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The passenger shaming images that'll leave you reaching for the sick bag

From filthy bare feet invading a head rest to scantily clad couples groping each other in their seats, flying for many is challenging enough without having to share the trip with these passengers from hell. Holidaymakers have shared stomach-churning photos of some of the most shameless fliers in the sky with US-based Instagram account Passenger Shaming. With a careless disregard for others, fliers have been captured flashing the flesh in tiny hot pants and without their tops and trousers. Men are pictured with their hands down their pants, scratching, while female passengers allow their long hair to selfishly hang over the entertainment screen behind them.

Robo-butlers, self-assembling made-to-order rooms and spa treatments based on DNA

The hotels of the future have been revealed - and they are very different indeed from lodgings that travellers are used to today. Visitors can expect to sleep in beds that self-assemble, to have pre-programmed dreams thanks to neuro-technology (top left), eat food based on DNA analysis (bottom right), check in using DNA (inset) and stay in hotels that will be fully sustainable (bottom left). Health treatments, meanwhile, will be based on DNA, too (top right). The revelations come courtesy of Dr James Canton of the Institute for Global Futures in San Francisco, who produced an eye-opening report on the hotels of the future.

Quora users shared some of the most mind-boggling facts about the UK and MailOnline Travel has selected some of the lesser known nuggets on tourist attractions, tea consumption and conflict.

'Ghost trains' are scheduled passenger trains that are nearly empty, and run very infrequently and inconsistently, at strange hours. They operate to keep lines open.

Bragi J Ingibergsson photographs horses smiling and cuddling amid Icelandic mountains

Icelander Bragi J Ingibergsson, who goes by the name of Brin, captured the images and has been taking pictures of horses since he was a kid. Brin, 55, said: 'I love taking pictures of horses, they are very playful. I don't get them to smile. It is a question of luck and patience to get horses smiling in pictures. It can be very difficult and take a long time in each photo session to get good photos of horses.'

Après-ski is almost as integral to a snow holiday as the skiing itself. Charlie Bulbrook from Alpoholics chalets in Paradiski, France, shares his top do's and don'ts for surviving the boozy tradition.

Companies can now test self-driving cars on Michigan public roads without a driver or steering wheel under new laws that could push the state to the forefront of autonomous vehicle development.

Follow in the footsteps of Nicole Scherzinger on a 24-hour-trip to Ibiza

This summer has seen more A-listers than ever descend on the White Isle, with the likes of everyone from Hollywood heavyweights to the TOWIE crowd jetting off for a hedonistic holiday of fun and frolics in the Spanish sunshine. And while there is certainly a multitude of achingly cool restaurants, bars and beach clubs to cater to every taste, can you really get a true VIP experience with just one night on the island? We headed off to Ibiza for 24 hours to find out...

Katha was Eric Blair's last posting in the Imperial Police before he returned to England in 1927, adopted the name Orwell and launched a powerful writing career. Pictured is his former house.

The Scottish city (pictured) was named eighth on a list of the top destinations for European travellers in 2017, based on growth in forward bookings. Turin was No1 and Astana in Kazakhstan No2.

How this writer's view of northern England as 'dreary' was transformed thanks to

MailOnline Travel's Harriet Mallinson rediscovers the glory of northern England at Northcote hotel's Gourmet Country Pursuit Experience. The break welcomes guests to the luxury hotel and its Michelin-starred restaurant for one or two nights with the option to add on a Land Rover driving experience (inset left) and/or a clay pigeon shoot (inset right).

Instagram has revealed which hotels have been tagged the most often in 2016. American hotels took the lion's share of the top ten, scooping seven of the places on the list.

In Iran giving someone the thumbs up is the equivalent of the middle finger in the UK. Redditors reveal the things they say and do that are acceptable in the West but frowned upon elsewhere.

From a pink-hued lagoon to a sunrise glimpsed through trees: Flickr's best pictures of

Ten photos from across the globe and ten from Britain have been revealed as photo-sharing platform Flickr's best of 2016, selected from the billions of uploads this year. The top images included sunrise across a lagoon in Portugal (top left), a lonely tree growing out a lake in Australia (bottom left), a winding road through a woodland (bottom right), a star-studded sky in New Zealand (top right) and swans braving the elements in Finland (inset).

With Soviet gloom banished in Macedonia, the magnificent scenery, excellent sporting facilities, intriguing history and archaeological sites are beginning to attract visitors.

