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The Duke of Edinburgh's softer side was revealed in footage of intimate family moments shown on television today as part of a documentary marking the 60th anniversary of his award scheme. The previously unseen images looked back at the 1960s and touching moments between the Royal couple and their children, with Philip even seen bowling cow pats for a young Prince Charles to bat away (bottom right), while the young Prince of Wales was also seen larking about with friends (top right). The Duke of Edinburgh was seen messing around in his bathing suit aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia, sliding along the wet deck (centre). The hour-long special featured Prince Philip being interviewed by 'daytime television royalty' Phillip Schofield (left), who met his match in the witty and pithy Duke.

Five men and a woman arrested on suspicion of terror offences across England

Four men from Derby aged 22, 27, 35 and 36, a 27-year-old man from Burton upon Trent and a 32-year-old woman from London have all been arrested on suspicion of engaging in the preparation of an act of terrorism. They remain in police custody. Six properties in Derby, Burton and London are being searched as part of the three force-strong investigation. It is being led by the North East counter terrorism unit supported by local officers from Derbyshire, Staffordshire and the Metropolitan Police. Dozens of police officers moved in at dawn in a stealth raid in Normanton, Derby (pictured). One resident said: 'We have bomb squad, army and police swarming all over the street and they have sealed off the area. The street is just a few hundred yards from Derby Islamic Centre on Sacheverel Street, and half-a-mile from the former home of British suicide bomber Kabir Ahmed.

Members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) who work as counter staff plan to walk out for three days on December 19, 20 and 24. Cash handlers will strike on the 22nd and 23rd.

Armed cops tackling a man carrying a toy lightsaber and officers deliberately running over

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN picks the biggest examples of police stupidity, incompetence and abuse of power to happen across Great Britain in 2016. They include the 62-year-old who was charged by police for 'drink-driving' on a mobility scooter (left), the assistant chief constable suspended after exposing her breasts (top centre), the deputy assistant commissioner investigated for arranging police officers to entertain children at her son's private school (bottom centre), the toy collector held over a dispute around £16 dinky cars (top right) and the nine police cars sent to tackle a man trimming his hedge (bottom right).

Ralph Clarke (shown) told Birmingham Crown Court the offences against the schoolboy were 'something that happened' and said he was 'immune to feelings' following his arrest last year.

According to the international team of researchers, it takes just 45 minutes to give three-year-olds a battery of tests, on their language abilities, motor skills, frustration and impulsivity.

A fake email purporting to be from the Seattle-based retail giant has been sent to thousands of users around the world. The email claims that there has been a problem with a recent order.

Lee Nutley was found on his sofa in October this year by his father who became worried when his son did not answer the door to his flat on the street where Benefits Street was filmed in Stockton.

The BBC meteorologist (pictured) died on Saturday. Famed for his gentle Scottish accent, he was known by millions for his light-hearted presentation of the weather forecast.

Researchers pointed to healthy lifestyles and good incomes as key reasons why pensioners around London have formed a longevity belt unmatched elsewhere in the country.

Can you really make dreams come true just by wishing? That was the idea behind a self-help

Victoria Loveless, from Leamington Spa, pictured far left, is just one of a group of women who claim they got what they wanted by following Rhonda Byrne's self-help book released in 2006. It told people to think positive, writing a list asking the universe for what you want and it would come to you, so long as it was phrased in the right way. Victoria says she got a husband and a baby, while Toni Mackenzie, second left, got a gorgeous home. Centre, Wendy Fry credits the book with her exciting career, while Rachael Taplin, second right, travelled to see the world. Carline James, far right, says her novel was published thanks to the Secret.

The donation to the Strategic Climate Fund, set up by George W Bush in 2008, pictured, was agreed so the Government can can meet its pledge to spend 0.7% of national income on foreign aid.

No 10 today refused to comment on 'speculation' but said the biggest number of problems with social care were concentrated in a handful of poorly performing local authorities.

Kelly Doyle, 35, currently has to climb through the back window to get in and out after she claimed workmen damaged the front door and lock of her terraced home in Whiston, Merseyside.

