Wealthy Affiliate Review: The Best Resource for Beginners

Does it still work in 2016? Read the post to find out!

BY JULIAN SAKANEE | April 19, 2016

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Affiliate Marketing Training and Membership Site


$49 per month (with an annual plan)


Wealthy Affiliate is your ultimate affiliate marketing resource. With their training, they take you by the hand and show you how to build and run a successful affiliate website from the ground up. And with all their tools and services, they really have everything you need to become a successful affiliate marketer in 2016 and beyond.

Welcome to AffiliMarketer's Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

In our Wealthy Affiliate review, we'll look at why they are one of the internet's best online marketing resources.

​We have also invited over a dozen members of the Wealthy Affiliate community to swing by and share their thoughts and experiences on the platform.

All of this for one reason...

To help you make a decision on whether or not Wealthy Affiliate is for you.​

So without further ado, let's get started.​

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Before we get to the meaty part of our Wealthy Affiliate review, it's only right that we tell you what this platform really is. Right?


Wealthy Affiliate, WA for short, is a premium membership site that provides you with the training, tools, and services you need to build a successful affiliate marketing business from the ground up.

In more simpler terms, WA​ takes you by the hand and walks you through the process of building successful affiliate websites.

What is an affiliate website? you ask.​

Basically, an affiliate website is a website that earns money through affiliate marketing (promoting, selling, or recommending other people's products or services).

For instance, you have a site about coffee that promotes coffee makers from Amazon. So, every time a website visitor buys your recommended product, Amazon would pay you a percentage of the sale (aka commission).

Do you get it?

  • You build a website that is designed to attract a specific group of people.
  • You promote or recommend products to them.
  • They buy and you get paid.

This is what WA is all about...helping you become a successful affiliate marketer.

OH! And like I said a minute ago...

WA provides literally everything you need to get your website up and earning.​ This includes:

  • The domain name - ex: affilimarketer.com
  • The web hosting - which is needed for you website to be live
  • The training - they have 2 major classes. One will show you how to build a successful site around your passion or interest, the other will be a site that promotes WA.
  • The tools and services - ex: a keyword tool to help you rank pages in search engines, a 24/7 support system.


The big question that is most likely on your mind right now​:

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

The short answer:

Yes. Wealthy Affiliate has helped thousands of people, including me, make enough money online to live better lives.​

The longer answer:

It will only work if you have the right mindset.​

Wealthy Affiliate is not your typical internet money-making opportunity. It is not designed to get your rich overnight. And it is certainly not a scammy, shady site that will reach out of your screen and take the money out of your wallet.

Wealthy Affiliate, with some determination and self-motivation, will help you build something that you can be proud of out of a simple website that you see around every day.

Ready to get things going for you? Click through to WA now.

Proof that Wealthy Affiliate REALLY WORKS

Meet Colton:


He's a young man in his early 20s that decided to use the internet to earn his living.

And that's what he did.

But since he had no prior ​experience in online marketing and building websites, he knew he needed someone to teach him. And that's where Wealthy Affiliate came in.

After​ taking the Wealthy Affiliate training, Colton made his first $5K month exactly 1 year later.


1 month after that, he had his first 5-figure month with an impressive $10,000+.


Not bad for a guy that's not even 25.​

More proof...​

Julian image1

The day I found WA, I was about done with the idea of making money on the internet.

I was scammed multiple times by products and programs like WA. And probably lost hundreds of dollars all together.

If it weren't for WA, I'd still be sitting at my grandma's place watching TV and eating all her food.​

Before I joined WA and took their training, the only knowledge I had of the online business was to try and get your social media friends to buy something they probably have no interest in. So basically, spam your family and friends.

​But WA taught me that you don't need the help from family to make it work.

WA taught me that you can build websites, attract strangers, and get them to buy stuff from you.​

I know it may not sound a lot to you, but to me - a high school dropout living off welfare - that is some mind-blowing stuff.​

​The very first payment I got from WA was in August 2015 from a site I barely worked on because of other projects.

wa 100

I later sold that site for a quick $1K.


All because of Wealthy Affiliate, their training, and their community.

What Others Are Saying...

Would you like to read other people's stories, experiences, and thoughts on WA. (Sort of like other Wealthy Affiliate reviews)

To show you how great Wealthy Affiliate really is, and why I think it'll really help you, I decided to reach out to some members and asked them to share what they think of the platform.

