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Australia braces for hottest summer night since 1972 as heatwave sweeps country

It was billed as the hottest day of the summer and so far it hasn't disappointed. The mercury hit 35C at 10am in Sydney with temperatures expected to reach 40C out west by the end of Tuesday. But the stifling conditions won't let up much when the sun goes down - with most of Australia bracing for the hottest December night since 1972. Strong winds will block a cooling sea breeze in Sydney for the start of the week, meaning temperatures are not expected to drop below 25C overnight.

Islamic leader questions why Muslims are criticised for wanting to have multiple wives

NEW A heated argument erupted on the ABC's The Drum when journalist Hamish McDonald pressed the Islamic leader Keysar Trad over the acceptance of polygamy in Australia's Muslim community. Trad, who has expressed his desire for a second wife, was speaking in response to Treasurer Scott Morrison claiming polygamy is '100 per cent wrong' after revelations Muslims with multiple wives were collecting additional spousal benefits. Mr Trad said there was a negative perception around polygamy in Australia, with the practice viewed in a poorer light than someone taking on a mistress or having an affair. However, Journalist Hamish McDonald questioned Mr Trad's view that we should accept the outlawed relationships.

More than half of Australians dread finding a car park at the supermarket the most stressful part of the Christmas supermarket shop - even more so than crowds and long queues.

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A non-stop Qantas flight from Perth to London could cost passengers up to 40 per cent more than a regular flight because of the cost of the plane carrying more fuel.

Looking at data from four countries: the UK, the USA, Germany and Australia, researchers found that the positive glow of parenthood only lasted 12 months.

The Lotharios of reddit have offered their advice on how to respond when your partner says, 'I love you', but you don't feel the same. One of the less subtle replies was to say: 'That's nice honey'.

British backpacker 'kidnapped in Australia is rescued after sending texts to her FATHER'

Mary Kate Heys, 20, from Manchester claims she was kidnapped by a Swedish man she met at her hostel in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast and taken about 80km away to Gympie against her will on Monday morning. She said she accompanied the man when he woke her at 4.30am because she feared for his safety when he appeared 'wide-eyed' at her door. They began travelling up the coast and she was able to get help by texting her father (left inset), who was on the other side of the world, sending him her location to allow the police to track the car (right inset). They stopped the man before he could reach his planned destination of Cairns. Ms Heys did not press charges.


Journalist, writer, broadcaster and filmmaker Anne Deveson has died aged 86, two years after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Feminist Eva Cox has remembered her fondly.

Hobart mother asks Facebook for help after five-month-old son develops nasty rash

Sophie Bellette (pictured, inset), from Hobart in Tasmania, gave birth to twin boys in July and noticed a bubbly red rash forming on Leo's entire body (pictured, main) six-weeks later, while Archer remained clear. After Leo was hospitalised twice, Ms Bellette was told to try steroid cream, antibiotics, fatty ointments and dermatitis cream, but none offered the infant any relief. She said doctors are baffled by the mystery illness. Concerning pictures show the baby's eyes oozing yellow discharge, huge blisters forming on his legs and skin flaking off his face.

Rachel Natacha Owens, who was reported missing in May 2011 in North Carolina at the age of 15, was found safe on Friday afternoon in Columbus, Ohio, authorities said.

Brad Pitt accuses Angelina Jolie of releasing confidential information about their kids

Angelina Jolie is having Brad Pitt tested for drugs and alcohol four times a month court documents reveal in the estranged couple's ongoing custody battle. That information came to light after Pitt filed court documents in the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles to request that all records regarding custody issues be kept under seal.Also revealed were details of the children's therapy, that a psychologist who specializes in child custody issues was determining the visitation schedule, and that Pitt and Jolie were undergoing group therapy sessions with the children.

NEW A singleton from the US has shown her ire for the festive season with a hilarious Christmas card. The woman, named Bridget, posed in the mud with a bottle of wine, declaring: 'love is s***'.

