£250,000 Ferrari 'mounts pavement and ploughs into seven teenagers on their way to a Christmas party while racing a Land Rover' in central London - throwing one boy off a BRIDGE and onto a parked car below

  • Seven teenagers injured after a Ferrari smashed into pedestrians near Battersea Dogs Home in London
  • The £250,000 red sports car is said to have sent one pedestrian flying off a bridge at 10.30am this morning
  • Pictures at the scene show how the rear window of a Toyota Corolla parked in the street below was smashed
  • Witnesses claim 2015 Ferrari 458 may have been racing Range Rover before collision on Battersea Park Road
  • Driver stopped at scene and was later arrested on suspicion of causing serious injury by dangerous driving
  • Do you know anyone involved in the crash in south-west London today? Email sam.tonkin@mailonline.co.uk

Seven teenagers have been hurt including one who was thrown 50ft off a bridge and through the rear window of a car after a racing Ferrari mounted the pavement and ploughed into pedestrians, eyewitnesses claim.

The £250,000 red sports car is said to have sent one boy 'flying over the railings' and onto a Toyota Corolla parked in the street below.

Paramedics battled to save the boy's life while six others suffered broken bones.

The seven teenagers, all aged around 16, were on their way to a college Christmas party in Southwest London and were walking near Battersea Dogs Home around 10.30am. 

Witnesses say the 2015 Ferrari 458 may have been racing a Range Rover shortly before the collision, which happened just yards from Battersea Dogs Home.

The driver stopped at the scene and has been arrested on suspicion of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. He was taken to a west London police station, where he remains. 

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Collision: Seven people were injured when a Ferrari smashed into pedestrians on a London street at about 10.30am this morning

Thrown off a bridge: The £250,000 red sports car is said to have sent at least one pedestrian 'flying over the railings' and onto a vehicle on the street below (pictured, the smashed rear window of the car)

Claim: Witnesses say the 2015 Ferrari 458 may have been racing a Range Rover before the collision happened earlier today

The seven teenagers were both white and black and were wearing casual clothing. 

Barmaid Zoe Saxby, who works at a pub just yards from the scene, said: 'Apparently the car involved was racing with a Range Rover and knocked someone flying off the bridge, and they landed on a car below.

'They actually went flying in the air and could have landed on the railway tracks.

'It also hit a few other people walking on the bridge. 

'I didn't see what happened as I'd got to work about ten minutes after it happened but I saw the car with a smashed windscreen.

'The car supposedly was racing and lost control when they hit the pavement.

'We saw the ambulances turn up because people were injured, we got told that it was six people.'

The seriously injured person was found on the other side of the two metre railings to the bridge, after smashing through the windscreen of a green Toyota Corolla below.

Emergency services rushed to the scene of the horror smash on the A3205 bridge. Shattered glass was strewn over the road where a police cordon is in place, leaving behind the injured victims' clothes.

Danny Phillips, 55, who lives directly in front of where the crash happened, phoned an ambulance.

He said: 'I dialled 999 straight away and told them there was a crash, but by that point loads of people were phoning them and there was a huge crowd gathered around outside the green car, so I couldn't even see the injured person.

Scene: The car is said to have hit the group in Battersea Park Road, south-west London. Police say their enquiries are ongoing

Investigation underway: Police are pictured at the scene of the collision in Battersea Park Road, south-west London today

'I saw a Range Rover stopped but that's gone now, all that's left is the Ferrari. It was mayhem, just one big commotion.'

Beatrize, a 45-year-old mother of one, was at home in Battersea at the time of the crash and rushed to help.

She said: 'I was at the back of the house looking after my son but when I looked out of the kitchen window I thought 'Oh my god' there were just ambulances everywhere.

'I didn't see what happened exactly but I just saw this group of students, so I ran up to try and help.

'I spoke to this girl, she was crying and shaking and said "he's in my class."

'The Ferrari was coming really, really quick and hit the group of students. Police told me that seven were injured.

'The group were all walking together going to a party, a Christmas party, and the Ferrari came and smacked them.

