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Royal Mail has today admitted the service is placed under so much strain during December, almost half of all post sent via first class will fail to arrive the next day.

Budget brands such as Lidl are using advertising tactics of their luxury rivals, such as M&S;, says expert Gyles Lingwood. See if you can tell them apart with our tricky picture quiz.


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Festive brainteaser features a dolly hidden among the children's Christmas toys

The latest brainteaser wants you to try and spot the children's toy hidden among the teddies, dinosaurs, trains, cars and spaceships. In this eye-popping puzzle there is a solitary doll that is waiting to be found. So how long did it take you to spot her?

Nutritionist Angela Dowden gives her top 10 tips to be guilt-free this Christmas - and still have what you want. She says eat the turkey and vegetables first before the roasties and sausages.

One mother has sparked a very heated debate - after taking to Mumsnet to complain about spotting her daughter's missing hat on her mother-in-law's other grandchild.

One concerned future parent has taken to parenting forum Mumsnet to say that she doesn't want to lie to her children about Santa. She has since received a barrage of abuse for her question.

If you're dreading your office Christmas party this year then you might not want to read these. From wearing the same outfit as the waiters to not even being invited, these are the best office party fails.

Singletons have revealed the heartbreaking responses they received after saying 'I love you' on Reddit - with one poor man being met with the reply, 'That's unfortunate'.

Kris Murie (pictured) is a huge Molton Brown fan s and he agreed to test his favourite toiletry brand against the Aldi equivalent in a new episode of Supershoppers do Christmas.

From not being proposed to with a ring to lack of holidays together, India Kang shares the questions you should be asking yourself to figure out whether your engagement was premature.

YouTube star Zoella, 26, from Brighton, has revealed that she has been accused of faking her anxiety in order to 'boost subscribers'. She says that she has also been called 'too skinny' by some viewers.

Khloé, 32, has treated fans to a 'natural' guide to ditching hangovers - extolling the virtues of drinking lemon tea and doing exercise, which she says will let you 'get s*** done the next day.'

Suzi Smythe, 75, from Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire, met the man of her dreams but made him chase her for six months while she lost weight because she didn't want him to see her naked.



Lucy worked the trend for colourful fur this weekend while she attended The Hennessy Gold Cup at Newbury Racecourse. While her Paul and Joe jacket costs an eye-watering £1552, we show you where you can bag an almost identical one for £20...

Lucy Mecklenburgh showcased her eye for good style at Newbury Racecourse Lucy Mecklenburgh showcased her eye for good style at Newbury Racecourse

Transgender woman reveals she was a virgin until 25 after fearing being attacked

Allysa Call, 35, from Exeter, Devon, has revealed how being transgender has seen her struggle to find love after suffering transphobic abuse. Completing her gender reassignment at the age of 25 Allysa began to look for romance but admits she was wary of being attacked. Even now men on dating apps often ask to see a naked photo of her before agreeing to go on a date. Pictured: Allysa now (left and right) and at the age of 16 (inset).

Stay in the 12th-century monastery in Guimaraes where you'll enjoy daily musical tuition leading to a concert in a local venue. Wine tasting and trips to Porto and Braga are also on the agenda.

The instant-travel tickets are a rip-off. The on-board lavatories pong and you discover the basin has no running water only after you have squirted that noxious soap on your hands.

In the popular carol, Good King Wenceslas and his page head out into the snow to deliver winter fuel to a poor villager but the monarch finds himself lost. Can you spot him?

Imgur user mwangibabu recently shared a list of some of the most hilarious lies that have been caught out online on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Kate dazzled in a bespoke red Jenny Packham gown alongside the royal family for the annual Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace - and it's not the first time she's plumped for the gown.

The man said on Mumsnet that he and his wife of six years had gone from having sex twice a week to just once every six months since conceiving their son. He asked mothers: 'When is enough enough?'

Sarah Louise Bryan, 28, from Wakefield, has outdone herself with her latest crazy creation. The designer took five hours to make the dress entirely out of raw fish and ended up covered in blood.

In a new Reddit thread user Ihaveanotheridentity - who used to work as the character Goofy at Disney World Orlando - encourages users to 'ask him anything' about his job.

Sydney mother-of-two Mim Hammonds is taking a stance against the 'inappropriate' clothing, make up and heels toy dolls wear by giving them 'make-unders'.