NEW A man has been accused of filming a 14-year-old girl as she tried on lingerie at an Auckland store. The man allegedly followed the girl and her mum at the store in Auckland's south, and remains at large.

The passenger shaming images that'll leave you reaching for the sick bag

From filthy bare feet invading a head rest to scantily clad couples groping each other in their seats, flying for many is challenging enough without having to share the trip with these passengers from hell. Holidaymakers have shared stomach-churning photos of some of the most shameless fliers in the sky with US-based Instagram account Passenger Shaming. With a careless disregard for others, fliers have been captured flashing the flesh in tiny hot pants and without their tops and trousers. Men are pictured with their hands down their pants, scratching, while female passengers allow their long hair to selfishly hang over the entertainment screen behind them.

The 43-year-old SA man, coined as 'sadistic, cruel and remorseless', committed a range of offences against his daughter, now aged 9, and son, now aged 7, between 2011 and 2013.

More than 60 firefighters are fighting the out-of-control blaze that engulfed Melbourne's Little Saigon Market just after 6am on Tuesday as black billowing smoke brings traffic to a halt.

Leila Baartse-Harkin developed perforated bowel after she was discharged claims doctor

A nine-year-old girl who injured herself on a swing died from internal injuries that she had developed after being discharged from hospital, a junior doctor has told an inquest. Adelaide schoolgirl Leila Baartse-Harkin (pictured left, right and inset with her mother Edie Harkin) injured her stomach after she fell off a playground swing at the Eastern Fleurieu School at Strathalbyn in September last year. Women's and Children's Hospital registrar Dr Amy McMellon claimed there had been no signs of a perforated bowel when she assessed the girl, The Advertiser reported. 

Joshua McCormick, from Queensland's Burleigh Waters, tragically died after he cracked his head open when he fell off his skateboard as his girlfriend watched on in horror.

An Australian mum has written about her heartbreak after her son received a Christmas card from an anonymous schoolmate which included the message 'I hate you'.

NRL's Bryce Cartwright victim of revenge porn attack 'by his jilted lover'

NRL star Bryce Cartwright has become the victim of a revenge porn attack after his 'jilted lover' ex-girlfriend reportedly posted explicit images of him online. A naked photograph (inset) of the Penrith Panthers player, 22, was posted on Twitter by his former long-term partner Brittany Hura (main), a report claimed. In the selfie, Cartwright is seen posing in front of a mirror completely nude. Hura has also threatened to kill Cartwright and claimed text messages he sent her showed he engaged in inappropriate behaviour, according to the report.

Dr Lisa Ackerley, Hygiene Doctor and Dettol Expert, reveals that if you don't wash your sheets weekly, you could be putting yourself at risk of serious viruses and infections.

Single mother forced to live in a tent while she cleaned Kerry Packer's mansion tells of

A single mother forced to live in a tent with her three children after having to clean houses like Kerry Packer's mansion to make ends meet has opened up about the shame she felt not being able to buy Christmas presents for her little ones. Nikki McWatters, 50, was living in a 'dive' in Bondi, a beach-side suburb in Sydney's eastern suburbs, with milk crates for furniture after her divorce but found herself without a home or anyone to fall back on when her new partner passed away. With three children and no where to stay, the writer reached out to friends and 'couch surfed' in Sydney but spent the majority of her time that summer living in a small blue tent pitched on the northern New South Wales coast.

Apple hopes a new system to report junk senders will slash the number of fake appointments users were seeing. The problem peaked around black friday

Bride paralyzed at her bachelorette party opens up about sex after her accident

Rachelle Friedman Chapman, 29, from Raleigh, North Carolina, was scared she would never have a normal sex life again after the freak accident before her wedding left her as a quadriplegic. 'I was like ... am I ever going to feel an orgasm again?' she told Tonic.  'Am I going to enjoy sex when I do it, even if I figure it out? Is it going to feel like nothing for me?' Chapman says that many people confined to wheelchairs, would choose to have sexual function and sensation before they could walk again. 'For someone like me who's a quadriplegic, it's a toss-up between hand function and sexual function.'