At the scene: The collision happened on Battersea Park Road near Battersea Dogs Home in Southwest London

'The one boy jumped through the air and fell into the car and bounced off into the ground.

'They were all about 16 and crying and shaking until police came and took them all to the pub to talk to them and ask them questions.

'It must have been so scary for the girl who saw everything, she kept crying and shaking and she was so nervous.

'I was in such a rush I completely forget my telephone to call the ambulance so I just tried to help in any way I could.'

'I saw the boy with five paramedics at his side. They cut his clothes open and covered him in electrodes and gave him an oxygen mask.

'He wasn't moving and he didn't say anything.

'I could hear the paramedics say "This is really bad."

'I think he was a white boy, and all his friends were speaking English and looking at him from the railings.

'But it was so hard to see him as his face was completely covered in blood. Poor boy.

On their way to a Christmas party: Seven teenagers, all aged around 16, were injured following a collision with a Ferrari

'The other injured students were all on the bridge looking down at the boy.

'There was a 70-year-old lady who saw everything and she was shaking and crying.

'I asked her if she was related to any of the teenagers and she just "No."

'After police took them all in The Duchess pub, some of them had injured arms and legs.

'I saw one boy, he was very pale, I think his arm was broken and he was carried into the ambulance.

'It's awful I keep thinking poor, poor parents. I saw the unconscious boy going into the ambulance in a stretcher.

'This is really bad': Paramedics treated one boy was sent flying over a bridge after a Ferrari collided with him

Jim Copeman wrote on Facebook: 'So I've just seen a Ferrari plough in to a cyclist and 4 other people on the pavement outside Battersea's dogs and cats home, sending two people flying over the bridge railings and on to the road beneath and you get a**holes stopping in the middle of the road taking videos and s***. Makes me so angry.

'Anyway, as you can probably guess, Battersea Park Road is all shut, all emergency services are there and the air ambulance has not long landed.'

Another witness believed the force of the impact threw the victim into the air and over the railings head on.

He said: 'I spoke to the police and they said they are going to have to go back and look through 22 cameras to find out exactly what happened but the Ferrari was heading west to east down the road and did a u-turn at The Duchess pub.

Blocked: Battersea Park Road was sealed off after seven pedestrians were hit by a £250,000 2015 Ferrari 458 earlier today

Emergency response: Bloodied tissues could be seen on the street where the collision happened at 10.30am this morning

'There was a Range Rover and a truck stopped at the scene but they've gone now, I don't think they were actually involved, they just happened to be on the scene.

'The windscreen is broken on the left hand side of the Ferrari, the Range Rover had nothing to do with it. The Ferrari struck the person at the beginning of the railings and sent them about 40-50 feet in the air and into the windscreen of a car parked down below.

'Whoever was hit has gone now, all you can see is clothes and shoes scattered around. There had to have been some force for him or her to have gone over the railing and then smash into the window of the car.

'I'd say they were hit head on and flew about 50 feet in the air. And it would have had to have been an adult because if it was a child they'd be dead, that's for sure.'

Police, an air ambulance and the London Ambulance Service were called to the scene on Battersea Park Road this morning.

One witness told the Evening Standard: 'We could tell it was obviously pretty serious by the amount of ambulances - about six - that were on the road, a police truck and a number of police cars.

'I just hope that everyone involved is okay, such a horrible thing to happen right before Christmas.' 

Treating those injured: Police and the London Ambulance Service were called to the scene on Battersea Park Road (pictured)

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: 'We were called to reports of a car in collision with pedestrians in Battersea Park Road.

'Six people have been injured and are being treated at the scene by paramedics. We await an update on their condition but injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

'The driver stopped at the scene. Enquiries continue.'

A spokesman for the London Ambulance Service said: 'We were called at 10.28am to reports of a road traffic collision near Kirtling Street at the junction with Battersea Park Road.

'We sent a paramedic on a motorcycle, four ambulance crews, an advanced paramedic and an incident response officer to the scene alongside our hazardous area response team.

'London's Air Ambulance was also dispatched. We treated six patients at the scene and took them to hospital.' 

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