The mystery of the Sherlock baby name is finally revealed in a newspaper announcement as fans try to work out a tantalising clue about the detective and his phone

  • Sherlock producers placed an advert revealing John Watson's daughter's name
  • Fans were sent into a frenzy over the choice of 'Rosamund Mary Watson'
  • Wording of the notice also prompted discussion over Sherlock's phone 

It is a show that keeps viewers guessing right up until the end of the closing credits.

And Sherlock fans were sent into a frenzy today when producers quietly offered yet another clue about the upcoming fourth season.

The name of John Watson's newborn child was revealed in an announcement in the Daily Telegraph's births, deaths and marriages register today. 

Another clue: The name of John and Mary Watson's newborn child was revealed in an announcement in the Daily Telegraph's births, deaths and marriages register today

Frenzy: The announcement, pictured, sparked online debate between dedicated fans

New nemesis: Sherlock and Watson, pictured, will face a character played by Toby Jones

It read: 'Congratulations! To John and Mary Watson on the birth of their beautiful baby daughter, Rosamund Mary Watson.

'From your friends, Mrs. Hudson, Molly and Sherlock, although he hasn’t helped us with this at all as he’s always on his phone.'

The short notice sparked an online debate between fans, with some questioning the significance of the baby's name. 

One fan wrote on Twitter: 'Rosamund Mary Watson? Interesting choice. also hmmm I wonder who chucked the "Mary" in there...'

Another posted: 'Rosamund Watson has the same initials as Rachel Wilson who was the stillborn girl in a Study In Pink.'

A third tweeted: 'I'm doing research and I have discovered there was a Victorian poet named Rosamund Marriot Watson. Might be interesting.'  

Discussion: Viewers speculated over the choice of the Watsons' daughter's name

Others speculated over whether the line about Sherlock being 'always on his phone' was a hint at the upcoming storyline. 

It came as a new trailer premiered today shows the detective having to face up to his inner demons. 

Benedict Cumberbatch's titular character is shown in various states of unease and stress as the villainous Toby Jones taunts him with the threat of his darkest secrets being unleashed on his friends. 

The first episode of Sherlock series four will air on BBC 1 on January 1, 2017.

The plot will unfold around the vandalism of six artworks depicting a former prime minister, Margaret Thatcher.

The story is based on Conan Doyle's The Adventure of the Six Napoleons, in which busts of the French leader were mysteriously being smashed.  

Facing his demons? with less than a month to go before Sherlock series four hits TV screens, a new trailer has emerged that shows the detective having to face up to his inner demons

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