‘I don’t understand why people have such an intense dislike of her’: Mothers defend Strictly presenter Tess Daly on Mumsnet (but some still say her wardrobe needs work) 

  • Confused Mumsnet user asked why the Strictly star gets a hard time from critics
  • The host's presenting skills and outfit choices have been criticised on Twitter 
  • Viewer said: 'I don't understand why people have such an intense dislike of her'

She's spent more than a decade in one of the biggest presenting jobs on British TV as the co-host of Strictly Come Dancing.

But many fans still haven't warmed to Tess Daly, 47, whose performance and wardrobe have been so heavily criticised this year that one woman was prompted to question people's 'intense dislike' of the star on Mumsnet.

Many women on the forum agreed with the baffled mother, who said Tess was 'a lot better than Bruce Forsyth', but others branded the BBC presenter 'annoying', 'fake', and 'dead behind the eyes'. 

Strictly presenter Tess, seen right with co-host Claudia Winkleman, is unfairly criticised for her presenting efforts, some mothers said  

Peachesandcream15 said she couldn't understand people's 'intense dislike' of the Strictly presenter in a post on the Mumsnet parenting forum

'I love Tess,' Mumsnet user ShebaQueen wrote in response to the original post 

Mumsnet user Peachesandcream15 admitted she didn't 'particularly like' Tess herself, but said she was still confused by the level of apparent animosity towards the presenter.  

She said Tess was 'a bit try hard', but added: 'She's a lot better than Bruce Forsyth who I had to fast forward through.'

'I really don't understand why some people have such an intense dislike of her.' 

Many fellow mums agreed with her, and said having two women fronting a prime-time show like Strictly - which Tess co-hosts with Claudia Winkleman - was something to celebrate.

'I like her and Claudia presenting,' RedHelenB wrote.

Iogo added: 'I like her and I love Claudia.

'Two women presenting one of the Beeb's flagship shows is fab.' 

ShebaQueen said: 'I love Tess. I think live presenting on a show like Strictly is far more difficult than it looks and she does a great job and looks fabulous too. 

'I also love Claudia and Zoe [Ball] and as others have said, great to see women presenting primetime TV,' she added. 

BakeOffBiscuits said she 'loved' the fact two women were presenting Strictly Come Dancing

Mumsnet user iogo said seeing two women presenting such a high profile show was 'fab'

Some women suggested Tess Daly might have incurred the wrath of the wardrobe department

'She has no idea what looks good on her body,' one mother wrote on the site 

Mumsnet user Brightbluebells wrote of Tess Daly: 'Dead behind the eyes'

Other Mumsnet users were still scathing about the presenter's wardrobe, with one suggesting Tess had done something to upset Strictly's wardrobe department 

But other Mumsnet users weren't so quick to jump to Tess' defence, with many bringing up the outfits that have seen the presenter pilloried on Twitter more than once. 

'I don't mind her... but I would LOVE to know what she has done to p** off the wardrobe department,' one woman wrote. 

'She is landed with some truly HORRIBLE frocks!' 

Other users made reference to 'wardrobe disasters', and SapphireStrange said that 'for a model... she doesn't look very good in clothes generally'. 

Brightblueeyes wrote simply: 'Dead behind the eyes.'  

Many women on the thread seemed to be bigger fans of Tess' co-host Claudia Winkleman, who stepped into the slot left by Sir Bruce Forsyth.  



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