Mark Anthony, a father from Perth, said he went to buy a bag of baby spinach from Coles in Bassendean when he noticed a live wasp crawling around inside the bag.

Such differences are mainly due to the influence of our sex hormones, which can affect your health in all kinds of ways says Dr Adam Taylor of Lancaster University Medical School.

Bored Panda reveals how to fix faulty items instead of throwing them away

If something breaks, you don't automatically have to throw it away. These geniuses have found unique ways to fix their broken items - with an added twist. From mugs with the handle missing (far left) to a cracked mobile phone case (second from left), graffiti on the walls (second from right) and a torn sofa (far right), there are ways in which you can give your broken items a bit of a re-vamp. You might even leave them looking better than before.

Sumner Redstone, 93, gave $21m to a mistress, $18m to a flight attendant, and $6m to

Sydney Holland, 45, writes in papers that were filed in Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles that the billionaire businessman gave $21million to a former mistress who is an aspiring reality television producer; $18million to a flight attendant on the CBS corporate jet, $6million to the flight attedant's sister who he 'slept with'; $11million to a woman he met through Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger; $7million to another mistress; $6million to a friend of his grandson's girlfriend along with a job at Showtime; and $1.5million to a third mistress. Redstone (right in 2013 with Holland, left with Holland and her daughter) also gave an undisclosed amount to an ex-fiancee and a college student at the University of Southern California, whose tuition he paid for claims Holland in court papers.

A previously unknown drawing by Leonardo da Vinci has been valued at £12.6m after being brought in for valuation out of the blue by a retired French doctor.

Heart-warming moment staff chip in to buy a $300 WiiU for a boy who came every day to play on the store's free demo model 

A video posted on YouTube shows a Best Buy employee in Valley Stream, Long Island, walking up to the boy and handing him the brand-new console in a box (right), telling him it would be an early Christmas present. The young customer, who was inside the location playing on the demonstration model (left), was left too stunned to grab it at first. The WiiU, sold at Best Buy as part of a set that also includes a Mario Kart game, is worth $300. The boy, according to a man who shared a clip of the moment, has two loving parents who couldn't afford to buy him one.

An expert from the University of Cambridge reveals the long history humans have with the colour red and how it is closely associated with power and the dangers associated with it.

The SpaceX CEO tweeted a 10-second video of a rocket nozzle being manufactured, showing the cone-shaped component spinning under the fire of numerous torches.

'They're going to kill themselves': Thrill seeking teenagers risk their lives to get the perfect selfie on top of sky-high Melbourne silos

Thrill seeking teenagers are risking their lives to get the perfect Instagram shot (top right, bottom right) on top of Melbourne's abandoned Nylex clock malting silos (left). Five people were spotted on top of the sky-high silos off Gough St, Cremorne, as recently as Monday, sparking fears someone could soon plummet to their death.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The unidentified man, in his 40s, fell to his death after the ceiling of the Chaimongkol Temple in Pattaya, Thailand apparently gave way.

A man in southwest Florida posted a video of him showing his four-year-old daughter to shoot a gun on Facebook earlier this month and the video is causing a heated debate online.

Can you really make dreams come true just by wishing? That was the idea behind a self-help

Victoria Loveless, from Leamington Spa, UK, pictured far left, is just one of a group of women who claim they got what they wanted by following Rhonda Byrne's self-help book released in 2006. It told people to think positive, writing a list asking the universe for what you want and it would come to you, so long as it was phrased in the right way. Victoria says she got a husband and a baby, while Toni Mackenzie, second left, got a gorgeous home. Centre, Wendy Fry says she got an exciting career, while Rachael Taplin, second right, got to see the world. Carline James, far right, says she got her novel published thanks to the Secret.

An analysis of federal data stretching from 2005 to 2014 by NYU Langone shows a 19 percent increase in the number of over-50-year-olds drinking excessive amounts of alcohol in one sitting.

