'You got no guts': Negan and crew brutally murder two more in bloody midseason finale of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead finished the first half of its seventh season on Sunday by killing off two more characters in a violent and bloody send-off.

The 90-minute midseason finale saw two members of Rick's Alexandria Safe Zone - Spencer Monroe and Olivia die at the hands of ruthless Negan and his gang of thugs.

Negan, who was in Alexandria after bringing Carl back, murdered Spencer after he tried to convince him to eliminate Rick and put him in charge of the town.

Midseason finale: Olivia was gunned down by Negan's crew on Sunday's midseason finale of The Walking Dead

'I get what you are trying to build, I am not saying I agree with your methods. It makes sense. You should know Rick Grimes has a history of not working well with others,' said Spencer, whose family set-up the safe zone.

'Everything was peachy for years and then Rick shows up and suddenly you're an orphan, that is the saddest story I have ever heard. It's a good job for you that he is not in charge any more,' replied Negan.

But Spencer continued to press Negan as he proposed himself as the new leader of Alexandria.

'That is what this place needs, this is what you need. We would be much better off,' Spencer told Negan.

Turning point: Spencer turned into a zombie after being gutted by Negan

Leadership talk: Negan listened as Spencer lobbied for taking over Alexandria from Rick

Negan told him that Rick was in fact out working for him to protect the people he loved.

'He is swallowing his hate and getting s*** done. That takes guts,' said Negan.

'And then there's you, the guy who waited for Rick to be gone to sneak over and talk to me to do his dirty work so he can take Rick's place. If you want to take over, why not just kill Rick yourself and just take over? You know what I'm thinking, it's because you got no guts,' Negan told him.

That's awkward: Carl, Olivia and baby Judith sat down for a meal with Negan

Taking over: Spencer told Negan why he should be in charge of Alexandria

Negan then turned on the traitor by stabbing him with his knife and cutting open his stomach for everyone to see.

'How embarrassing, they were inside you the whole time. You did have guts. I have never been so wrong in my whole life,' said Negan coldly.

After Spencer's death Rosita was so enraged she tried to use the single bullet made for her by Eugene to take out Negan.

No guts: Negan told Spencer that he didn't have any guts before disemboweling him

His mistake: The Saviors leader joked that he was wrong and Spencer did have guts

But instead her shot struck his infamous bat, Lucille, and in retribution Negan had one of the Saviors kill Olivia by shooting her in the face.

When Eugene told him that he made the bullet, Negan took him back with him to the Sanctuary.

The season's eighth episode, titled Hearts Still Beating, kicked off with pregnant Maggie on the wall of Hilltop being warned not to let her situation 'go to her head.'

Hard to watch: Rosita watched as Negan gutted Spencer in front of everybody

Taking aim: The survivor pulled a gun and fired a homemade bullet at Negan

Negan shaved off his beard and cooked food while Rick and Aaron were out on their mission.

The pair had to grab a boat riddled with bullet holes to cross a walker-infested lake.

Rick told Aaron he could sit it out but he refused.

Took offense: Negan survived the attack and ordered that someone be killed

Head shot: Olivia was shot in the head and killed on the porch

Bullet maker: Eugene admitted making the bullet and was taken away by Negan

You're welcome: Negan told Rick that he should thank him after listing the shots taken at him

Dirty water: Rick and Aaron had to cross zombie-infested waters

'I am seeing this through, we both are,' he said.

Morgan arrived at Carol's with a bag of fresh fruit but she did not want his gifts.

'Apparently some people are having a hard time believing me when I say I just want to be left alone,' Carol told him after asking how he was.

Together again: Morgan reached out to Carol but she just wanted to be left alone

'I think you're going soft,' he told her.

Rick and Aaron fought off walkers as their boat took on water during the hazardous crossing and they managed to make it to a canoe just in time.

But the walkers struck and Aaron was pulled into the water where he disappeared from view for several minutes before emerging unscathed.

Water zombie: A water zombie attacked Aaron and knocked him into the water

Canoe ride: Rick and Aaron scrambled onto a canoe to get away from the zombies

In the water: Aaron was in danger as Rick yelled for him

When they reached the other side they managed to find food and weapons, but it became clear that the pair were being followed by a mysterious character, shown only by their boots.

Rick told Aaron that doing what they were doing was a difficult choice and that some people disagreed with them.

'Either your heart's beating or it isn't. Either your loved ones hearts are beating or they aren't, we take what they give us so that we can live,' said Aaron.

In the face: Rick took out a walker that was lunging at Aaron

The cameras then cut to a set of mysterious boots as it was clear the two men were being watched from across the water.

Back in his prison, Daryl managed to escape his cell and found food and clothing before beating a guard to death and making his escape.

Carol and Morgan were told by one of Ezekiel's men, Richard, to talk to him about what they would do 'when things go bad.'

Free man: Daryl Dixon escaped from his prison

So long: A guard was beaten to death by Daryl as he escaped

The pair were then asked to talk to Ezekiel and convince him to strike at The Saviors first to destroy them.

'No this is something I am not a part of,' said Carol as she refused to fight.

'I don't want anything to do with your lives or your deaths. I just want to be left alone,' Carol said.

Standing firm: Carol didn't want anything to do with a revolt against Negan

After Negan's murders, Rick arrived back on the scene and confronted the killer who told him he should be grateful for what he had done before leaving with Eugene.

As Spencer came back to life as a zombie, Rick killed him off before meeting up with Michonne who told him that they had to be the ones who fight Negan.

Right at the end of the show Rick and Michonne met Maggie by the watchtower of the Hilltop community.

Ending it: Rick stabbed Spencer after he turned into a walker

New plan: Michonne talked Rick into fighting again

'You were right, right form the start. You told us to get ready to fight. I didn't listen, I couldn't, but I can now,' said Rick.

And with that Daryl walked into view and the two old friends hugged.

Daryl then handed Rick back his old gun that he took from the Savior while escaping and the group walked together to the nearby house in unison.

Together again: Daryl joined his old friends at Hilltop

Big hug: Rick and Daryl gave each other a long emotional hug as they were reunited

The show ended with the mystery figure who had followed Rick watching the group with binoculars from the woods before heading toward the gates.

In scenes from the second half of the season Rick appears to be rallying Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom together against Negan.

The Walking Dead returns again in February.

Winter break: The Walking Dead will return in February

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