Police arrest 'thug who booted a woman down stairs in a Berlin underground station' after bodyguard to Lady Gaga and Charlize Theron offered a £1,600 reward 

  • CCTV shows woman walking through station in Berlin when man aims a kick
  • Police appealed for witnesses but nobody came forward with information 
  • So Michael Kuehr offered a €2,000 reward for anyone who could help
  • Since the new information came to light a man has now been arrested 

A man has been arrested in connection with a horrifying attack at a Berlin underground station after a cash reward was offered by the bodyguard of stars such as Lady Gaga and Charlize Theron.

The incident in October was captured in a video shared this week, showing a thug kicking a young woman down a flight of stairs. 

Witnesses were initially shy in coming forward, but now that bodyguard Michael Kuehr, 54, has offered €2,000 (£1,677) to anyone stopping the attacker and his three accomplices on the video, police are questioning a man in relation to the incident.

CCTV shows the young woman walking through the metro station in Berlin when the man comes up behind her, holding a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other

A businessman has also offered a cash reward, and Mr Kuehr and said he was one of many Germans let in shock after watching the CCTV footage. 

He claimed he 'almost had to vomit during breakfast' when he saw the footage of a slim young woman going down a tiled staircase, followed by a heavyset man in blue jeans and a leather jacket, clutching a beer bottle and smoking a cigarette.

When she is still at least eight steps from the bottom, the perpetrator raises his leg and kicks her hard in the back, sending her flying several feet down to the ground. 

She lands painfully on her face, sprawling on the hard surface, the contents of her handbag scattering across the floor. 

The attacker, flanked by three friends, walks back up the stairs and saunters away. 

One of his accomplices lingers for a second to retrieve a dropped bottle and then strolls away with the rest.

Mr Kuehr said: 'I am an absolute opponent of vigilantism, there are laws. I see myself as a supporter of the police.'

The yob, dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, aims a targeted kick at her back, toppling her down the stairs

His three companions glance at the woman lying on the floor before leaving. One of them even leans down to pick up a beer bottle and then walks off

 He encouraged people who might know the suspects or have any clues to either contact the police or email him. 

He added: 'I have already received a useful note and passed it on to the police.' A businessman also reported to local media that he wanted to donate €10,000 (£8,388) to help solve the case.

The anonymous father of a daughter said half the money would go to the person with the tip leading to the arrest. 

He said: 'I will donate the other €5000 for the woman to go on holiday and recover from the pain.' 

A crowd of people quickly came to help the woman, who was taken to hospital, according to local media.

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