Sandra, a mother from Perth wrote a tongue-in-cheek Facebook post advertising that she was giving her 'hormonal teenage' daughter away to a free home has gone viral.

Syrian migrant Saad Al-Kassab scores near-perfect ATAR at Melbourne high school

Saad Al-Kassab (left) was just 14 years old when his school was turned into a refugee camp and family home in Homs, Syria, turned into a battle zone. The teenager (top right) was home-schooled as many of his friends (bottom right) were brutally tortured or killed by mortar shells - but eventually sought refuge with his family-of-six in Australia in 2014. In two years he taught himself how to speak English by watching Federal Parliament and using his father's Arab-English dictionary (inset), and on Monday he was announced dux of his Melbourne school after scoring a near-perfect 96.65 ATAR.

Uber passenger tweets her journey with her 'fine' driver

Twitter user @KelliAmirah recently found herself in an Uber in Washington, DC, with a very attractive driver. Not having the confidence to ask him out, she made the wily move of leaving her phone charger in the car as an excuse to contact him again. In a series of tweets that have since gone viral, the woman told her story, ending with her successfully making a move, but then discovering he is married.

Eric Schmitt-Matzen, 60, was called by a nurse to come to the Tennessee hospital right away, where the boy asked if Santa could help save him. Before he could answer, the boy passed away.

Photographer Phillip Lopes, 45, pleaded guilty to sexual assaulting a model, 18, in Shepparton, Victoria. He allegedly told her 'what happens in the photo shoot, stays in the photo shoot'.

Forest Hill Station knifeman shouting ‘kill all Muslims’ stabs a man

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A man was injured during the attack at Forest Hill station in south-east London this afternoon and is currently being treated in hospital. Witnesses said the man was waving his arm around in the air and shouting 'Death to Muslims' as he 'marched up and down' outside the station after the attack (left). A British Transport Police spokesman said: 'We are investigating the circumstances of the Forest Hill incident, but at this time we are not treating it as terrorism-related.' The alleged attacker, pictured right, was detained by police in the area minutes after the attack (inset).

Google has released its 'Gboard' keyboard for Android users, who can now have access to Google right in the app. Users can find and share information, GIFs and emojis based on their text.

In Iran giving someone the thumbs up is the equivalent of the middle finger in the UK. Redditors reveal the things they say and do that are acceptable in the West but frowned upon elsewhere.

Jocelyn Wildenstein's ex claims she 'lied' about assault and theft as 'revenge' for

Friends claim Wildenstein's accusations are nothing but a spiteful tit-for-tat bid to discredit couturier Lloyd Klein for walking out on her.
Klein is accused of assaulting Wildenstein while trying to collect some of his belongings from their ritzy apartment. He is also charged with taking an iPhone, a Swiss ID, a cell phone case and a credit card. But he says the socialite is virtually penniless and was financially reliant on him - despite her $2.5 billion divorce settlement. She is currently fighting two lawsuits for nonpayment, DailyMail,com has learned Wildenstein, 71, also claims the Canadian-born fashion mogul grabbed and pushed her to the ground. His arrest comes just days after Wildenstein was arrested for attacking Klein at their once shared apartment. The warring couple are now banned from going within 1,000 yards of one another or speaking by phone, email or text.

A younger man was viciously bashed on a Perth bus after a bearded passenger allegedly threatened and racially abused a Maori teenager and her friends and he decided to stand up to him.

According to the international team of researchers, it takes just 45 minutes to give three-year-olds a battery of tests, on their language abilities, motor skills, frustration and impulsivity.

Twitter meltdown over McDonald’s festive coffee cups looking very NSFW

Author Sam Sykes drew fingers onto a mittens design on a McCafe cup, making it look like a person clasping the cheeks of their posterior. The image went viral online, racking up 20,000 favourites on Twitter. It is unclear as yet where the coffee cups originate from.