Police arrest 'thug who booted a woman down stairs in a Berlin underground station' after bodyguard to Lady Gaga and Charlize Theron offered a £1,600 reward 

The incident in October was captured in a video shared this week, showing a thug kicking a young woman down a flight of stairs at the metro station in the German capital of Belin. Witnesses were initially shy in coming forward, but now that bodyguard Michael Kuehr, 54, has offered €2,000 (£1,677) to anyone stopping the attacker and his three accomplices, police are questioning a man in relation to the incident. Mr Kuehr claimed he 'almost had to vomit during breakfast' when he saw the footage.

Some big brand fizzy vitamin tablets sold in pharmacies and supermarkets, like Boots and Waitrose, contain the same salt levels as two packets of crisps, it has been shown.

Ronan Costello, 17, died three days after the collision, which took place during the first half of an under 19s rugby match at the Dram Centre, in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, on June 11.

BBC's 'Muslim Big Brother' won't unite cultures, it'll divide them: CHRISTOPHER STEVENS

Muslims Like Us is the two-part BBC2 reality show that puts ten Muslims in a house in York (shown top right) and gleefully films their furious arguments over faith and Islamic culture. Most alarming of all is a 35-year-old extremist and convicted fraudster who calls himself Abdul Haqq (bottom right), though he was born Anthony Small - a former British boxing champion and now full-time preacher. Mehreen (shown left), who likes glamorous make-up and nights out, spends much of the show trying to placate Haqq. BBC commissioning editor Fatima Salaria claimed the show was 'an opportunity to hear authentic voices from a range of backgrounds and opinions, so the viewer can gain fresh insights and not just have their prejudices confirmed'. The truth was it was an exercise in stoking up rows and controversy. One day after the Nice attack, with timing that could not be more callous, the BBC launched this calculated attempt to set ten Muslims at each other's throats.

David Blaine has been shot, starved, encased in ice and buried alive.It was a good night for celebs who look like boiled eggs, as Gregg Wallace popped up to present a revival of Time Commanders.

The woman, who has been identified as Malak Al Shehri, shared a photograph of herself without a hijab or abaya - a traditional body covering - on a street in the capital city of Riyadh.

Officer caught chatting on mobile with no hands on the steering wheel in North London

A policewoman was caught talking on her iPhone while at the wheel of her patrol car (pictured) in north London and the Met has since launched an investigation into the 'irresponsible' incident. The officer was snapped by a passer-by - who also saw her change gear while still holding the device. At one point she has neither hand on the wheel. Aware she was being photographed, the unnamed policewoman reportedly rolled down her window and told the passerby to delete the images.

Donald Trump ended up gaining 123 votes in Wisconsin after a recount sought by Green Party candidate Jill Stein whose donors footed the bill for the move to give even more votes to the winner.

The Iranian defense minister has warned that Donald Trump could trigger a world war and the 'destruction' of Israel and small Gulf Arab states if he provokes the Middle Eastern power.

Can you justify blowing £1k on one fashion item? Theresa May did on those leather trousers

Eight femail writer explain why they love or regret some of their biggest purchases, including author Bel Mooney who says her £1,000 Missoni coat, which she is pictured in second left, helped her get over her divorce. Julia Stephenson, pictured left, spent £1,400 on her box red ski suit but it was only worn on the slopes a few times before it became a fancy dress outfit. Jaci Stephen, pictured second right, felt regret when she bought an £8,000 sequin dress from Chloe, along with the shoes and a bag to match. Clover Stroud feels guilty every time she uses the £2,000 Chanel bag, inset, she dropped hints at her husband to buy but Alice Smellie insists her £1,000 dress has been worn so often it's better value than Primark.

EXCLUSIVE: Rob Hobson, head of London-based Healthspan Nutrition, says fats take longer to be digested and prevent blood sugar levels from dropping quickly, which can cause a hangover.

Khloé, 32, has treated fans to a 'natural' guide to ditching hangovers - extolling the virtues of drinking lemon tea and doing exercise, which she says will let you 'get s*** done the next day.'

