The Liberal Democrats, with or without Dr Cable at the helm, would steer us onto the rocks

The Business Secretary, Vince Cable (69) says that 'the worship of youth is 'subsiding' and 'people who have had some insight into what is going on' are more appreciated.

Leadership: Vince Cable, Business secretary, has recently hinted that he may run for leader of the Liberal Democrats

If he is against the yoof culture, why does he call himself 'Vince'? If he knows what is going on, why doesn't he, as a government minister,  do something about it?

Within The Liberal Democrats (which isn't saying much) he commands more respect than Nick Clegg. Clearly, he wants the leadership but hesitates before doing anything as honourable as making an open bid for it.

Dr Cable has had experience in the business world, which is more than can be said of Dave, George, Ed and Nick, mere striplings all of them. But has he made any valuable use of it? Or are his current posturings on the sins of bankers and newspaper proprietors merely grandstandings, playing to the sandalled gallery?

Our country is looking into the abyss of social disintegration, Euro-meltdown and Middle East war. But The Liberal Democrats, with or without Vince Cable at the helm, would steer us straight onto the rocks. Wind farms won't provide the economic power to restore our national economic health and avoid catastrophe.

Dr Cable should follow his natural instincts by resigning his Cabinet post, standing for the leadership of his party on a ticket of leaving the Coalition, and then returning to the position of total irrelevance that he occupied so comfortably before.

Meanwhile, sensible mature heads in the unelected House of Lords can do their best to influence government towards saving us from perdition pretty damn quick.

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