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The tycoons who make more money than the heads of Facebook and Apple: Meet the eight

The top executives of America's largest private equity firms, like Stephen Schwarzman of Blackstone, take home on average 10 times the amount of money as do the CEOs of banks. Schwarzman (right) raked in $800million last year, while Leon Black (left), the founder of Apollo Global Management, earned $200million. Apollo was one of the private equity firms responsible for the dramatic 2013 turnaround of Hostess Brands, maker of the famous Twinkies (inset). After declaring bankruptcy the year before, Hostess is now worth as much as $2.3billion.

If you're dreading your office Christmas party this year then you might not want to read these. From wearing the same outfit as the waiters to not even being invited, these are the best office party fails.

The SpaceX CEO tweeted a 10-second video of a rocket nozzle being manufactured, showing the cone-shaped component spinning under the fire of numerous torches.

According to officials at CERT and Netgear, the vulnerability affects R7000, R6400, and R8000 routers, and more may be at risk. It could allow hackers to gain control of the device.

Prince Philip bowls COW PATS at Prince Charles in unseen Royal home videos

The Duke of Edinburgh's softer side was revealed in footage of intimate family moments shown on television today as part of a documentary marking the 60th anniversary of his award scheme. The previously unseen images looked back at the 1960s and touching moments between the Royal couple and their children, with Philip even seen bowling cow pats (inset) for a young Prince Charles to bat away, while the young Prince of Wales was also seen larking about with friends (bottom right). The Duke of Edinburgh was seen messing around in his bathing suit aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia, sliding along the wet deck (top right). The hour-long special featured Prince Philip being interviewed by 'daytime television royalty' Phillip Schofield (left), who met his match in the witty and pithy Duke.

Parents are sharing their excited youngsters' missives to the man in red on social media - and they're not all PlayStations and Hatchimals. One wrote to ask Santa to help make sick children better.

A trio of Australian capital cities could see rain on Christmas Day, according to a tentative weather forecast. But even these predictions could be upset by a possible cyclone approaching the north.

James Brayshaw has opened up on his departure from Australia's Channel Nine after 11 years saying he wanted 'flexibility to do other things'.

Footage taken from inside the takeaway appears to show a man throwing an object at a vehicle on Killinghall Road in Bradford, West Yorkshire, before a gang chased someone into a takeaway.

Robo-butlers, self-assembling made-to-order rooms and spa treatments based on DNA

The hotels of the future have been revealed - and they are very different indeed from lodgings that travellers are used to today. Visitors can expect to sleep in beds that self-assemble, to have pre-programmed dreams thanks to neuro-technology (top left), eat food based on DNA analysis (bottom right), check in using DNA (inset) and stay in hotels that will be fully sustainable (bottom left). Health treatments, meanwhile, will be based on DNA, too (top right). The revelations come courtesy of Dr James Canton of the Institute for Global Futures in San Francisco, who produced an eye-opening report on the hotels of the future.

Jetstar has announced cut-price flights to the tropical Whitsundays (shown) for just $59 from Sydney - but those who want to pick up a deal will have to get in quick - the sale ends at midnight on Thursday.

Four men from Derby aged 22, 27, 35 and 36, a man, 27, from Burton upon Trent and a woman from London have all been arrested on suspicion of engaging in the preparation of an act of terrorism.

A host of celebrities and more than 600 guests attended the exclusive gathering in Palm Beach on Saturday night. The party was shut down at 10pm when three people were sent to hospital.

The ambitious hypersonic jet concept, which would also include brief suborbital trips to space on its flights, is the work of Juan Garcia Mansilla, an industrial designer based in Buenos Aires.

I'm the mane attraction round here! Lion freaks out when he comes face-to-face with toddler dressed as a cub

Incredible footage shows baby Aryeh high fiving a magnificent male lion from behind the glass of its enclosure at Zoo Atlanta His godfather said: 'The lions were immediately interested in our little lion cub, and it wasn't long before they couldn't stand their curiosity any longer and came right up to the glass. Aryeh was completely unfazed and interacted with the lions for a few minutes.'

