'If they're in an accident, he could die': Sam Faiers is blasted by mothers for not securing baby Paul correctly in the car

  • Reality star, 25, posted video to Instagram showing baby Paul in car seat
  • 11-month-old was seated in Cybex Sirona model which swivels for ease of use
  • Baby was seated in sideways position, but Sam insisted car wasn't moving
  • But fans were concerned positioning was dangerous and headrest too high

She won rave reviews for being a doting mother on her reality show The Mummy Diaries, but now Sam Faiers, 25, has come under fire from fellow parents. 

The reality star has been blasted over a video posted to Instagram showing her son Paul, 11 months, facing sideways in his car seat, while the vehicle was apparently in motion. 

Fellow mums rushed to advise her that the Cybex Sirona seat, which swivels between rear-facing and forward-facing positions, should always be clicked into place when the vehicle is moving, although Sam insisted that the car was at a standstill while the video was shot. 

MailOnline has contacted a representative for Sam for further comment.  

Doting mum Sam Faiers, 25, has come under fire from commenters over a video posted to Instagram showing baby Paul facing sideways in his car seat 

However, it didn't stop concerned commenters from voicing their opinions, including Sarahbryan_beautyandnails who commented: 'Sam, using the car seat like this is not safe. The swivel is only to help get the child in and out. 

'It has to be clicked into place once the child had been restrained and the car is moving.'  

'He's so cute! But I second the car seat not being safe like that,' Debss2013 added. 'It needs to face the back when the harness is in use and the car is moving. 

'The car seat wouldn't withstand the impact in an accident facing the side. My little boy has this exact seat.'

The youngster was pictured in a Cybex Sirona car seat which swivels between the front and rear facing positions to help parents get their youngsters in and out of the vehicle with ease

Another Instagram snap shows Paul facing forward in the correct position, but concerned fans were worried that the head rest was too high 

Ashleeeyoung was particularly alarmed, saying: 'Oh sweet Jesus is he actually facing the side. I am guessing Mothercare didn't tell you that it needs to be rearward facing when they sold it to you.'

And charlotte.mcc.x added: 'Wow! Some serious lack of proper car seat safety training going on here.'

Sam insisted that the car wasn't moving, saying: 'Chill people we are waiting in the car. We aren't moving.'

But multiple fans pointed out that they had seen Paul facing sideways in other videos and on Sam's reality show. 

Minimeek11I explained: 'I don't usually comment on stuff like this but I have noticed several times Paul is facing sideways, even when the car is moving. 

Sam insisted that the car was not moving in this clip showing baby Paul facing sideways in his seat, but commenters said they had seen him in the same position in other footage

'I have a swivelling car seat for my son and it has to clicked into the forward facing position once you have safety strapped in your child.

'Not being bitchy or judgemental. If I had seen it as a one off I wouldn't have commented but this isn't the first time she has been seen using the car seat, unfortunately incorrectly. 

'If she didn't know then those of us advising her the correct way have done her a favour, and saved baby Paul's life. 

'As should they be in an accident and he's not in the seat correctly, he could die. Sounds dramatic but it's true.

'If you look closer at the video the car is slowing to a stop. Either way, I know its her choice at the end of the day.'

However, many fans rushed to Sam's defence including Kelly.l30 who said: 'I would say Sam knows what way seat works and wouldn't put her baby at risk. 

'Car might not be moving and she turned him round while stopped. Quite a quick judgement to make.'

Kirstyhollis88 added: 'I'm pretty sure the car isn't even moving and baby Paul is just to the side for the sake of he video. She seems an amazing mumma.'

But GembowsI was adamant that Sam had opened herself up to criticism. 

'Looks like the car is moving or the gates outside are moving at start of clip. Don't go public with stuff if you don't want options . Comes part with the money and fame. 

'You're gonna get everyone's two cents, like it or not.'

Other commenters were concerned that baby Paul's headrest was too high.  

lcdavies127 explained: 'Seat's too big. The head support is around his temples. Should stay in the smaller seat until he's tall enough. He may hit the weight requirements but he's not tall enough.'

Her comments were echoed by Mummyandg who added: 'The headpiece is still way too high. I used to have this car seat.' 

Mothercare worker T_pot98 agreed, advising Sam: 'The headrest on baby Paul's car seat needs to go down a little bit. There could be an inch gap between his shoulder and the headrest. I know as I work at Mothercare.'



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