Mumtaz Member, 56, was found dead by police a year ago today at her house in Leicester with 'brutal' head injuries - and her family have told of going through a 'horrific experience'.

Not a single hospital or health trust in the UK is thoroughly examining patient deaths to check for avoidable errors, a report from the CQC released today has revealed.

Hedge fund boss Chris Hohn takes £150m dividend to pay for record £300m divorce

Sir Chris Hohn (pictured inset), 50, divorced his American wife Jamie-Cooper Hohn, pictured main, and was ordered to give her a third of his fortune at the time - £337m. He took a £150m dividend to pay for his £300m divorce and resigned from his role as a designated member of TCI Advisory Services. Sir Chris is one of Britain's leading hedge fund managers having set up The Children's Investment Fund Management, or TCI, in 2003. The couple - who had homes in London, the United States and the West Indies - had fought over assets totalling more than £700million at the High Court before a judge finally settled on the staggering sum.

Forest Hill Station knifeman shouting ?kill all Muslims’ stabs a man

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A man was injured during the attack at Forest Hill station in south-east London this afternoon and is currently being treated in hospital. Witnesses said the man was waving his arm around in the air and shouting 'Death to Muslims' as he 'marched up and down' outside the station after the attack (left). A British Transport Police spokesman said: 'We are investigating the circumstances of the Forest Hill incident, but at this time we are not treating it as terrorism-related.' The alleged attacker, pictured right, was detained by police in the area minutes after the attack (inset).

British backpacker 'kidnapped in Australia is rescued after sending texts to her FATHER'

Muslims Like Us is the two-part BBC2 reality show that puts ten Muslims in a house in York (shown top right) and gleefully films their furious arguments over faith and Islamic culture. Most alarming of all is a 35-year-old extremist and convicted fraudster who calls himself Abdul Haqq (bottom right), though he was born Anthony Small - a former British boxing champion and now full-time preacher. Mehreen (shown left), who likes glamorous make-up and nights out, spends much of the show trying to placate Haqq. BBC commissioning editor Fatima Salaria claimed the show was 'an opportunity to hear authentic voices from a range of backgrounds and opinions, so the viewer can gain fresh insights and not just have their prejudices confirmed'. The truth was it was an exercise in stoking up rows and controversy. One day after the Nice attack, with timing that could not be more callous, the BBC launched this calculated attempt to set ten Muslims at each other's throats.

Three-time Derby-winning jockey Walter Swinburn has died at the age of 55. Swinburn, who had been suffering from epilepsy, died peacefully at home. The former jockey also had a brief career as a trainer.

David Walliams brings a touch of Little Britain to The Royal Variety Performance as he

Dressed in nothing but a pair of flesh-coloured pants - with some strategically placed iced buns to protect his modesty - the comic no doubt gave royal attendees Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall quite a surprise on Tuesday, as he hosted this year's Royal Variety Show.

Former billionaire property tycoon Simon Halabi 'hurled racist abuse at a bin man'

Simon Halabi (left), 58, allegedly shouted 'f*** off out the way you black c***' at Carl Thomas when the bin lorry stopped in the middle of the road to pick up rubbish bags in London's Mayfair (right). Halabi, who was once Britain's 12th richest man before declaring bankruptcy in 2010, also branded the 47 year-old West Indian a 'monkey' and a 'peasant' before shouting 'I own this road, I can do what I want', it is claimed.

Local councils' - which fund contraception through their public health budget - will face a cut of £800million over six years. Experts warn it could lead to an increase of women seeking abortions.

The ambitious hypersonic jet concept, which would also include brief suborbital trips to space on its flights, is the work of Juan Garcia Mansilla, an industrial designer based in Buenos Aires.

From flames to inferno in seconds: The moment a huge fire engulfs luxury flats on Dubai's artificial island... and miraculously didn't kill anyone 

Pictures from the scene have shown flames engulfing part of the Oceania residences high-rise block on the Palm, Dubai, which appears to have started in one of the penthouses. The flames then spread quickly and appeared to be affecting part of the building as firefighters raced to the scene. A tweet from Dubai's media office confirmed that emergency services were on the scene at the fire.