Gold Coast personal trainer Holly Louise never deprives herself when it comes to food. The blonde beauty follows a 'flexible dieting' approach, that allows you to make your own food choices.

Katy Harris spends £3,500 on Christmas treats for her pampered pooches

Katy Harris, 45, from Middlewich, Cheshire, main, splashes out hundreds of pounds every month on her three Boston terriers - and December is even more extravagant than usual. Beau, Sooty and Noodle, top right under the tree, are being treated with special doggy advent calendars, hand-made stockings and Christmassy collars and cashmere jumpers. The mollycoddled mutts will be spoiled with hundreds of pounds worth of festive treats and presents on the big day, before tucking into a lavish three-course Christmas dinner.

A plastic surgeon upset viewers with the way he spoke about his wife like she was a 'mannequin'. Anna and Phillip Craft (pictured) plan on her having more surgery to alter her appearance.

In the expert hands of a cosmetic doctor, facial fillers simply replace lost volume and restore the face back to where it once was, with no other telltale evidence of treatment.

Wobble the whippet was beaten so badly around the neck that her spine was fractured, causing the puppy to lose her balance. Now she's back on all four paws thanks to the efforts of TV vet Noel Fitzpatrick.

Tannins, sugar and histamines are the cause of wine headaches, say experts. We share some tips on how best to prevent them, including drinking two cups of coffee before you start on wine.

A fed-up Mumsnet user said their sons were given blue payment cards ahead of their first residential trip, while girls were given pink ones. Baffled parents called it 'tiresome' gender stereotyping.

Mary Portas, 56, opened up about her marriage to Melanie Rickey, 42, on BBC Radio Four's Woman's Hour and how surprised she was about falling in love with a woman.

Sydney woman Casey Beros did not say 'till death do us part' in her wedding vows. Instead she wrote her own, and focused on making her relationship as good as it could be. And she's not alone.

Luke, 21, wanted his terrible tattoo covered up by the E4 Tattoo Fixers team but viewers shamed him for choosing a portrait of his wife Nikki. They were both delighted with the results.

Mark 'The Beast' Labbett was seen leaving the general knowledge based quiz show and even punching the wall en route after Michael, Trish and Terry beat the chaser and snared £60,000.

Last year MailOnline told the story of Sylvia Kalibeera, 31, from Masindi, Uganda, went blind overnight and was banned from seeing her children. She has recently been reunited with them.

A New Zealand mum has written about the 'truth' of pregnancy, including the reality about pregnancy 'farts', swelling feet, skin tags and loss of bladder control that can occur when you're expecting

Etiquette expert William Hanson reveals what Christmas decorations REALLY say about you 

If your living room is currently bedecked in white lights, colour-schemed baubles and there's not a garland of tinsel in sight, then you're winning at Christmas says etiquette expert William Hanson. On the other hand, if your tree is fake and you're one of the thousands of people falling in love with door bows, you're distinctly 'downmarket', he suggests. (Pictured clockwise from left: Tinsel, a door bow, coloured house lights, a pink tree, a tree angel and a minimalist book tree)

When Jasmine Overton's sister complained that she was throwing away excess breast milk, the 37-year-old, from Queensland, decided to use it in soap - and her sibling now won't use any other detergent.

Men have revealed their partners' most cringeworthy tendencies on Reddit, accusing them of everything from telling 'boring' stories to singing in public and leaving the shower curtain open.

Jasmin Underwood, 29, from Melbourne, shared a powerful comparison snap on Facebook recently, in which she details her recovery from anorexia. She said she used to be 'utterly miserable'.

Queen Mathilde, 43, wore a yellow pussybow blouse with a printed knee-length skirt and black patent heels to visit Antwerp's Royal Conservatoire, where she met with young musicians today.

Shannen Roan, 24, from Birmingham, was told her baby was dead after her bulging belly hid his heartbeat has dropped eight stone. She has since gone on to lose eight stone in six months.

The average Brit will eat 5,906 calories just on Christmas Day, says new research. It's the equivalent of 22 6" turkey subs from Subway or 55 Kit Kats.

Harry, 32, met the songstress at an event marking 50 years of the country's independence on Wednseday. He earlier visited Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Bridgetown - six years after his first visit.