I asked over a dozen members this simple question:

  • "What has WA done for you?"​

Here's what they shared:​

14 Mini Wealthy Affiliate Reviews​ From REAL-Life Members

Evelyn Begin at Zero

For me it's a place where I learned how to start a business from home. WA has also allowed me to actually get out and do things that I never thought was possible. It's amazing because now I've grown not just a business but as a person.

You can find the site Evelyn built from WA's training here: BeginAtZero.com

Wealthy Affiliate has been a life-saver for me.

Around 5 years ago, I started getting into online marketing and online business and every product I tried led me straight into a wall with nothing to show for it.

I gave up on the whole "make money online" thing for a while and I started to believe the people around telling me "these are all just scams".

However, I knew that that was not the case as surely there were people that were making money online, I just needed to know how exactly they are doing it.After a bit of research, I somehow ended up on a blog post that talked about Wealthy Affiliate.

To be honest, I imagined it to be just another product like I've tried in the past but I still decided to go for it. I told myself this will be the last time I try this and if it doesn't work, then I guess I'm not fit to make money online.

To my surprise though, Wealthy Affiliate didn't have the usual selling point of "make money by tomorrow", instead it focused on doing things the right way; by working hard.

It was a bit off-putting as I always associated making money online with easy, one-click systems but once I started the course I could see that THIS IS in fact how it should be done.

5 years later and here I am writing this and I am still a member of Wealthy Affiliate + I am a full-time blogger making my money online.

I can't imagine what life would be like if I hadn't gone for it and signed up for WA and, to be honest, I don't want to imagine it either; it wouldn't have been pretty.

For those on the fence about trying WA, I say "just go for it". You have nothing to lose since it is now available to join for free (it wasn't the case when I joined).

Wealthy Affiliate has shown me the way to build a real business, not a get-rich-quick-dream and I'm fully confident in putting my name, my business and my reputation behind WA.

See you on the inside!

Chris Lee

You can find Chris here: 3hundrd.com

Chris Lee 3hundrd
Louie Buzz Nitrous

I had already been around building and monetizing websites for more than 10 years when I heard about Wealthy Affiliate for the first time.

Despite my large experience, I felt it was time to be exposed to new strategies and tactics that Kyle and Carson, the two successful affiliate marketers who co-founded Wealthy Affiliate, had to share. So I decided to join and learn the affiliate online business model from scratch.

I didn't care if I already knew how to build a website, pick and buy a good domain name or publish great content. I was there with an humble approach and wanting to take every step like it was the first time I was taught about it.

Great lessons I learned there relate to topics like "keyword research", "how to best structure your website", "how to plan your content strategy" and "how to drive traffic to your recommended product".

Nevertheless and without any doubt, the biggest thing I got from Wealthy Affiliate was a very simple but super important lesson: taking action.

Only by taking action -- regardless of your successes or failures -- you're able to learn, grow and get closer to achieving your goals. If you fall, at least you moved forward a bit more and learned to pick yourself up and stand up again.

To find out more on Louie Luc, check out his site here: BuzzNitrous.com

So far my experience with Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely positive. I've been a member since 2013 I learned a lot of stuff. The community is REALLY helpful.

Thanks to networking with other experienced entrepreneurs I was able to make a breakthrough in my business finally and I'm going to quit my job in the next few months. Anyone looking for a genuine program online, look no further. You won't find a better program than WA.

​You can find the site Rufat built here: YourIncomeAdvisor.com

Rufat Your Income Advisor
Loes Your SiteRubix

Thank you for asking me to write about Wealthy Affiliate (WA), and what it means to me, Julian.

WA is more than a simple website builder as Wix is. More than a Social Media platform as Facebook is. More than a network builder as Linkedin is. And much more than an average online training.

WA is a complete package of all 4 together. A website builder with domain registration, with directly applicable step-by-step video training.

A sharing and caring, helpful community, with the possibility to a live-chat and personal messaging system.I am a member for almost 2 years now and a WA ambassador since November 2014.

The people on WA has become my family and the platform of WA is the village we live in. Where we share all our knowledge, our ups and downs and our successes.Short said: WA is home!Loes

​You can find the site Loes built from WA's training here: Your.SiteRubix.com

My journey through Wealthy Affiliate University has been a real life changing experience.I can tell you that this place will believe in you and help you believe in yourself.

