'It's very sweet': Mariah Carey gushes about James Packer after he jets in for her concert on reality show... then she flirts up a storm with dancer Bryan Tanaka

Mariah Carey welcomed her then-fiance James Packer to the first show on her European tour on Sunday's episode of her E! reality show.

The 46-year-old singer was pleasantly surprised when Australian billionaire Packer jetted in for opening night at her concert in Glasgow, Scotland.

'My fiancé James, its very nice for him to pop in on me, it's very sweet. 

Pleasant surprise: Mariah Carey was pleasantly surprised when her then-fiancee James Packer attended the first show on her European tour on Sunday's episode of Mariah's World

'He's very busy, he travels constantly and he didn't really have to fly just to come to my show,' Mariah said.

After landing in Scotland to prepare for the first show Mariah's back-up dancer, Bryan Tanaka, whom she has now been romantically linked to, popped into her dressing room to say hello after 10 years.

The pair caught up and Tanaka congratulated her on her engagement and the twins before the pair did an old secret handshake.

She later gave him a friendly kiss good-bye that left him exclaiming, 'Oh, my god'. 

New boyfriend: Bryan Tanaka also was shown catching up with Mariah while on tour

Secret handshake: Mariah and Bryan performed a secret handshake

Closer than close: The pair shared a number of cosy moments, with the camera catching them in a tender embrace at one point 

On-screen chemistry: Bryan and Mariah had fun while catching up

We got this! Mariah looked as though she was giving her backing dancer a pep talk 

Former flame: Australian billionaire James and Mariah split before the series aired

Mariah also found herself in the middle of a simmering feud between her backup singer and lead dancer.

She was forced to deal with warring Mary Ann and creative director Anthony after the pair rowed over the backup singer bringing her five-year-old son on the tour bus.

Mariah was left shocked when Anthony finally tried to apologize to Mary Ann and she threatened to hit him in front of the star.

Tension simmering: Creative director Anthony and backup singer Mary Ann butted heads

Took a stand: Anthony was ready to resign as he refused to share the tour bus with children

The pop star told the cameras how she used to live 'like Rapunzel' and was not encouraged to go out on tour in the early days.

'I was with someone at the time that had a lot of control over my life,' she said.

'He was older than me by a lot and had a lot of power and they wanted me to remain away from most people, lie sequestered,' she revealed.

Locked away: Mariah told how early in her career she lived 'like Rapunzel'

Jermaine Dupri recalled that time in the diva's life.

'I've been around her when she was Rapunzel, when she was in this big ass castle,' he told the cameras.

Mariah said she used to have 'to get permission to leave' and that she thought she would one day be 'haunting the house dead. I thought I would be in there forever.

Pop diva: The pop diva reclined in lingerie while talking to the camera

'I never thought I would get out of there,' she revealed and wrote 'Butterfly' when she found 'the courage to move on.'

Tensions grew around the camp over Mariah's new manager, Stella, with staff worried they were going to be fired in the increasingly 'Hunger Games' atmosphere.

Mariah and her camp based themselves in London during the European tour.

Family first: Mariah squeezed in time for her children Monroe and Moroccan

Make-up artist Kristofer sat down with Stella's new assistant, Molly, who told him she never used the word 'bathroom' and instead preferred to say 'B-R'.

Kristofer then told the cameras that he thought Molly was 'psychotic, potentially' because of the look in her eyes.

'I see something behind those eyes that I am a little nervous about,' he said.

Makeup artist: Kristofer sat down for a chat with Mariah's personal assistant Molly

On tour: Molly was struggling with the Apple TV setup and Stella's demands

'Don't be weird,' Kristofer urged her.

While getting her makeup done by Kristofer, Mariah told him that she only likes getting her photograph taken from the right side and said it went back to a photo shoot at the age of 19.

'The lady goes ''This is your good side. Only let people photograph you from your good side, ever''.' she said.

Good side: Mariah talked about learning her good side at age 19

'Maybe you had a crappy photographer?' said Kristofer.

