The passenger-shaming images that'll leave you reaching for the sick bag: Shocking photos show travellers groping each other, holding blow-up dolls and stripping down to their underwear 

  •  Disgusted fliers have taken to social media to share nauseating snaps of inconsiderate fellow passengers
  •  Passengers have encountered topless, scantily clad holidaymakers and couples groping each other
  •  Cabins are pictured strewn with rubbish, used condoms and a urine-filled potty are discarded in the aisles

From filthy bare feet invading a head rest to scantily clad couples groping each other in their seats, flying for many is challenging enough without having to share the trip with these passengers from hell.

Holidaymakers have shared stomach-churning photos of some of the most shameless fliers in the sky with US-based Instagram account Passenger Shaming

With a careless disregard for others, fliers have been captured flashing the flesh in tiny hot pants and without their tops and trousers.

Men are pictured with their hands down their pants, scratching, while female passengers allow their long hair to selfishly hang over the entertainment screen behind them.

Disgusted travellers have also taken pictures of cabins strewn with rubbish, used condoms and even a urine-filled potty.

MailOnline Travel has rounded up a collection of some of the most nauseating images. Read on to see the fliers you’ll hope to never encounter.

Instagram account Passenger Shaming has released another batch of images of the most shameless fliers in the sky. Here a scantily clad woman sleeps with her legs akimbo encroaching on the seat next to her (left) and a flier's hair splays across the entertainment screen of the seat behind (right)

Letting it all hang out: A flier seems to have discarded her trousers in this shot (left) while a man travels with an inflatable companion in this bizarre image (right)

An amorous couple straddle each other as if there is no one else on board (left) and one flier stretches out into aisle (right)

Getting comfortable: A topless man sleeps as if he were at home (left) and some grimy toes poke over someone's arm rest (right)

What appears to be a used condom is discarded on a cabin floor (left) and a woman sits with her top pulled up as she picks her nose (right)

It's unclear whether this passenger in first class is changing or just standing in a dishevelled, underwear flashing state (left) and this couple used their time in the sky for some impromptu nasal grooming (right) 

Disgusted travellers have taken pictures of cabins strewn with rubbish (left) and even a urine-filled potty (right)

Leaving little to the imagination, this passenger wears the tiniest of hot pants (left) and a man sticks his hands down his pants (right)

Sickening: This pair of filthy bare feet is enough to make you queasy (left) and this inconsiderate passenger with his hands down his trousers will put you off your in-flight meal too (right)

Clearly not concerned about hygiene, a woman places her feet on the food table (left) while a man sleeps topless (right)

Crack attack: Bare bottoms are flashed at fellow passengers by carefree passengers in every cabin class 

A man sprawls out with his belt and trousers undone (left) and this hairy foot was spotted at the side of a flier's pillow and belonged to a woman seated behind (right)

Prime time for a pedicure as a woman reaches for her nail file (left) and more thick locks hang loose over a TV screen (right)

Shocking sights: A lady sits with her shirt undone exposing her underwear to other flyers (left) and a hairy spider seems to have escaped on the plane (right)

A flexible female contorts herself so her feet stick up in the air (left) and a lady's pony tail hangs over the seat behind her (right)

Taking man spreading to the sky, a flier sprawls out upside down (left) and a woman's long, colourful talons creep over the top of this seat (right)

A pair of feet rest casually on a fellow passenger's head (left) and a man sticks his hands down his undone trousers as he sleeps (right)

Despite being upgraded to business class, this traveller encountered a stranger's feet up close and personal (left) and a shameless holidaymaker scrolls through porn during their journey (right)

 Long-haired travellers are frequently spotted with their hair cascading over the seat behind (left) and a foot in need of a pedicure looks like something out of a horror movie (right)

A mop of straggly hair blocks an entertainment system (left) and a topless man rummages around in the overhead locker (right)

Two bras hang on the back of a seat (left) and a disgruntled flier captioned this image of a foot invasion with 'help me' (right)

A young woman files her red toe nails during a flight (left) and this business class passenger's feet crept into their fellow fliers space (right)

A shameless passenger reaches into his tracksuit bottoms (left) and a flier's dreadlocks cover a child's TV screen (right)

Space invaders: Strangers' bare feet and toes poke through seat rests into other people's areas

This couple find a bizarre position to adopt on their flight (left) and a man exposes his naked flesh (right)

Seat without a view: A pair of feet lean against the cabin window and are enough to put this flier off glancing outside (left) and a man struggles to squeeze all his luggage in the overhead bin (right)

Making friends: This seat neighbour passes out on the shoulder of the man beside him (right) and toes poke under a passenger's armpit from the person behind (left)