When I started at WA in 2012 I had a dream of working full time at home on the internet and this place provided me with everything, and I do mean everything I needed to do this.

They taught me how to fly and I have been soaring ever since.

I was provided with all of the step by step training and tools to make my dream come true and I am now living that dream every day!

I have been able to bring my wife home and we work together and are our own bosses.

You can check out my story here: About Shawn

Shawn Just Build It Now
Debbi SCFA

I became involved with Wealthy Affiliate (WA) after retirement. I had worked in the financial services industry and was looking for something part time that I could do without commuting. I came across WA and signed up.

I figured there was nothing to lose since it was free to look around.I quickly realized that it didn’t matter that I knew NOTHING about building a website. The training was excellent! It took me step by step until before long, I had a website built. It was so exciting.

I’ve been here a while now and still learn something new almost every day.I often tell people that I have many diplomas sitting in my drawer but nothing compares to the training from WA.

Sure it’s nice to have a degree but how often do you use some of the information you are required to learn? With WA, the information is practical, hands on and can be used immediately.

As a bonus, it’s much LESS than I spent for that diploma!

​You can find the site Debbi built from WA's training here: ScrapbookingForAnyone.com

Since I joined Wealthy Affiliate in January 2015, I have created two websites. The first one regularly brings some additional income each month, and the second website recently had its first sale.

One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is the step-by-step training. It guides you through everything one small step at a time, and at the end of each lesson you have actionable tasks to complete.

This is really important, because it causes you to take action while you are learning, and gets you into the habit of DOING. Learning is worth nothing unless it is followed by ACTION.

Then there is the community. Anytime you have a problem, you can ask a question and people start replying within a few minutes to help you out. But it is also nicely controlled, with spam being forbidden.

This means you won't get bombarded with people trying to get you to sign up for scams.

Will it make you rich overnight? No. Is it the best environment to learn how to build profitable websites over time the RIGHT way? Absolutely!

​You can find the site Marcus built from WA's training here: EarnMoneyWithMarcus.com

Marcus EMWM
Anh Blogging Thing

Obviously, I was doubtful when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, afraid that this is just gonna be one of those half hearted "make money online" course.

That couldn't be further from the truth.From the very beginning, I was warmly welcomed by the community and soon realize how I can always contact Kyle and Carson (Wealthy Affiliate's owners) for any kind of questions.

Fast forward 6 months later, I've finally proven myself that it's possible to make money online, more than that, I had the chance to interact with industry leaders like Joe Pulizzi, Michael Stelzner and Neil Patel.

None of this would have happened without Wealthy Affiliate.

There is no magic though, it takes a lot of work to see any kind of results. But if you are determined to build a successful business online, then I think Wealthy Affiliate is your solution.

For more on Anh, check this out: BloggingThing.com

Wealthy Affiliate has taught me the steps on how to create an Affiliate Marketing business right from the fundamental with ZERO website building experience.

I started out with the Online Entrepreneur Certification and in the process, I used the free SiteRubix website to try out what was taught in the training.

I chose a niche that I thought I wanted to go into but realized that I wanted to do the WA Bootcamp and I followed the WA Bootcamp training after that.

Following the Bootcamp training, I build my website ValueCreationProfit.com step by step from scratch. I would seek help from the community when I have doubts and sometimes even consults Kyle's advice directly.

My effort paid off around the 6th month where I achieved my first passive income goal. Right now, I am still diligently and consistently adding valuable contents to my website.

The best part of this is, I am only doing it part time. I still have a full-time job and have to divide my time for my family. My ultimate goal is that I can go full time with my Affiliate Marketing business.

If I can do it, I believe anyone with the same determination can do it too.

​You can find more on Edmund on his site here: ValueCreationProfit.com

Edmund VCP
Steph LOO

Wealthy Affiliate is probably one the few affiliate marketing training platforms out there that is not trying to scam you by asking you to pay thousands of dollars upfront before you see anything that they have to offer.

I found WA after being scammed myself from another company called Excel Cash Flow.

The training I found in the Wealthy Affiliate was easy to follow, although there were gaps. Fortunately, I had a strong computer background prior to joining that helped me fill in those gaps.