The New Year is speeding towards us – and there are some fabulous events around to help you give it the welcome it deserves from a winter festival in Newcastle to fancy dress in St Ives.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has given the green light for construction of the long-awaited airport in Badgerys Creek in Western Sydney, despite no provisions yet for a rail link.

Tradies are leaving the mining industry for the chance to work in the coldest, driest and windiest place on earth. Melbourne plumber Brendan Hopkins is spending a year in Antarctica and loves it.

The mystique of Mustique: Yes it's gorgeous and glamourous but you DON'T need a fortune to

Cynics might argue that Mustique is where the poseurs take a break from posing. Unfair. More the case that Mustique (three miles long and one mile wide) is such a wonderfully disarming island that it effortlessly shoots down egos and, like some sort of miracle drug, brings out the best in people.

For three years, Lapland UK has cloaked the towering Scots pines of Whitmoor Forest, near Ascot, in faux snow and transformed a pedestrian patch of woodland into, well Santa's woodland.

In The Mail on Sunday’s series looking at hotels and resorts where A-list celebrities hang out, Sarah Turner checks out the One&Only; resort on the island of Reethi Rah in the Maldives.

Franz Steiner's photography series captures California's Venice Beach

A Los Angles photographer has captured striking shots of the quirky yet global tourist destination of Venice Beach. Photographer Franz Steiner has his studio on the beach and here shares his talent and passion for photography in the fitness lifestyle scene of Venice Beach.

Mail on Sunday's Fred Mawer examines Airbnb's new Trips offering which enables travellers to immerse themselves more fully in the communities they visit.

Everything is pristine at Hurley House Hotel in Berkshire; the staff are dedicated; there’s lots of outdoor space with a barbecue area and the food is sensational.

The peak of luxury: A flying hot-tub, built-in sushi bars and bling galore - the luxury

From 'moon bathing' on the roof of The Backstage in Zermatt (top left) and stroking shaggy sheepskins by the fire at Chalet Marco Polo in Val d’Isere (bottom left) to playing pool on a converted mini Cooper at Rock ’n’ Love chalet in Tignes (bottom right) and being right on the edge of the piste at Edelweiss in Corcheval (top right) - not to mention bulletproof windows at Chalet N in Oberlech (inset) - opulence can be found everywhere on the slopes, providing you have £400k to spare.

The £145,000 vessel is available in a range of different options depending on the owner, whether they plan to sleep on board, use it as the ultimate party boat or deploy it in military action.

An Antarctic explorer has said he has developed a shocking condition while trekking to the South Pole - a frozen penis. Alex Brazier has suffered from the condition during his expedition.

Most amazing geography facts EVER

Users of a popular online forum site responded to the question 'What is a geography fact that blows your mind?' with a remarkable number of fascinating bits of information. The feed got an overwhelming number of responses, with facts ranging in topic from time zones to population density. MailOnline Travel has gone through and compiled some of the most interesting facts.

 Without that wig, Sia sees sea. The singer was spotted enjoying the beach with some friends just three days after announcing her divorce from husband of two years, Erik Anders Lang.

The day a Boeing jet was DELIBERATELY crashed: Incredible archive footage shows plane erupting in flames in a test that helped shape modern airliners

Archive pictures and video from 1984 show a Boeing 720 being flown into the ground and erupting in flames in California in a crash designed to test a new fuel additive and safety features. New galley and stowage-bin attachments, windows, seat designs and fireproof materials were on board and being put to the test. And afterwards footage of dummies placed in the seats would be carefully analysed. A serving airline captain told MailOnline Travel that the test underscored how real-life crashes are a necessity. The crash yielded new data on impact survivability that helped the FAA establish new rules regarding fire prevention and fire-retardant materials.

She's currently enjoying a romantic holiday in Bali. And Bachelor reject Kiki Morris kicked back on an inflatable unicorn as she took in the sun's rays poolside.

The 14,466-kilometre flight from Perth to London would take 17 and a half hours. Flights could start by Christmas 2017 once Qantas takes delivery of its first long-range Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

Go shopping in New York... but pop into Iceland first thanks to cheap stopover flights

For people travelling via Reykjavik to North America, stopovers are available in Iceland at very low prices – in addition, the airline is offering stopover visitors the chance of a very special celebration with the help of an airline Stopover Buddy. As short breaks go, two nights in Iceland followed by two in New York is a winning combination: the perfect Christmas cocktail.

