Protest camp in Parliament Square 'must go before Royal Wedding'

David Cameron is pushing for Parliament Square protesters to be evicted in time for the royal wedding.

Number Ten is backing moves by Westminster City Council to clean up the eyesore opposite the Houses of Parliament ahead of Prince William’s April 29 wedding at nearby Westminster Abbey.

Protesters have been told to clear their tents and placards by 5pm tomorrow or face a High Court injunction forcing them to leave. Westminster Council has sent legal notices to about 30 people.

Eyesore: Brian Haw, one of the protesters in Parliament Square

A Westminster insider said there had been talks between the council and Number Ten to clear the ‘eyesore’ and ‘embarrassment’. They added: ‘We have been on the case for some time but the royal wedding gives us a new imperative to clean up the site once and for all.’

A spokesman for the Greater London Authority said Mayor Boris Johnson had been determined to move the protesters long before the wedding.

Veteran anti-war protester Brian Haw, who marks his tenth anniversary on the green this year, is also set to evade the ban.

Moving on: The protesters will be served with an injunction later today if they haven't left the square

His tent is on one corner of the green, which falls under the remit of the Greater London Authority. Attempts to move him floundered after the High Court said it would breach his human rights.

He is currently in Germany, getting treatment for lung cancer.