courts would be established and most likely the gallows would be installed.

Zaman was an operation center. It was one of the centers through which coup plans were carried out. It fulfilled its role perfectly in the elimination project. They did not hide this either.

They defended spying, cooperated with terrorists and defended them. When doing all this, they behaved so recklessly and proudly that they forgot they were “only a newspaper.” They always saw themselves as a part of the multinational plan and published accordingly.

Zaman and Dündar: Old lines have no correspondence

Whether you are a journalist, politician, religious movement, civil society organization, writer, intellectual, or an opinion leader, you will lose if you act, take position or speak or write according to the truths of the old Turkey.

Hence, those old lines have no correspondence. Freedoms cannot even be debated. But if you take place on the opposite side of Turkey's great struggle both inside and outside the region by hiding behind the word “freedom,” you will lose. If you stand behind those who have inflicted terror upon Turkey after the parallel structure, if you follow small plans and quests for power, you will lose.

This history will be written with a blow for a blow

We see those who are unable to read the new situation become neutralized one by one. The “we are concerned” discourse from the West in relation to the Dündar and Zaman cases is the discourse of 30 years ago, and they too are unable to read the state of the new Turkey.

There was a ceremony on the third bridge yesterday. We are now the country of giant projects, giant quests, a giant struggle. You will see, this country will overcome the latest intervention presented though terror as well.

Because this is a historic breaking point, a transformation and it cannot be stopped. Today's political mind, state mind and social awareness has the experience to manage this transformation. Even if painful, even if it pays a price, this path will be walked. Everything that tangles around Turkey's leg will be eliminated, one by one. This is an inevitable obligation.

This is a period in which those who are smart, conscientious, insightful, patriotic and who believe the Turkey of the future will remain standing, a period in which they will write history with a blow for a blow.

They did not have the strength to stop a giant project like the third bridge. They tried all kinds of operations, but failed to stop anything. This is signal enough. Those who gave the tender to Dündar and those who turned Zaman into a headquarters should look well at the ceremony that was held on the bridge yesterday.

Everybody should check their positions once more.