The research comes from Northeastern University in Boston, and suggests that people can achieve success at any point in their careers - and achieve it repeatedly - as long as they keep trying.

New findings from Nasa researchers were announced at the International Electron Devices Meeting in San Francisco last week and suggest self-healing chips could combat radiation.

Research from the University of Versailles Saint Quentin shows that the unexpected - and largely unexplained - increase on methane was especially sharp in 2014 and 2015.

The bacteria, found in New Mexico, developed the resistance through chemical warfare with other bacteria. Ohio University says the superbug may lead to new methods for fighting resistance.

Unsuspecting couple caught on camera during an impromptu marriage proposal in Cornwall

A love struck man got down on bended knee and proposed to the love of his life - and the tender moment was captured by a professional photographer who just happened to be passing. Tree surgeon Paul Groves took his girlfriend Christina Dales to Newquay Headland in Cornwall on Sunday before asking her to marry him. Sports photographer Robert Taylor, who was taking pictures of a surfing competition nearby, spotted Paul drop to one knee - and instinctively got his camera out and managed to capture every stage of the romantic proposal. And it was something of a whirlwind romance for the pair, who met through mutual friends at a dinner dance only one year ago.

The object appeared as the Miami Observatory in Florida streamed a live feed of the moon's surface earlier this month. Conspiracy theorists claim the rough edges show it is a UFO.

The malware is not known to be limited any one region and tricks victims into downloading it by posing as the setup wizard for a piece of software with the same name.

A team of psychologists, including researchers from the University of Warwick, say their findings reinforce the importance of teaching people just how changeable their memory really is (stock image)

The dramatic moment three pedestrians are almost killed when a bus skids on ice and heads straight towards them 

The bus went into a slide after swerving out of the way of an oncoming car in the Ortahisar district of north-eastern Turkey's Trabzon Province. Three people walking down the hill were nearly crushed between the bus and a wall but one turned around, saw the oncoming vehicle and shouted a warning. Two of the pedestrians managed to jump over the wall while the third - apparently an old lady - dodged around the end of it as the bus hit the wall where they had been walking a split second earlier.

A survey of 2,000 British women found that 43 per cent of women had dodged going into stores and instead bought online because they hated being confronted with 'more attractive' sales staff.

The Australian Automobile Association has found cars claiming to be fuel efficient are use up to 35 per cent more petrol and emitting toxic gasses four times above the limit.

Mitchell Barbieri was jailed for 35 years with a non-parole period of 26 after he pleaded guilty to the stabbing murder of Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson in 2012 at a Sydney rural property.

Taking the daily tablets for at least two years reduced the risk of Alzheimer's by 15 per cent for women, researchers from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, found.

Moment documentary maker 'is punched, kicked and choked by five migrants' after entering 'no-go' zone in Swedish city 

US producer Ami Horowitz travelled to Stockholm in Sweden to film a documentary examining the effects of immigration in the country. But after entering the Husby area of the city, he claims he was immediately set upon by a gang of men who took objection to him filming. A sound recording captures the moment he says he was set upon in an 'unprovoked attack' before being dragged off to a nearby building. The audio goes silent after his microphone goes out of range.

Syrian refugee Saad Al-Kassab has scored an incredible 96.65 on his final Year 12 exams and become the dux of his Melbourne school, despite only learning English two years ago. 

Bairen, located in central China's Hebei Province, was founded in 624 BC and flooded in 742AD. Archaeologists are excavating the ruins for the first time since the founding of P.R.C.

This shocking footage shows when a distressed man in Suzhou in eastern China was going to jump from the 30th storey of a shopping mall. Firefighters leaned over the wall and pulled him to safety.

Karen Kujawa, from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, lost her daughter Elizabeth Buckley when a 'petrol head' on a first date tried to impress the teenager and lost control of his Toyota at speeds of 60mph.