If it's good enough for Charles Darwin... Wildlife watching in the Galapagos Islands is

The Galapagos Islands are one of world’s most famous places for wildlife watching – and, with no big predators to fear, the animals don’t run away from human visitors so you can get extremely close to the sea lions, giant tortoises, iguanas and birds. It’s like directing your very own Planet Earth TV show.

Janis Rogers, 64, an Uber driver from Virginia, drove a customer 400 miles to a destination all the way in Brooklyn, New York in what is believed to be the longest Uber ride in history.

Photographer Dean Sanderson, who works in Mexico, holds incredible underwater 'trash the dress' photo shoots. Photos show brides and grooms submerged underwater.

American Airlines 80 year old flight attendant has no plans to retire

Bette Nash began working for Eastern Airlines, now American Airlines, when she was 21, on November 4, 1957, when plane tickets were $12 and Dwight Eisenhower was president of the US. She has been with the carrier ever since. Though she has seen the industry change almost completely, she said that she feels blessed to be able to do her job, and as long as she has her health, sees no end in sight. The photo on the left shows Bette now - and the image on the right shows her in 1958 at the start of her career.

MailOnline's Tom Rawstorne found his path crossing with the fifth in line to the throne time and again on the island of St Lucia. Here he reveals the amazing spots the royal dropped in on.

Travellers and locals have taken to Reddit to share tips on attractions that aren’t worth visiting. They include Hollywood Boulevard, Times Square, Egypt's Sphinx and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Passenger live-tweets 60-year-old woman’s amazement as she flies for the first ever time 

Elaine Filadelfo, from Virginia, tweeted (inset) about the exciting moment when Sue, a woman in her 60s, took her first ever flight, from Los Angeles to San Francisco, to visit her daughter. Filadelfo tweeted that Sue couldn't stop looking out of the window and uploaded a picture of her gazing at the clouds (left). There were a few nerves, though. When the plane left the gate there was a random thud and she grabbed the armrest, so Filadelfo held her hand for reassurance (right).

A new global rating has revealed which airlines offer the top 10 cabins in first class, business class, premium economy and economy class. Singapore airlines and Etihad scored highly.

A Qatar Airways jet made an emergency landing at a Portuguese military base in the Azores islands while en route from Washington, to Doha after a passenger suffered a suspected heart attack.

From a Tanzanian game reserve to a Peruvian resort overlooking a lake, Conde Nast Traveller has chosen the world’s best wilderness hotels for 2017 and offered MailOnline Travel a sneak peek.

Fascinating images from Frenchman Francois Pommery, taken during visits in 1969 and 1974, reveal a nation of beautiful vistas and welcoming people, happy to have their pictures taken.

A major security breach at San Francisco International airport saw a man dash through traffic, leap over security fences and run onto the tarmac while the police gave chase.

Is this the most ridiculous invention ever? Treadmill bicycle lets you cycle to work by WALKING

First there was the single-geared ‘fixie’ bike, then there was the unicycle, and then the electric unicycle. But hipsters could be ready to one-up themselves again with a new take on wheeled transport, which uses a treadmill instead of pedals. For riders of the Lopifit, getting from A to B is as easy as putting one foot in front of the other, with its quirky design enabling users to ride around by walking. The initial concept was created in the Netherlands. Now the Utrecht-based firm is distributing the bikes to several countries, including the US and Mexico.

Airlines could let flyers make phone calls using WiFi under a proposal from US federal regulators. A future where travellers are informed about the policy when they buy their tickets has been envisaged.

The beautiful creature, officially called a crinoid, was filmed by Dutch diver Els van den Eijnden off the coast of Bali. Crinoids are not uncommon in areas where coral grows but rarely swim.

A Virgin Atlantic passenger jet flying from Lagos to London Heathrow declared a mid-air medical emergency and landed in Marseille. An ill passenger was met by emergency services at the airport.

United Airlines is introducing new fares that mean some passengers will be charged extra to store their luggage in overhead bins - because they'll have to buy a more expensive ticket to do so.

How to visit the spectacular locations featured in BBC's Planet Earth II

Bewildering and breath-taking in equal measure, Planet Earth II has gripped TV viewers each week to become Britain's best performing Natural History programme of the past 15 years. David Attenborough (inset) and the camera crew captured the mesmerising drama of some of the most remote, severe and abundant habitats in the world - from the rich jungles of Costa Rica (bottom right) to the harsh deserts of Nevada (top left) and from the vibrant mountains of the Canadian Rockies (bottom left) to the mind-blowing diversity of the Galapagos islands (top right). If you’ve been inspired to journey to any of the 40 locations unveiled on screen, MailOnline Travel reveals how you can follow in the footsteps of the film crews on your next holiday.