A new study of North Sea waters finds that climate change is driving cold-water species such as cod out. These species are then bring replaced by warm-water species such as squid.

If you're dreading your office Christmas party this year then you might not want to read these. From wearing the same outfit as the waiters to not even being invited, these are the best office party fails.

The guidance in a document on 'increasing participation in women and girls' football' was spotted by Carol Hughes, deputy headmistress of Lumley Junior School in County Durham.

Heartwarming moment staff in a US store chip in to buy a $300 WiiU for boy who came every day to play on a free demonstration model 

A video posted on YouTube shows a Best Buy employee in Valley Stream, Long Island, walking up to the boy and handing him the brand-new console in a box (right), telling him it would be an early Christmas present. The young customer, who was inside the location playing on the demonstration model (left), was left too stunned to grab it at first. The WiiU, sold at Best Buy as part of a set that also includes a Mario Kart game, is worth $300. The boy, according to a man who shared a clip of the moment, has two loving parents who couldn't afford to buy him one.

A groundbreaking study of nearly three million tweets by a team at the University of Sheffield shows control of borders came up far more than sovereignty or the NHS.

Taking a swipe at Cabinet colleagues opposed to the idea, Hammond said there was an 'emerging opinion' among businesses and 'thoughtful politicians' that a transitional deal after Brexit will be needed.

Syrian forces say they now have control of '98% of eastern Aleppo' 

The Syrian army says it has gained control of 98% of eastern Aleppo (inset), leaving only a tiny enclave packed with rebels and civilians. The military's statement said pro-government forces have seized control of al-Fardous, one of the largest neighbourhoods in eastern Aleppo, which has been held by the rebels since 2012. If President Bashar al-Assad seizes complete control of the city it would be his greatest victory yet in the five-year civil war. Zakaria Malahifji, a rebel leader, admitted: 'The situation is extremely difficult today'. Crowds of civilians have (top and bottom right) been seen celebrating the advances in Assad-held sectors of the city, waving their country's national flag in the air along with portraits of the president (pictured).

Singletons have revealed the heartbreaking responses they received after saying 'I love you' on Reddit - with one poor man being met with the reply, 'That's unfortunate'.

Parents are sharing their excited youngsters' missives to the man in red on social media - and they're not all PlayStations and Hatchimals. One wrote to ask Santa to help make sick children better.

Former Tory minister Lord Prior has died aged 89. He served for five years in Margaret Thatcher's cabinet where he was seen as one of the leading 'wets' who opposed her economic policies.

The Night Manager and The Crown collect haul of Golden Globe nominees

While most fans focus on the Golden Globe Awards celebrating the cream of Hollywood talent, the Brits are proving, once again, to be a formidable force. TV shows The Night Manager and The Crown - which have proved to be popular with audiences and critics alike - have attracted a haul of acting nominations. The Night Manager's Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, and Olivia Colman, have received main cast and supporting nods, while The Crown's Claire Foy, pictured second right and far right, has been nominated for her efforts as a young Queen Elizabeth II in the new Netflix series. Pictured far left is Lily Collins, nominated for her role in Rules Don't Apply, and pictured second left is Naomie Harris, nominated for Moonlight.

Lauren Atkinson, pictured, was found dead in her hotel room after taking the party drug after attending a sell-out rave with girlfriends in Manchester.

After hearing that Jenny McMillan, a mother who runs a charity shop in her home town of Carnoustie was in need of a home for her and her son Blake, Gillian Bayford stepped in to help the family.

Jane Austen engraved £5 note spent in Wales

Tiny portraits of Jane Austen have been added to four of the new £5 notes by micro-engraver Graham Short (engraved note right, top and bottom). It was revealed today that one of the notes was spent in the Square Cafe in Blackwood, south Wales (pictured left) at the end of last week. If the cafe owner did not notice, the note could have been given out in change and now be in someone's wallet or circulating.