North Korean guard tries an e-cig after he thought it was a bomb

A baffled North Korean border railway guard took his first puff of an electronic cigarette that he confiscated from British tourist Del Dinsdale (inset). The official thought the e-cig was a 'bomb' but gave it a try once Mr Dinsdale explained it was a vapour cigarette. Strict rules in the communist country means tourists are usually forbidden from taking photos of officials but the guard was so amazed that he happily posed for photos.

Beijing's comments come a day after Trump said he saw no reason why the US should continue abiding by the 'One China' policy - under which Washington does not recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state.

Microsoft has launched its festive advert which 'celebrates what is good and right with the world and what unites us' after a 'challenging' and 'negative' year.

Police arrest 'thug who booted a woman down stairs in a Berlin underground station' after bodyguard to Lady Gaga and Charlize Theron offered a $3000 reward 

The incident in October was captured in a video shared this week, showing a thug kicking a young woman down a flight of stairs at the metro station in the German capital of Belin. Witnesses were initially shy in coming forward, but now that bodyguard Michael Kuehr, 54, has offered €2,000 (£1,677) to anyone stopping the attacker and his three accomplices, police are questioning a man in relation to the incident. Mr Kuehr claimed he 'almost had to vomit during breakfast' when he saw the footage.

Egypt's Coptic Christian community held a funeral service today for 24 Christians killed as they worshipped by a bomb at a chapel next to the faith's main cathedral in Cairo.

The woman orders the man to 'get a proper job' and threatens to 'kill' him after the pair argue over her fare on a housing estate in southern England.

'We are almost there. Hold on!': The dramatic moment that two passers-by spot a dog drowning in a frozen lake and spring into action to save him 

Surrounded by ice, Chernish the dog faced a battle for survival as he paddled for his life in a freezing pond in the Pskov Oblast region of Russia, but thankfully a work crew came to the rescue.


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Two cute! Adorable moment a pair of guinea pigs fight over a carrot  

When it comes to sibling rivalry, there is often nothing more dramatic than a fight over fight - and it seems that even extends to guinea pigs, too! An adorable video has surfaced showing the moment the two cute-as-a-button rodents squabbling over a baby carrot. The clip, which recently appeared on the video sharing website Jukin Media, shows the pair of siblings trying to overpower the other for the vegetable. After some to-ing and fro-ing, it finally goes to the guinea pig sitting on the left. Sadly, the one on the right comes out with just a tiny, broken-off piece in its mouth.

Mei (pictured), an 18-year-old orangutan at Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, is due late January. Zookeepers are throwing her a baby shower on Sunday - and have asked for educational gifts.

When approached in Texas, US, the snake began to squirm vigorously to get away but, realising it can't, it stopped dead, mouth gaping and contorts its neck to appear as if it is broken.



German doctor’s vacant home and surgery is filled with creepy surgical implements

A German doctor's vacant home and surgery was left behind, filled with spooky belongings. Urologist Doctor Klaus Kraft died in 1988 and his home was left to rot, 30 years after his death. Inside the home, kidneys soak in jars (top left), surgical equipment rusts (bottom left) and a treatment chair moulds (right).

The skeleton of an allosauraus called Kan, that dates back to around 153 million-years-ago, fetched £1 million (€1.1 million or $1.2 million) at the Aguttes auction house in Lyon.

The party of populist anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders is now the most popular party in Holland after he was found guilty of discrimination against Moroccans last week.

The US web retailer is also under fire after it emerged that some staff are living in tents in freezing conditions close to one of its British distribution centres.

The footage, which was allegedly filmed inside NYDogWorks in Oceanside, Shows a trainer repeatedly jabbing a dog, locked in a wired cage, with a pole.

Kanga-mew: Cat learns to get around by hopping like a kangaroo after its front legs were 'fried off' by electric shock 

Able, a brown and white moggy, gets around by hopping like a kangaroo. The three-year-old cat's front paws and tail were fried off in an electric shock. He was found lying in an alley in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The accident was so loud that neighbours thought a bomb had gone off. It took two years for Able to fully recover but now he can jump onto high ledges.