'I don't know what to do': Kenya Moore confronts boyfriend Matt after he kicks in her garage door on RHOA

Kenya Moore was left upset and shaken after an explosive confrontation with her estranged boyfriend on Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

The 45-year-old reality star was left sobbing to a series producer after Matt Jordan came to her house in the early hours and kicked in her garage door when she would not let him in.

The drama unfolded after Matt jetted into Atlanta from California to try and straighten out their relationship.

Rocky relationship: Keny Moore confronted her estranged boyfriend Matt after he kicked in her garage on Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Things did not go smoothly and viewers were shown security footage of Matt kicking in the garage door at 2am after a night out.

'Matt came home from California, it was 2am, he had been drinking. We have not talked so I was not going to open the door,' explained Kenya.

'I don't know what to do. He gets angry and is acting out, he is acting like a child,' she told pal Cynthia Bailey on the phone.

Cynthia told her friend that she 'was nervous' about Matt's behavior but Kenya told her she did not think he was a danger to her.

Car talk: Matt stayed in his vehicle as Kenya confronted him about his behaviour

'I know you are really trying with this guy but I just don't have a good feeling about it. You really need to think about taking time away form this guy, seriously,' said Cynthia.

Kenya then burst into tears and could be heard sobbing to one of the show's producers away from the cameras.

'I feel like he is a good person but he's just so f***ed up, he really is, he just has demons,' she said through tears.

Fourth wall: Kenya broke the fourth wall and asked to speak to a producer about the Matt situation

Showing support: Cynthia Bailey talked to Kenya about Matt and urged her to take a break

'He just feels like he's not really supposed to be with me. And it just messes with him because he's just a regular guy that came out of nowhere and I just wasn't the nicest person to him in the beginning and it's like he holds on to all of that.

'I just think he resents me at this point and I'm just like, I don't know what to do. I really love him but sometimes I just don't want to be like fighting with him all the time,' Kenya said.

Kenya then called Matt who asked her to forgive him and take him back if he promised to change.

On the phone: Matt pleaded on the phone for Kenya to forgive him

One more time: Kenya listened as Matt pleaded for another chance

She told him that they should not talk about it on the phone and that she wanted to talk to him in person.

When Matt arrived he was angry that the show's crew had not yet left and they continued to let the cameras roll.

'This is who I am, you need to tell me what we are going to do or not,' she said.

Tough talk: Matt listened as Kenya went off with the cameras rolling

Matt stayed in the car and told her that she should not treat him as 'disposable.'

'You are making me look bad as I have got your back every time. I don't call the police, I don't make reports and why? Because if I wanted to bury you I could and you know it,' she told him.

Matt refused to get out of the car as Kenya said being with him made her 'look like a crazy person.'

Crazy person: Kenya told Matt that being with him made her look like a 'crazy person'

Security footage: Matt was shown kicking in Kenya's door in security footage

'And you don't do anything to me, verbally? Or those little side pokes that go on for weeks and months and then eventually a door gets kicked. I am not trying to justify that, my action, with what you have done, but you always make it seem like I act out all of a sudden out of nowhere and you have done nothing prior to it,' he told her.

'I am a young man, I get upset, I might break something, but you are disrespectful almost constantly with your mouth and that causes things to escalate. As long as I don't touch anybody I can run my mouth like crazy,' Matt said.

When Matt said he had so many things he could say 'it was embarrassing' Kenya pointed to the smashed door and screamed, 'This is embarrassing!'.

That's embarrassing: Kenya pointed to her smashed garage and said it was 'embarrassing'

'Either you walk away or you stay here but all the other stuff I don't do it,' she said.

'You talk to me like a farm animal. You are manipulative and fundamentally deceptive,' Matt told her.

'What you are trying to tell me is that ''Kenya you are responsible for me breaking your garage.'' The next thing it will be is ''Kenya you are responsible because I whipped your ass'',' she told him.

Four-letter word: Matt told Kenya that he loved her before speeding off

A visibly shocked Matt told Kenya that she had taken it 'too far.'

Kenya then grabbed her bag from his car as he told her that he loved her and sped off.

The sixth episode of the ninth season, entitled Tastes Like Trouble, kicked off with Phaedra Parks talking to the press about the bomb threat at her office building.

Bomb scare: Phaedra Parks talked about the bomb threat at her office building

Media reports: The bomb threat made the news and prompted Phaedra to respond

She told reporters that the man arrested for the threat was a former legal client and rapper who had told her he was going to drop off some music.

Phaedra said she had known him for 20 years and that it was a huge misunderstanding.

'He never had a bomb, he just wanted to drop off some bomb new music but because he used the word bomb it sent everyone into a ''bomb threat'' frenzy,' she revealed.

Huge misunderstanding: A friend of Phaedra's was dropping off 'some bomb new music' that sparked a bomb threat frenzy

'This seems like another case of racial profiling because he went to the wrong law office and the lawyers in that office look nothing like me and were quite alarmed, and they didn't realize that we were very good friends,' she explained.

Phaedra's staff talked her through their interviews with Homeland Security and went through a security briefing from '10,000 Fearless' about dealing with potential threats.

'Thank God it was not a real threat.This incident has made me cognizant of being prepared for the unexpected and I have to be ready to protect my family and my staff,' Phaedra said.

Security meeting: Devonte Jordan of 10,000 Fearless Prevention Trainers talked security with Phaedra

Kenya talked to Cynthia about the struggles in her relationship with Matt and Cynthia told her that she needed a 'strong man.'