'I think I did and makeup artist. And I stuck to it because that was her job. I don't hate it when it's well lit, they just have to light it,' Mariah said.

Drama developed when creative director Anthony found out the dancers would have to share a bus with Mary Ann's young son, and threatened to resign.

Signer and friend: Mary Ann has known Mariah for years and their children are close

Before the opening night of the show Mariah told the cameras she was a 'nervous wreck' and worried about being lifted, but she hit the stage and the crowd erupted.

After the show Stella read out social media comments about the star being 'on fire.'

'People are going bananas,' said Stella.

The manager: Stella was alarming some of the crew as staffers were being fired

'I can't even believe it, we did it. Everyone did their best and I am so thankful,' said Mariah.

Anthony then brought up the bus situation with Mariah and Stella.

'If they put me on that bus then we are going to have a situation,' said Anthony directly.

Situation brewing: Anthony warned that a situation would erupt if he was put on the bus with children

'Its a situation that I cannot do on camera,' he added.

Mariah was sympathetic to his complaints.

'I didn't organize the buses but if I did I would say put the dancers on their own bus because we know the debauchery that you guys get into,' she said.

In the middle: Mariah was in the middle but thought the dancers should have their own bus

Anthony refused to get on the bus with Mary Ann and her child as Mariah told her that it was 'not appropriate' for the kid to be with the dancers.

But that was not good enough for Mary Ann who was angry and on the phone with Mariah to vent about the situation.

On a day off Mariah and her children, Monroe and Moroccan, took in the sights of London.

London sights: The signer took her children to see the Tower of London

'I put in so much effort into having a great relationship with my own kids because of the way I felt as a child, having divorced parents, being bi-racial and not having a real relationship with my siblings, those things stay with you,' Mariah said.

Before the next show Mary Ann again got into with Mariah about Anthony.

'When somebody shows you who they are you have to believe it,' said Mary Ann.

Hurt feelings: Mary Ann admitted her feelings were hurt and she turned on Anthony

Mariah told her she wished she could improve the situation but that they were were 'two strong personalities.'

'He better leave me alone, what he did the other night was totally unnecessary,' snapped Mary Ann.

'Don't come at me with that, he 'aint never gonna be a superstar, this 'aint Dance Moms. I am angry. I cried about this, I am really hurt. Who I thought he was isn't who he was,' said Mary Ann.

Really hurt: The backup singer said she cried after learning of Anthony's demands

Stella could not believe what she was dealing with.

'The irony is that the most low maintenance person on the whole tour is Mariah and they are all acting like they are stars, she is the only star in here and they all need to get their s*** together,' said Stella.

Mariah said she was not used to the negative energy around her before the show.

European tour: Mariah earned rave reviews from fans at the Glasgow concert

Anthony told the cameras that his connection with Mariah was off and that he needed to fix the situation.

When Anthony asked for two hours of extra rehearsal time, Mariah told him not to be 'saucy on camera' and that he had a lot of people mad at him.

Anthony told the cameras that he realized he had put Mariah in the middle of the situation.

Feeling bad: Anthony later admitted that he put Mariah in a tough spot

'I cannot sit here and be in the middle of everybody's drama. When did I become everybody's mommy?' asked an exasperated Mariah.

Mariah also told the cameras that she felt guilty when away from her kids.

'When we're away from them for this many hours it's not even that long but it still feels like forever,' she said.

Working mom: Mariah said she felt guilty when away from her children

'And I feel guilty if I'm not there. I want them to have memories that are not just lost.

'I feel guilty if they're like ''I want you to stay with me.'' I don't want to leave. It's ultimately for them, everything I am doing is for them,' she said.

Anthony later tried to make good with Mary Ann, but she was having none of it and told him to leave her alone or she'd hit him.

'He needs to stay away from her, this is coming from someone who has known her a very long time,' Mariah warned as the episode ended.

Stay away: The singer advised that Anthony stay away from Mary Ann for the time being

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