The Munich-based European Janusz Korczak Acaedmy are hoping to pair ordinary Germans with their Jewish counterparts so they can talk about their lives and end anti-Semitism.

Sleaford's new Conservative MP, Caroline Johnson, 'took her seat'. One odd thing about this ceremony is that the newly-elected MP always leaves the Chamber, says QUENTIN LETTS

International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde went on trial today, accused of negligence for allowing the French government to give Bernard Tapie a £338million bailout.

Millionaire 'killed his escort girlfriend amid fears she would blackmail him'

Peter Morgan (left), 54, strangled Georgina Symonds (right), 25, at her bungalow in Llanmartin, Newport, after discovering she planned to 'fleece him', leave him and work for other men. The father-of-two paid Miss Symonds, a former burlesque dancer, up to £10,000 per month and allowed her to live rent-free in the property to be his personal escort. Morgan, who denies murder on grounds of diminished responsibility, said that after killing Miss Symonds, he packaged her body in polythene and tape, which he tied to a pole so he could carry her easily, and put her in the boot of his Porsche Cayenne.

Diane Guilmette, from L.A. went on a date with a man after receiving a 'very flattering' message from him. She was left with a $163 bill after her date ordered a lot of food and wine and disappeared.

Looking at data from four countries: the UK, the USA, Germany and Australia, researchers found that the positive glow of parenthood only lasted 12 months.



Four men from Derby aged 22, 27, 35 and 36, a man, 27, from Burton upon Trent and a woman from London have all been arrested on suspicion of engaging in the preparation of an act of terrorism.

The passenger shaming images that'll leave you reaching for the sick bag

From filthy bare feet invading a head rest to scantily clad couples groping each other in their seats, flying for many is challenging enough without having to share the trip with these passengers from hell. Holidaymakers have shared stomach-churning photos of some of the most shameless fliers in the sky with US-based Instagram account Passenger Shaming. With a careless disregard for others, fliers have been captured flashing the flesh in tiny hot pants and without their tops and trousers. Men are pictured with their hands down their pants, scratching, while female passengers allow their long hair to selfishly hang over the entertainment screen behind them.

The research comes from Northeastern University in Boston, and suggests that people can achieve success at any point in their careers - and achieve it repeatedly - as long as they keep trying.

The procedure works by removing the vitreous gel that sits between the eye's lens and retina, and replacing it with saline solution, researchers from the University of Washington, found.

As the doctor in the unnamed clinic, believed to be in Australia, pulls several feet of the parasitic worm from the horrified man's right nostril with a pair of tweezers, he moans in pain.

One concerned future parent has taken to parenting forum Mumsnet to say that she doesn't want to lie to her children about Santa. She has since received a barrage of abuse for her question.

Taking the daily tablets for at least two years reduced the risk of Alzheimer's by 15 per cent for women, researchers from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, found.

Karen Kujawa, from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, lost her daughter Elizabeth Buckley when a 'petrol head' on a first date tried to impress the teenager and lost control of his Toyota at speeds of 60mph.

A catalogue of errors: Argos delivery van is filmed heading the wrong way down a 70mph dual carriageway

Stunned driver Andy Long was travelling along the A40 in Oxfordshire when he noticed the company's driver heading in the wrong direction. Dashcam footage shows Mr Long on the road, with the opposite flow of traffic clearly on another stretch of tarmac separated by a barrier. His carriageway is fairly clear, but after a while a lone vehicle can be seen in the right-hand lane. It soon becomes apparently that the van is heading towards him, and when it passes him the Argos logo can be seen emblazoned on its side.

Barnaby Cork, four, died on the way to hospital after suffering severe head injuries caused by the collision at Thame Leisure Centre in Oxfordshire. His parents described the boy as their 'world'.

Stefano Brizzi invited PC Gordon Semple to his south London flat in April after the pair met on the gay dating app. He then strangled the 59-year-old and attempted to dispose of the body.

Politicians lined up to urge ministers to step in to prevent the mogul consolidating his grip on the media during an urgent question debate in parliament today.

