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Reining In The Overreaching FDA

The FDA has a broad mandate to protect the public health, but like most federal agencies it has gone overboard.


Rethinking the Ethanol Standard

We don’t need to eliminate the ethanol industry, just the mandate to use it. Let consumers decide at the gas pump if they want ethanol in their gasoline.


The EPA Will Likely Conclude Fracking Doesn't Affect Drinking Water


Cold, Hard Facts About the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests


Now We Know What the Republican Obamacare Replacement Plan Will Look Like


Low-Skilled Job Openings Means It's Time to Reestablish Workfare

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Exporting Oil and Gas Will Import Economic Growth

Opening up the export of crude oil and natural gas has been one of the Obama administration's few pro-growth policies, because it will increase fossil fuel production, growing jobs and helping our energy-dependent allies.

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Is This the End of the Internet As We Know It?

On KSKY 660AM, The Mark Davis Show, IPI President Tom Giovanetti explains the danger of relinquishing control of the internet to ICANN.

Mike Madigan, Not Sugar Policy, Driving Mondelez Out of Chicago

It’s simply not true that sugar policy is the reason Mondelez is leaving Chicago for Mexico, and if Mondelez decided to keep production in the US, they’d almost certainly still be leaving Illinois.

Larry Lessig: All "property" is imaginary

In which Larry Lessig reveals his true view of property rights.

Is the SEC's Money-Market Rulemaking Designed to Discriminate Against Private Sector Debt?

Maybe it's just coincidence, but recent Obama administration policies seem designed to benefit the federal government at the expense of the private sector.

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