Off the island of Moorea, French Polynesia, sharks and stingrays have become used to human presence and interaction, and behave in a curious and friendly manner towards them.

The triangular pods, soaring 65 feet high, are the brainchild of London-based studio Kamvari Architects, which came up with the concept for the world’s longest railway line in Russia.

Blink by Black Tomato offers new glamping service so you can sleep anywhere

If you're always looking for a unique holiday that no one else has experienced before, then a new glamping service offering you the chance to sleep in some of the world's most remote locations is sure to earn you bragging rights. Whether you're tempted by the idea of waking up in the Moroccan desert (top left), Bolivian salt flats (top right) or at the foothills of the Andes (bottom right), a bespoke luxury travel company will erect a temporary tent for you, with any interiors you desire.

Members of the UK’s Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and 138,000 readers of its magazine, E&T;, have voted for the worst examples of wiring around the world.

Perched more than 5,000 feet high, a group of daredevil climbers are seen suspended on El Capitan's vertical rock face in California's Yosemite National Park.

Award-winning bonsai sensei, Kunio Kobayashi, in Japan and bonsai museum curator, Jack Sustic, in the U.S. have shared how they care for some of the world's longest-living bonsai.

A zoo keeper found the dead penguins at the Calgary Zoo's exhibit on Thursday morning. Seven of the 22 penguins in the Humboldt colony had suddenly and shockingly perished.

Daredevil swings 400 FEET above a Utah canyon in a tiny tent

Photographer Brian Mosbaugh captured the astonishing images of friends Logan Mitchell, 24, and Josh Beaudoin (inset and main), 34, as they swung around at the picturesque location in Moab, Utah. Josh said: 'I definitely wouldn't recommend a stunt like this to anyone but professionals, but it was amazing to do something that had never been done before.'

Marcelo Crivella, an evangelical pastor who was elected mayor of Rio de Janeiro in October thinks the move will boost tourism. The tax would be on plane tickets bought by tourists.

A tourism poster that makes no effort to gloss over how awful Helsinki is in the winter – and simply congratulates visitors for simply being brave enough to turn up – has taken the internet by storm.

Stunning images from National Geographic's Best Photos of 2016 gallery

National Geographic has unveiled its top 52 images of 2016. Powerful images selected include a heart-warming shot of villagers having their eyes tested on a boat in a remote part of India (bottom left), a Norwegian research vessel tracking changes in the Arctic ice (top) and a Rüppell’s vulture tearing through a zebra's flesh in the Serengeti (bottom right).

Dame Kelly Holmes lives in Hildenborough, Kent. She shares her tips for holidaying in the county, which include sipping coffee at her cafe and jogging at Penshurst Place (pictured).

During the September-November period, the contiguous US was an average 4.1°F above the 20th century average, making it the second consecutive year to shatter the temperature records.

Rach Stewart's photos showcase jaw-dropping beauty of New Zealand

Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and King Kong - it’s no wonder that so many movies have used New Zealand’s epic backdrop to depict a fantasy universe. The scene-stealing location is also the star of Rach Stewart’s vibrant photography, which has taken her to Mount Cook, Fiordland, Nelson, Wanaka and Queenstown in the South Island and Mount Maunganui, The Coromandel, Taranaki, Raglan and Rotorua in the North Island.

In a survey of 7,200 pilots across Europe 58 per cent of them said they thought their pilot colleagues were sleepy at work and half said that tiredness was not taken seriously by their company.

UK aviation expert Alex Macheras (pictured) reveals to MailOnline Travel that it's possible to spend as little as £100 for a short-haul flight but get a business-class experience with a lie-flat bed.

MMA boss takes employees on trip of a life time to the Maldives to say thanks for hard

Chatri Sitodtong, founder of Singapore-based mixed martial arts company Evolve, was so pleased with his company's growth he splashed out on an amazing trip to the tropical nation for his workers. He said holidays like this were a normal part of the culture at his company and said the team 'work hard and play hard'.

A fifth of Brits (20 per cent) say they have never visited a beach in their life, 25 per cent have never visited a European capital city and 41 per cent say they've never tried foreign food.

The V Palm Springs hotel, owned by entertainment lawyers Mark Geragos and Brian Kabateck, has had a $15million facelift - and is fit for any celebrity visitor, as MailOnline Travel's Ryan Parry discovers.