Wealthy Affiliate gave me the opportunity to be trained in a successful career while staying home and setting my own work schedule.

For those who are struggling to find a job or have a job that is draining them, working from home is an option, no matter who you are.

Since becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and after a couple month an Ambassador, I not only have new found knowledge of very up and coming skill sets needed for our ever increasing technological society, I have met some amazing people from all over the world.

I have also been able to use my skills from my former career in education by having the opportunity to create online computer tutorials both within the platform of WA and also as one of my focus points in my work from home website.

If people have the right training, their possibilities are endless and I really enjoy being a part of the effort to helping the newcomers to the field of internet marketing by giving them the training and resources they need to work from home and spend more time with the people who matter most - your family and friends.

​You can find the site Steph built from WA's training here: LegitimateOnlineOpportunity.com

So what has Wealthy Affiliate Done for me?

In short, it changed my life. When I first joined WA 8 years ago, desperate for a way to make an extra income so I wouldn't have to go to my office job I hated so much I couldn't even imagine that a few months later I would replace my salary with online income.

I was addicted to WA and spent a lot of time learning everything they taught on affiliate marketing and applying it.

I was a complete newbie to this and had to start from zero.In the past 8 years I haven't thought if getting a job as I was able ti support myself with online income.

I have visited over 20 countries all around the world, I've had some of the best life experiences, I now have several online income streams and I even have my own physical product selling at Urban Outfitters.

All of started with a WA membership.

​For more on Alex, check him out on Facebook and his podcast, ExtraPodcast.com

Alex Extra Paycheck
Dustin Kirby's MKTG

In short, Wealthy Affiliate has allowed me to build a sustainable AND profitable online business. I did a lot of research into which resources I wanted to invest in when I was first interested in online business (I wasn't about to get duped).

I was looking for something that was realistic, honest about how this all works, actually helpful, and able to teach me the skills I needed to be successful. WA was the first and only resource I found that ticked all of these boxes.

Since then, I have continued to build my business into something that is earning me monthly income. It hasn't made me rich yet, but my traffic and revenue are continuing to grow and grow over time!

This is exactly what should happen according to what Wealthy Affiliate teaches!I was determined to stick with this, even through the first three months of next to no traffic and the first SEVEN months of no income whatsoever! Let me tell you, if you stick with it and follow the training that WA offers, you will eventually begin to be successful.

Wealthy Affiliate has allowed me to pay off high-interest debt, make larger student loan payments, and ultimately take my wife out on more dates!

What more could you ask for?!? Now I'm pushing forward, according to my knowledge learned at WA, to the point where I can quit my job and do this online business thing full-time!

WA didn't change my life in one fell swoop, but with some determination, humbleness, and willingness to learn, it has slowly transformed not only my life but also my financial situation!

Give it a shot and see for yourself! It won't cost you a thing to check it out!

You can find more about Dustin on his site here: KirbysMarketing.com

When I first became a WA member I was looking for a place where I could learn the basics of online marketing. I wanted step by step instructions on how to set up a website and how to monetize it.

What I found was a community with not only good training but also great people.

The help, support, and encouragement you get from the community is invaluable. The people at WA is the reason I’m still a member 8 years later…


You can visit Vicky at ItsVicky.com.

Vicky It's Vicky



The Good Stuff:
  • Top notch step-by-step training.
  • Incredible help and support.
  • Literally everything you need to start an affiliate website and make money.
The Bad Stuff:
  • The interactive community can distract you from the big picture, which is building your business.
  • If you decide to promote WA, you'll only get paid via PayPal.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few legitimate opportunities in the drowning sea of online scams.

And judging from everybody's take we read above, it is perhaps the best for people who aren't very knowledgable in the make-money-online space.

So why don't you join now?

You'll get the training, the help, the support, and even the tools you'll need to build and run a successful internet marketing business.​

At $49 per month, it's actually a pretty awesome deal (considering everything they offer).​

But if you decide to join today, right at this very minute, I'll give you the link to WA's 7-day free trial. 😉

That's right. You can click the orange button below and you'll get to check out WA for a whole week.

Cool? Alright!​


Julian is a blogger, an affiliate, and a niche explorer. He loves everything in internet marketing. He also runs other blogs, such as Blogging Aid, where you can go to learn how to take your blog to the next level. You can also find him sharing tips and resources on Twitter. So check him out.

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