'I thought we were all going to die': First pictures of James Argent's blood-splattered car after hitting a deer in Scotland

Lucky escape: James Argent at Dundee University hours before his car crash

The first pictures have emerged of James Argent's wrecked and blood-splattered car after it ploughed into a deer on a Scottish road.

The Only Way Is Essex star mentioned the terrifying accident on Twitter after it happened early Saturday morning but has only today revealed details of the terrifying crash.

The 23-year-old says he was left badly shaken but uninjured.

Arg was traveling in a black Kia with his manager Neil Dobias and their female driver after the star sang at Dundee University on Friday night.

They were on their way to the airport to fly back to London when their car collided with the deer on the A90 about 5.30am.

The animal was knocked into the air before being hit by another car travelling in the opposite direction.

Arg said he and the others looked for the deer afterwards and could not see it anywhere but he believes it would have died from its injuries.

Pictures show the left side of the vehicle's bumper - close to where Arg was sitting in the passenger seat - smashed, exposing the car's battery.

The left headlight is missing and tufts of the deer's fur is stuck to the blood.

Wrecked: Blood splatters and fur can be seen on the Kia that Arg, his manager, and a female driver where traveling in when it hit a deer

Arg said last night: 'I was shaking with fear, I genuinely thought we were all going to die.

'I just saw this huge deer jump across the middle of the road and then heard an almighty thump.

'I was sure it would come smashing through our windscreen or we’d crash off the road.

'I’ve heard about deer being hit by cars and still being alive when they smash through the windscreen.

Horrific: The deer was thrown into the air before being his by another car travelling in the opposite direction

Life flashing before his eyes: Arg said he thought he was a 'goner'

'All these things flashed through my mind so quickly. It’s the first time in my life I genuinely thought I was a goner.'

He praised the driver's reaction to hitting the deer.

'The car buckled and swerved but, thankfully, the driver managed to keep us under control.

'It was a horrific thing to happen and we were all in shock after it.

'The car was so badly damaged it needed to be towed away and another driver came to pick us up.

'I’m just so relieved that no one was hurt.' Enlarge  

Thankful: Arg tweeted fans his thanks for their support after the traumatic incident

Arg missed his scheduled flight but caught a later plane and arrived back in London just before lunchtime yesterday.

On Saturday he told the 604,000 Twitter followers about the crash.

'Guys iv had a serious car crash in Dundee, I am ok and on the way back home to Essex. This has really taught me some things, Love you all! X'

He added: 'Thanks for all your messages of support guys. Im still in shock but have no injuries, At home now. Im a very lucky boy indeed!'

But it wasn't enough to keep him at home.

The TV star went out drinking the same night with his best friend Mark Wright.

What lies ahead: Arg with university students after his public appearance and before the crash

Mark, who recently returned from a stint on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here, posted a picture of the two of them on Twitter.

He wrote under the picture: 'Out 4 xmas doo with my boys. So good 2 link up with my boy @RealJamesArgent so happy he's ok !!'

Arg added: 'For everyone Driving 2nite, Dont Rush its not worth it! Roads are Icy and Dangerous, Be careful as its a miracle im not hurt! Love you all X'

And it was business as usual today as Arg conducted a host of radio interviews as he promotes the TOWIE's festive single, Last Christmas, which is in the running for this year's Christmas number one.

Arg's girlfriend Lydia Bright, who he had seen the day before while the pair promoted the TOWIE Christmas single at the London Radio 1 studios, also expressed her fright over the crash on Twitter.

The Wright stuff: Arg drowns his sorrows with his best friend and co-star Mark Wright at a Christmas do the night of the crash

She wrote: 'I woke up this morning to the terrible news that @RealJamesArgent & my cousin @bills91 have had car crashes In Dundee and loughborough. X'

She then added: 'I learnt a lot never take loved 1s or life for granted both can be taken away so quickly. My thoughts r with all who lost a loved 1 at xmas.'

A statement from Arg's spokesperson yesterday read: 'He wasn't injured but was very shaken up and scared.

'It was just an incredibly traumatic incident.'