Map reveals what world's nations are best at with the US No1 for spam emails

A fascinating new global map has pinpointed what different countries in the world are the best at. The results range from the macabre to the mind-boggling. For instance, according to the map, Pakistan consumes more gay pornography than anywhere else, South Africa has no competitors when it comes to death and the USA, it turns out, rules the world - of spam emailing. Russia has no equal for dashcam use, according to the research. And Turkey tops the Twitter censorship list. Change your password often in Australia - because there are more data breaches there than anywhere else.

Each year photo-sharing app Instagram looks back at its data to pinpoint trends. It's compiled a list of the most Instagrammed cities in the world this year. The Big Apple got the top spot.

Instagram goes crazy for 'doortraits' with photographers taking arty photos of doors

Photographers across the globe are taking pictures of doors and sharing them on social media. The so-called 'doortrait' has captured the imagination of Instagrammers in London, San Francisco, Iran, Italy and all over the world. Door-lovers say it's the intrigue of what's behind the door that makes the photos special.

The Literary Man Óbidos Hotel in Portugal is packed with 45,000 books lining almost every wall and there's plenty of space for book lovers to curl up and indulge their hobby.

Cannabis cafe Mellow Yellow was the first of its kind in Amsterdam, opening in 1967. Instead of celebrating its 50th birthday next year it will close its doors on January 1.

South Korea sculpture garden holds terrible statues of famous people

If you don't recognise these sculptures, you are not alone. A bizarre sculpture garden in South Korea holds approximately 6,000 statues that are meant to be likenesses of notable figures. Some of the hardly recognisable faces include Michael Jackson (bottom left), Margaret Thatcher (top left), Prince Charles (inset), David Beckham (top right) and Hillary Clinton (bottom right).

Penny Smith travelled to Alta Badia in northern Italy to sample the new Sommelier On The Slopes experience where the skiing itinerary has been combined with a gourmet day out.

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh dances with actress Vaani Kapoor during a promotional event for the forthcoming movie 'Befikre', in New Delhi ©Chandan Khanna (AFP/File)

From the beaches of the Cote D'Azur to the roof of the Paris opera house, the blockbuster movie Befikre - 'Carefree' in English - is filled with picture postcard scenes of France.

Scientists usually collect cosmic dust in the frozen wastes of Antarctica. Now, for the first time, the space debris has been found hidden in city dirt.

A global tour of graffiti artist Banksy's best street art

Banksy's powerful street art is distinctive enough to be recognised wherever it appears, even in the most unlikely locations from Timbuktu to Cheltenham. An infographic is offering art fans a visual tour of 16 locations across the world including London, New York, Boston and Jerusalem that have featured the elusive artist’s most recognisable graffiti murals.

It took Stan Cullimore three separate flights to reach the remote Okavango Delta in Botswana. But within minutes, he spotted elephants, buffalo and even hippos by his room.

As an avid surfer, ocean photographer Lloyd Meudell can read the waves to capture striking images that resemble mountains and glaciers. The surreal images are all taken on Australia's coast.

Croatia's Dalmatian Coast has become a go-to option for British tourists - but few have heard of Sibenik, a coastal town which remains off the beaten track. Emma Rowley makes her acquaintance.

Once upon a time they were separate towns. But since 1873, Buda and Pest have come together to make one glorious city. Jo Knowsley explains why Budapest is the European capital you need to see.

Guido Gutiérrez Ruiz from Canada shares puddle reflections photos on Instagram

Travel photographer Guido Gutiérrez Ruiz uses puddles like a mirror, taking pictures of landmarks and their reflections and posting them to his Instagram account, @guigurui. The 27-year-old, from Canada, has only been posting for three years and already has nearly 28,000 followers. He said: 'It all started when I was standing on the street waiting to cross when I noticed a puddle right below me with the reflection of a cloud, and I had the curiosity to see what would happen if I put my camera close to the puddle and capture its hidden parallel world.'

American expats have taken to the internet to reveal what they honestly think about living in Britain, with observations on the health care, work-place culture, and lack of access to tumble-dryers.

Daniel Pearson, 32, his wife Lyndsey, 30, and their two children, Stanley and Florence, both one, from Dronfield, travelled to the four-star Aparthotel Playa Mar with Thomson Holidays.

San Francisco International Airport welcomed LiLou the pig to team of therapy pets

She is the first known airport therapy pig in the United States, and promises to surprise and delight guests at San Francisco International Airport with her winning personality, charming costumes, and painted nails. The Juliana-breed pig loves performing tricks for her audience and visits several other facilities in San Francisco also, including senior centers and hospitals.


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