Lesley Hazeldine, 48, from Knaphill, Surrey, says she nicknamed the Hotpoint washer/dryer Danny Dryer after realising that the spin cycle made a noise that sounded just like someone spoiling for a fight.

A politician has controversially voiced her backing for Sharia Law being introduced in Europe, calling it 'absolutely compatible' with current legislation.

The angry hound left three-year-old Marco Slabbert with hand and leg injuries after it attacked the youngster while he was playing in his family's garden in Hennenman, South Africa.

Rare etchings, which picture The Artful Dodger, top left, Bill Skypes, top right, Oliver lower left and Fagin lower right are being sold by auctioneers Sotheby's with a pre-sale estimate of £3,000.

Battersea Ferrari crash injures seven people after car smashes into pedestrians

Six people have been injured and one thrown off a bridge onto a car below after a Ferrari mounted the pavement and ploughed into pedestrians, eyewitnesses claim. The red sports car is said to have sent at least one of the pedestrians 'flying over the railings' of a bridge just yards from Battersea Dogs' Home in south-west London. Witnesses say the 2015 Ferrari 458 may have been racing a Range Rover shortly before the collision at around 10.30am this morning. Barmaid Zoe Saxby, who works at a pub just yards from the scene, said: 'Apparently the car involved was racing with a Range Rover and knocked someone flying off the bridge, and they landed on a car below.'

The singer (pictured) - arrested by police following the concert in Wolverhampton - denied the allegations and said is worried about the impact it could have on charities he has worked with.

The bacteria, found in New Mexico, developed the resistance through chemical warfare with other bacteria. Ohio University says the superbug may lead to new methods for fighting resistance.

The skeleton of an allosauraus called Kan, that dates back to around 153 million-years-ago, fetched £1 million (€1.1 million or $1.2 million) at the Aguttes auction house in Lyon.

Just hours earlier a burst main had left this London suburb submerged under 3ft of water, But the clean-up in Stoke Newington was in full swing today as people returned to their homes and businesses.

The call will still be up to providers, meaning Apple and Google, as to which country flags are offered, but they could make an appearance worldwide in the first half of next year.

The official, Fahd Abbou El Mourabit took refuge inside his dressing room after the incident in Zaragoza, Spain, until police arrived to identify his attacker and take him to hospital.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said work was under way to eradicate "inappropriate out of area placements" over the next five years

Most of the patients are teenagers and young adults who have been transferred into residential care units in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Is this Britain's toughest school run? Furious mother films her daughter getting STUCK in deep mud after council ordered her to take a three-mile walk to school 

Mother Julie Hewitt, 39, claims she is entitled to a subsidy for her petrol money to drive daughter Connie to school because they live more than three miles away in Bodmin, Cornwall. But a cost-cutting council has insisted there is a shorter cross-country route measuring 2.7 miles that the youngster can walk. She appealed against the refusal by filming the mud-clogged 'short cut' which runs past a dairy farm and along overgrown lanes. It has just four street lights and she said it was too dangerous and challenging for her daughter who suffers from asthma. The mother-of-four who works full-time running her own family farm, posted her video of the walk on Facebook in a bid to change the council's mind.

Research from the University of Versailles Saint Quentin shows that the unexpected - and largely unexplained - increase on methane was especially sharp in 2014 and 2015.

Lilibeth Ambler-Lomax was last seen by her father at Huddersfield railway station in West Yorkshire yesterday. The girl was due to get a train to York after visiting her father, but failed to return home.

Astronomers have spotted gases in three dark rings around a distant star for the first time (pictured). The rings mark spaces where planets are thought to have formed.

An expert at the University College London says Earth is due for another ice age, but with increased greenhouse gases caused by humans, our planet may not experience one for a very long time.

Cologne will have 1,500 police officers on the ground at the city's New Year's Eve celebration this year. In 2015, there were 600 reports of women sexually assaulted by migrant men at the event.

A Moroccan asylum seeker allegedly followed a woman into the toilet of a nightclub in Germany and raped her when she rejected his advances. The incident happened in the Bar 99 Cent, in Hamburg.

