'It was like a scene from the Wild West': Gang of men attack a takeaway outlet using a HAMMER in broad daylight

  • A group of men were driving together in Bradford, West Yorkshire
  • They then chased a man into a nearby takeaway shop on a busy street
  • One of the men pulled out a hammer and began smashing windows

A violent gang chased a man into a takeaway and began smashing its windows using a hammer in violent scenes 'like the Wild West'.

Footage taken from inside the takeaway appears to show a man throwing an object at a vehicle on Killinghall Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire. 

The passengers in the car then spring after the person and end up running towards Killingall Fisheries takeaway on the busy road.

One of the gang pulled out a hammer and started to smash the door and window using the tool.

Later in the disturbing video a man attacked a BMW with a hammer and smashed the passenger's window.

Police are now urging witnesses and members of the gang to come forward following the shocking incident. 

Riaz Ahmed, Lib Dem councillor for Bradford Moor, said the images of the attack on Friday afternoon shocked him, reports the Telegraph & Argus.  

Cllr Ahmed said: 'I was very saddened to see the video of this vicious attack. 

'It was like a scene from out of the Wild West and as a councillor I thought 'what has happened to this area?' 

Police today arrested a 41-year-old man on suspicion of affray following the attack and after issuing an appeal.  

A spokesman said: 'A 41-year old man has been arrested on suspicion of affray in relation to an incident in Killinghall Road, Bradford on Friday.

'He was later bailed pending further enquiries and enquiries are continuing.'

The gang chased the man into the takeaway and one man used a hammer to smash the window (left). The men also started to shout at the man who was inside (right)

Killinghall Fisheries owner Mohammed Shahban said it cost him around £2,000 to repair his damaged building.

A spokesman for the Madni Jamia Masjad mosque, in nearby Thornbury Road, uploaded a statement on Facebook following the attack.

He wrote: 'A group of mindless yobs carried out acts of senseless thuggery, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to a motor vehicle, as well the shop front of Killinghall Fisheries, after Jummah.

'First and foremost, these acts are condemned in their entirety not only by Madni Jamia Masjid, but our community as a whole. 

'The thugs who were involved in the events of yesterday do not represent our community, our peaceful religion, nor humanity - the savagery of their actions was clear for all to see. 

One man then went back to a BMW (left) and began to smash the passenger side window (right)

'We as Muslims, complain that we are targeted unfairly and that Islamophobia is on the rise (true), but when such despicable occurrences take place, is it any surprise that we are in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons?

'Finally, regardless of the circumstances responsible for those heinous acts, the perpetrators are not a part of our peace-loving and close-knit community. 

'So, if anyone is aware of those responsible for the thuggery which blighted the area on Friday, please stand up and be counted.' 

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