Stop sending us snaps from Smug island! Party-loving Cara and her It Girl friends face backlash after posting 600 photos of their Maldives holiday freebie (and yes, it included a 'Champagne hotline') 

  • Model Cara Delevingne was given a week-long holiday on a private island
  • She took her sister and 160 of their closest friends on the partying trip
  • The images that emerged from the sun-kissed beaches have sparked resentment with fans home in rainy Blighty 
  • Cara, the most famous star there, uploaded the fewest images to Instagram 

It was the celebrity freebie to end all celebrity freebies.

But while the guests who joined Cara Delevingne for a week-long holiday on a private island paradise had the time of their lives, those left behind were infuriated by their endless stream of holiday snaps.

The party-loving model, her sister Poppy, and the 160 of their closest friends who were treated to the Maldives getaway, were asked to post photographs of their freebie on social media to drum up publicity for the Finolhu Baa Atoll resort.

Cara, second left, and Poppy, second right, with friends on the island which they escaped to for a week

Claudia Klingbeil, who lives in the Maldives shared this picture with the caption explaining Cara's trip was not over yet

Christabel Reed, a yoga teacher, shared this image of bikini clad women and trunk-wearing men trying a human pyramid on the trip

Christabel Reed posted that she was 'a little bit happy' with Cara Delevingne after the week in the Maldives

The model herself didn't post a huge number of pictures to her followers, but did share this snap on Instagram

Dean Piper shared this image once he'd joined the rest of us in rainy London as a throwback to the sunsets on the island

But the hundreds of images emerging from the sun-kissed break last week stoked resentment and jealousy among those left behind in chilly Britain, prompting a string of sarcastic, rude and downright irritated responses.

Stylist Grace Woodward told Ms Delevingne’s PR pal Dean Piper: ‘You are getting blocked’ so she wouldn’t have to see any more images. 

TV producer Luke Alkin wrote ‘Intolerable. Absolutely intolerable’ under an image of a topless pal, while another follower joked: ‘Looks rubbish’.

The comments left on the photos shared by Cara and her friends

The group of models, It Girls and hangers-on spent their week partying, with no fewer than five fancy-dress shindigs, each bringing a new flurry of social media activity. 

Alcohol flowed freely, with pina coladas the cocktail of the week. And there was no shortage of bubbly as several of the 136 villas had been set up with a ‘champagne hotline’ – a telephone with each number on the keypad ordering a different brand, including a £550 bottle of Cristal. But that had to be paid for.

Among the guests, who posted more than 600 photos between them, were model Arizona Muse, Kate Moss’s make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury, Helena Bonham Carter’s niece Rose, Ray Winstone’s actress daughter Jaime and Bryan Ferry’s ex-wife Amanda Sheppard.

Instagram user Helen Rave shared this saucy pic which got 33 likes from friends online

Dean Piper had a more positive response to his image, rather than the cutting comments others got

Melinda Stevens, the editor of Conde Nast Traveller UK, shared this party picture which evoked some jealousy

Dean Piper shared 'extraordinary scenes' from the beautiful beach getaway the huge group enjoyed

He also posted some of the disco outfits the group donned during the week's parties

Cara, by far the biggest star there, was actually one of the least smug, uploading just a few images for her 36 million Instagram followers.

At the end of the holiday, one guest noted: ‘Once in a lifetime, that will never happen again.’ 

For those subjected to the stream of photographs, that idea will come as blessed relief.

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