Researchers from the University of Zurch, Switzerland, have found 90 per cent of a new strain of syphilis samples they analysed were resistant to antibiotics.

Budget brands such as Lidl are using advertising tactics of their luxury rivals, such as M&S;, says expert Gyles Lingwood. See if you can tell them apart with our tricky picture quiz.

Sherlock fans were sent into a frenzy today when the name of John and Mary Watson's newborn daughter was revealed in the births, marriages and deaths register of the Daily Telegraph.

The woman orders the man to 'get a proper job' and threatens to 'kill' him after the pair argue over her fare on a housing estate in southern England.

Grade II listed farmhouse owned by TV mogul David Frank suffers huge fire

A grade II listed farmhouse in Braishfield, Hants, owned by TV mogul David Frank, caught fire after it spread from a nearby property. Fire-fighters were called on Monday at 12.21 pm after the historic red brick and timber thatched house was reported a blaze. David Frank is the founder of the company behind such international hits as The Secret Millionaire and Wife Swap.

These new photos show the faces of survivors of the Nanjing Massacre 79 years after the bloodbath in 1937. Survivors told how they lived through the horrors and how it changed their lives.

England cricket fans have sparked controversy by hijacking a stadium scoreboard in India to post tasteless messages about Adam Johnson, Madeleine McCann and Josef Fritzl.

Boxing Day opening hours are to be discussed by MPs this evening after an online petition calling for shops to be shut the day after Christmas hit 229,675 signatures.

The party of populist anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders is now the most popular party in Holland after he was found guilty of discrimination against Moroccans last week.

President Nicolas Maduro announced Sunday that Venezuela's largest bank note would be defunct. Citizens rushed to cash machines and only have ten days to exchange their £100-bolivar bills.

Documents uncovered by the Daily Mail reveal that the huge sums, paid by the Ministry of Defence since 2004, include individual payments of more than half a million pounds.

Sports reporter Gabby Logan, 43, daughter of football manager Terry Yorath, is one of only a handful of female sports journalists to break into television, rising to present Match Of The Day.

The dramatic moment three pedestrians are almost killed when a bus skids on ice and heads straight towards them 

The bus went into a slide after swerving out of the way of an oncoming car in the Ortahisar district of north-eastern Turkey's Trabzon Province. Three people walking down the hill were nearly crushed between the bus and a wall but one turned around, saw the oncoming vehicle and shouted a warning. Two of the pedestrians managed to jump over the wall while the third - apparently an old lady - dodged around the end of it as the bus hit the wall where they had been walking a split second earlier.

New findings from Nasa researchers were announced at the International Electron Devices Meeting in San Francisco last week and suggest self-healing chips could combat radiation.

Astrobiologists at the Blue Marble Institute of Space Science in Seattle believe that despite Proxima b being in the right place for life, the planet's magnetic shield could scupper any chance of finding it.

A team of psychologists, including researchers from the University of Warwick, say their findings reinforce the importance of teaching people just how changeable their memory really is (stock image)

Rachid Nejjar, 71, of Casablanca, Morocco, allegedly crept up behind four young women watching the ceremony at The Royal Mews outside Buckingham Palace in London.

Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), which causes severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, affects as many as 3 percent of pregnancies, leading to over 167,000 ER visits each year in the U.S.

Egypt's Coptic Christian community held a funeral service today for 24 Christians killed as they worshipped by a bomb at a chapel next to the faith's main cathedral in Cairo.

Heroic fireman Costache Mugurel had just rescued the dog's 51-year-old owner from a burning building on December 9 in Pitesti near Bucharest, Romania, when he gave it life-saving treatment.

A prominent Australian psychic has predicted emotionally charged behaviour during the third supermoon in as many months that will impact our relationships and Christmas shopping.

If something breaks, you don't automatically have to throw it away. These geniuses have found unique ways to fix their broken items - with an added twist - and the results are ingenious.

