‘Every time I see my brother’s one-year-old I want a baby’: Mother-of-two Gabby Logan reveals she's finally given up on more children after lengthy IVF battle

  • Match Of The Day presenter, 40, is married to Kenny Logan, 41
  • Couple have eight-year-old IVF twins Reuben and Lois
  • Surgeons battled for nearly three hours to save her life

Gabby thinks she might have left it too late. 'It's not looking likely,' she admits

She feared she might never become a mother after failing to conceive a child naturally. Then a lengthy course of IVF led to Gabby Logan having twins.

But despite longing for a third baby, the 40 year-old TV presenter says she will not endure more fertility treatment– even if it is her final chance at motherhood.

Mrs Logan, pictured, who suffered a near-fatal haemorrhage after giving birth to twins Lois and Reuben in 2005, said she and husband Kenny, 41, had forced themselves to accept that their family will not grow any bigger.

'I would have loved to have more children and I do feel broody sometimes,' she says.

'My brother has a one-year-old son and he's adorable. Every time I see him, I want to have a baby. But I think I might have left it too late now, it's not looking likely.

'I wouldn't go through IVF again. It's such a desperate thing to say but, if we could have had more children, then I am pretty sure we would have had more children.

'But I think we're at the end of the road now.

‘It is hard when you don’t get pregnant naturally, but Kenny and I feel blessed with what we have.’

Mrs Logan also told Closer magazine how getting older had made her more relaxed about her body. ‘I might be 40 but I do feel confident about my figure,’ she said.

‘When you are older you just think, “Oh what the heck!” I feel healthier and that’s important to me. I keep in shape by following a balanced diet and doing swimming and cardio.’

In an interview with the Mail last week, Gabby said her biggest disappointment is not having more children.

'I’d love to have had more children,' she said.

'If we’d been able to have children naturally, my husband Kenny and I would definitely have had more. Another couple would have been lovely. But that decision was out of our hands.'

Gabby endured a gruelling 36-hour labour with twins Reuben and Lois, now eight, and just about pulled through after haemorrhaging badly.

'I began losing blood. I am not sure exactly what caused it, but haemorrhaging is a possible side effect of a multiple birth,' she said.

She recalls feeling 'extremely tired and as if I was drifting away' before she lapsed into semi-consciousness.

After being rushed into the nearby operating theatre, surgeons battled for nearly three hours to save her life. 

Gabby, who will be co-hosting ITV1's Splash! again with Vernon Kay, speaks openly about her difficult decision

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