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NFPA International Operations
1 Batterymarch Park
Quincy, MA 02169-7471
Tel: +1 617 984-7238
From Mexico (toll-free) 95-800-844-6058
Fax: +1 617 984-7777


Olga Caledonia
Executive Director, International Operations
English, Español
Ms. Caledonia is responsible for promoting the adoption and use of NFPA’s codes and standards throughout the world. She oversees the Mexico regional office, based in Mexico City, the European operations office, based in Paris, and the Asia-Pacific office, based in China.Ms. Caledonia manages licensing and translation agreements for more than 100 codes, standards, and reference publications in a number of languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, and Russian. She also serves as the Editorial Director of the NFPA Journal Latinoamericano (JLA) and the staff liaison to NFPA Latin American Chapters. During her 12 year career at NFPA, she has traveled intensively throughout Latin America and recently to locations in Europe and Asia, building relationships with local Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs).

Gabriela Portillo Mazal
International Communications Manager
English, Español, Português
Ms. Portillo Mazal is the editorial production & sales manager of the NFPA Journal Latinoamericano (JLA). She creates and maintains the JLA, NFPA Latin American Chapters and Spanish Catalog Web sites. She is responsible for all international advertising, e-mail communications to JLA subscribers and other international constituents, ensuring that NFPA's global programs and products are disseminated, as well as representing NFPA at various trade shows in the U.S. and Latin America. Ms. Portillo Mazal joined the International Operations team in May 2001 from the Public Affairs Department where she gained tremendous experience in the Association's outreach efforts. Ms. Portillo Mazal is a native of Argentinaand is trilingual in English, Spanish and Portuguese. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Master of Arts degree in Communications from Suffolk University in Boston.

Stacey Van Zandt
Coordinator, International Operations

Ms. Van Zandt has worked at NFPA for 19 years, joining the International Operations team in April 2013 from the Public Fire Protection Division, where she worked on NFPA Codes & Standards. In her multifaceted role with International Operations, Ms. Van Zandt works closely with the International Executive Director on translation/licensing agreements and, in collaboration with the Senior Manager of International Communications, creates and maintains the English content for, and She is also responsible for managing in-country vendor relationships for NFPA’s translated-product line and the redesign of the international code use/adoption database. Ms. Van Zandt also attends to the welcoming of International visitors to NFPA headquarters in Quincy, Massachusetts.  

Shayne MintzCanadian Regional Director
Shayne Mintz
136 Venture Boulevard
Blue Mountains, ON L9Y 0B5
+1 705 812-2924

Mr. Mintz represents the NFPA in Canada and his primary focus is on promoting and facilitating the adoption of NFPA codes and standards across the country. Shayne routinely consults with federal, provincial and municipal officials as well as other agencies, boards or commissions involved in the process of adopting codes and standards in Canada. Mr. Mintz travels across the country to further the NFPA mission, which is  to reduce the burden of fire and other hazards on the quality of life by providing and advocating consensus codes and standards, research, training, and education. Shayne also helps stakeholders determine the best ways and means that the NFPA can be of assistance to them and is also responsible for informing and aiding stakeholders in gaining access to the various resources, tools and research that the NFPA has to offer. Shayne is available to assist and answer members questions and all inquiries from the general public regarding NFPA processes and mission. 

Yuanjing "Janet" Liu China Country Coordinator
Yuanjing "Janet" Liu
Tel: 0086 18601195388

Ms. Liu promotes NFPA codes and standards in China through training courses, seminars, and other professional development activities. She works to develop ties between NFPA and Chinese fire authorities and helps identify ways NFPA can improve fire, building and life safety. Ms. Liu also represents NFPA at conferences, recruits and assists new members in China, and disseminates NFPA products in the country.

Sultan JaveriDirector, European Regional Office
Sultan Javeri
2 Impasse Du Guernehue
56190 La Trinite Surzur
Tel: + 33 1 60011178
Fax: +33 1 60017537

Sultan Javeri promotes the NFPA mission in Europe by organizing mission orientated activities in the different countries. The objective of his mission is to work with government bodies, industry, the fire service or local institutions to determine how best NFPA can help them in varying aspects of fire and life safety. Examples of his activities include the promotion and translation of NFPA codes and standards, adoption for local use of NFPA's public educations programs such as Risk Watch and presenting technical and educational materials at various events in different European countries. Mr. Javeri organizes NFPA technical conferences with local sponsors in the different countries. He is available to answer Member's questions and all inquiries from the general public regarding NFPA processes and mission.

Antonio MaciasDirector, Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean
Antonio Macias
Andrea del Castagno # 25 A Mixcoac
Mexico, DF 03910
Phone: +52 55 56116931
Fax: +52 55 55983518

Eng. Macias works with regional governments and professional, industrial and technical organizations to promote the use and adoption of NFPA consensus codes and standards. He authors and presents technical and educational materials at various events including NEC-related continuing education seminars hosted by NFPA. Eng. Macias manages all Association conferences and meetings in the region and coordinates and promotes international tradeshow events. His office provides customer support for NFPA’s website and processes inquiries from NFPA members and the general public, while helping educate customers about NFPA products and services and match them to customer needs.

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