Two cute! Adorable moment a pair of guinea pigs fight over a carrot  

When it comes to sibling rivalry, there is often nothing more dramatic than a fight over fight - and it seems that even extends to guinea pigs, too! An adorable video has surfaced showing the moment the two cute-as-a-button rodents squabbling over a baby carrot. The clip, which recently appeared on the video sharing website Jukin Media, shows the pair of siblings trying to overpower the other for the vegetable. After some to-ing and fro-ing, it finally goes to the guinea pig sitting on the left. Sadly, the one on the right comes out with just a tiny, broken-off piece in its mouth.

YouTube star Zoella, 26, from Brighton, has revealed that she has been accused of faking her anxiety in order to 'boost subscribers'. She says that she has also been called 'too skinny' by some viewers.

Sandra, a mother from Perth wrote a tongue-in-cheek Facebook post advertising that she was giving her 'hormonal teenage' daughter away to a free home has gone viral.

The man, from north-east China, presented his unique hairstyle in snow at a clip posted by People's Daily. Thousands of Chinese online users made fun of his hilarious fringe style.

From not being proposed to with a ring to lack of holidays together, India Kang shares the questions you should be asking yourself to figure out whether your engagement was premature.

In Iran giving someone the thumbs up is the equivalent of the middle finger in the UK. Redditors reveal the things they say and do that are acceptable in the West but frowned upon elsewhere.

What a load of rubbish: Cheeky waste disposal company tips a skip full of junk back into a customer's garden after she fails to pay them

The heap of old junk was piled into a unit from Ainscough Skip Hire, which is based in Wigan, Greater Manchester - and was supposed to be taken away to the tip.However, when the customer refused to pay, they decided to unload the rubbish back onto her property. Bin bags, old toys and even a mattress can be seen pouring out of the skip and into the garden, as the team watch on and grin.

When approached in Texas, US, the snake began to squirm vigorously to get away but, realising it can't, it stopped dead, mouth gaping and contorts its neck to appear as if it is broken.

In the shocking dashcam footage, a white Volkswagen Up can be seen travelling towards oncoming traffic just off junction nine of the M53 motorway near Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.

A German doctor's vacant home and surgery was left behind, filled with spooky belongings and surgical equipment. Urologist Doctor Klaus Kraft died in 1988 and his home was left to rot.

Vladimir Bukovsky, 74, pictured, would 'constantly' download indecent material of children, with a particular emphasis on young boys, over a 15 year period, Cambridge Crown Court heard.

'Ghost trains' are scheduled passenger trains that are nearly empty, and run very infrequently and inconsistently, at strange hours. They operate to keep lines open.

The shocking dashcam footage, which was taken on the M11 near London, shows vehicles swerving to desperately avoid the van, which was straddled across two lanes.

The brown bear tears across trees and undergrowth in the Russian wilderness as it charges at the group of hunters, before it is brutally cut down by their rifles.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said work was under way to eradicate "inappropriate out of area placements" over the next five years

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the NHS bed shortage was 'unacceptable' and work was under way to eradicate 'inappropriate placements' over the next five years.

Stuart Barry, 45, of Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, told an elderly couple his son had been selected to pay for the Welsh national youth team but needed to raise funds to take part in a tour.

'It was like a scene from the Wild West': Gang of men attack a takeaway outlet using a HAMMER in broad daylight

Footage taken from inside the takeaway appears to show a man throwing an object at a vehicle on Killinghall Road in Bradford, West Yorkshire, before a gang chased a man into a takeaway. One of the gang pulled out a hammer and started to smash the door and window using the tool. Later in the disturbing video, a man attacked a BMW with a hammer and smashed the passenger's window. Police are now urging witnesses and members of the gang to come forward following the shocking incident.

A man dices with death as he plays chicken with an oncoming train along a line in Poland. Incredibly, instead of leaping across the track he simply hops over the rail and misses the carriage by seconds.

Engineers at Cornell University in New York have looked to a different approach for robotic sensation, incorporating stretchable sensors which use light to carry signals.

Keith Lewin, 59, pictured, from Lancashire, suffered with back pain since his childhood, but his issues spiralled out of control in middle age and led to a devastating diagnosis in 2012.


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