Airbus Defence and Space

About Airbus Defence and Space

Our company

Nowhere are technology and engineering requirements more stringent and demanding than in the fields of defence, security and space exploitation.

Airbus Defence and Space unites a range of capabilities and skills unrivalled anywhere in the world.

  • Europe’s No. 1 in defence and space

  • Among the top 10 defence companies worldwide

  • World-leading player in the space industry

  • World-renowned range of products including Eurofighter, A400M and Ariane launcher

Space industry world number two

We are active in all space activities, both civil and military:

  • Launchers
  • Satellites
  • Rovers
  • Probes
  • Science missions
  • Manned flight
  • Services
  • Equipment

Our volume of business makes us the world’s second-largest company


World leader for launchers

  • We designed and built the Ariane 5 vehicles launched until 2015, the world’s most reliable launcher
  • We are the driving force behind the current innovations (Adeline)
  • Airbus Safran Launchers enables us to reinforce this position and further improve our industrial efficiency


World number one for telecommunications

  • First time ever for a European industrial firm
  • 28% of the commercial market in value terms
  • World number one in electric propulsion
  • World number one for constellations
  • Supplier of the world’s top 7 operators
  • Innovation leader: flexible payloads and centralised computer

World leader for observation

  • World’s leading exporter of observation satellites
  • Leader for optical instruments and high-performance radar
  • Supplier to institutions and private operators
  • Market game changer: Astroterra, TanDEM-X / TerraSAR-X
  • Promoter of innovative and sustainable technologies: SiC, agility