Cynthia then discussed with Kenya how estranged husband Peter appeared on the Wendy Williams show to talk about being 'blindsided' by their break-up.

'I felt a little bit betrayed as I have always said that I want this divorce to be smooth and respectful. I still feel a little guilty about initiating the divorce but now it is feeling like it is starting to get a little ugly,' Cynthia told the cameras.

Chat show: Peter went on The Wendy Williams Show to talk about his divorce from Cynthia

Kenya told her she wanted 'a successful relationship' and wanted to be 'vulnerable' with her partner.

The tears flowed as Kenya told her that she felt that having everything in her life 'was not in my reach.'

Kandi Burruss and husband Todd struggled to get construction done on their restaurant project as he took over as general contractor and promised his wife it would be done in 30 days.

Behind schedule: Todd and Kandi Burruss discussed their behind schedule restaurant project

Porsha Williams continued her search for a new home having finally got her credit in a good place.

'When I finally get this house it is going to be a huge accomplishment for me,' said Porsha who had 45 days left on her current lease to find a house.

'I am a little scared, it is a first real house for me,' said Porsha who told her mom that she wanted a larger hone as she was ready for a family.

Family time: Porsha Williams talked about buying a house and having a child

Her mom asked if she had a man yet and Porsha told them she was with a father-of-two called Todd Stewart, who had been pursuing her for a while.

'Although I was reluctant to get into this relationship with Todd I am super excited that he is back in my life and if we have a baby along the way - perfect,' she said.

Mama Joyce met with a lawyer to find out about divorces for women whose husband's are in prison, like Phaedra Parks.

Legal talk: Mama Joyce disguised herself to meet with a lawyer

'I don't care if Phaedra gets a divorce or not but I know Phaedra Parks is out for my daughter so I am out for her,' Mama Joyce told the cameras.

'I wouldn't p*** in your mouth if your guts were on fire,' she said of Phaedra.

Pastor Regina, Phaedra's mother, was on hand to talk to her daughter about visiting jailbird husband Apollo Nida when the bomb threat happened.

Ulterior motive: Kandi's mom was looking for ammunition against Phaedra

'We had a great conversation about being good parents, making sure the kids were straight and hopefully getting this divorce wrapped up,' said Phaedra.

Phaedra told the cameras that Apollo had initially wanted a divorce so she filed paperwork but he had subsequently changed his mind and was dragging the situation on.

'Now I feel like he is back on board with the divorce so I see the light at the end of the tunnel,' she said.

End of tunnel: Phaedra said that her estranged husband Apollo Nida was back on board with their divorce

After the lawyer explained divorce settlements to her Mama Joyce then told the cameras that she was 'tired of Phaedra's lies.' 

Kandi then threw a tasting lunch for the ladies ahead of the restaurant opening and Mama Joyce was keen to educate Phaedra about divorce.

Mama Joyce was warned by Kandi about joking over Phaedra's bomb threat situation and when Phaedra arrived she explained what happened.

Food sample: Kandi invited the women over to sample food from the upcoming restaurant

And as soon as she saw Phaedra, Mama Joyce told her how sorry she was that she and Apollo were still not divorced.

'Mama come on,' said Kandi breaking it up.

'Mama Joyce came for me like I owed her money, thank God she kept her shoes on,' Phaedra told the cameras.

On a mission: Mama Joyce went right for Phaedra when she arrived, but Kandi kept her at bay

Phaedra then told the women about the bomb threat.

'It was one of my clients that had come to my office to deliver some CDs. He had CDs and a FedEx package and some lyrics. No, he didn't have a bomb,' she said.

But Mama Joyce was not having that explanation.

Not buying it: Mama Joyce was not believing Phaedra's explanation

'From what he said, from what they had written down, is he was tired of being messed around,' she told the women.

'He was looking for you and he was going to blow you the f*** up. He said he was going to blow her the f*** up. That's what's on my cell phone,' Mama Joyce said.

But Phaedra was insistent that was not the case.

Her story: Phaedra stuck by her story about the bomb threat

'I don't know where Mama Joyce is getting her info but it seems like she is back on the streets doing 'hood reporting,' said Phaedra.

'He's not upset with me. Homeland Security said that was false. He said he never made a threat against me at all. What I do know is that if you come to the place where I work, which is very conservative, and you are a person of color you can really be profiled and Black Lives Matter,' Phaedra said.

Kandi was not impressed at what she heard, telling the cameras Phaedra had a bodyguard and that she 'was faking.'

Not impressed: Kandi also had some reservations about Phaedra's story

And Kandi was even less impressed when Sheree Whitfield asked her about her ex-partner Russell 'Block' Spencer, the father of her daughter, Riley.

Sheree continued to stir the pot by asking Porsha about also dating Block and Kandi told the women that he had 'never taken the initiative' to be in her daughter's life.

'Oh Sheree, doing what she does best, being messy,' said an unimpressed Porsha.

Stirring it up: Sheree Whitfield brought up Kandi's ex who also dated Porsha

Cynthia then met with her lawyer and reinforced that she did not want a 'mean-spirited' divorce.

The lawyer told her the split should move quickly and should be resolved in 45 to 50 days without any court appearances.

'I have not spent a lot of time thinking about not being his wife anymore, okay. Let me make sure that I am ready for my new life. I am happy but I am sad that it did not work out,' Cynthia said.

New life: Cynthia was still adjusting to the idea of being divorced

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