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  1. Eva Longoria shares red-faced video on Snapchat after cycling session 🚴

  2. Emily Ratajkowski reveals she posts sexy photos for her 'own enjoyment'

  3. Kate McKinnon is all smiles at the Office Christmas Party NYC screening

  4. Julianne Hough glistens for a good cause at the star-studded Trevor Project fundraiser

  5. Pauley Perrette opens up about being attacked by homeless man

  6. Nina Agdal reminds us why Leo is such a lucky guy!

  7. Victoria Beckham earns her fashion stripes!

  8. Kelly Osbourne channels 50s chic as she's honoured at The Trevor Project fundraiser

  9. Chloe Moretz shows off her edgy sense of style as she suits up

  10. Perrie Edwards and bandmates can't contain their grins as fan calls Zayn Malik a 'b***h'

  11. Dakota Fanning can't stop smiling as she holds hands with mystery man

  12. Coldplay frontman Chris Martin suggests A Head Full Of Dreams could be their last album

  13. David Beckham goes shirtless as his tattoos come to life in moving UNICEF campaign

  14. Karen Gillan flashes her abs as she arrives on the Jumanji reboot set with Dwayne Johnson

  15. Brielle Biermann and Kim Zolciak show off their toned figures on Instagram

  16. Pregnant Amanda Seyfried shows off her growing baby bump as she goes on a hike

  17. Hollywood couple Warren Beatty and Annette Bening don matching black

  18. Coleen Nolan CONFIRMS son Jake Roche has split from Little Mix fiancée Jesy Nelson

  19. Savannah Guthrie re-ups at Today with new long term deal

  20. Elegant Gemma Arterton debuts her sleek new 'do as she hits the red carpet

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